[[Stella here. before Vivi and Chester were wiped, they finished time-lining this blog up until H's intrusion and mine also. So...here it is, I guess. Exilis Veritas as it stands is 150 posts, and that's not including my own blog, and this timeline summarises all of the posts up until, well...you'll see, I guess.]]

Okay, so it's come to my attention that this blog is really really looooooooong. And a lot of it is not really essential. So yeah. If you want to do a full-blown Archive binge be my guest, as you won't really get to know us reading this as opposed to the posts, but there are 68 posts at the time of this page's creation, and 146 at the time of this update. Yeeeeeah. 

TL;DR? You can read this instead. 

Watch out for Chekhov's Gunmen and pot-holed links to the posts we're referring to.

[Stuff in square brackets like this is I, Chester, putting in my two cents.]

Current progress (Number of posts summarised): All of them!


2/11/10: I introduce myself. Awkwardly. I state that I'm not American, live on a seventh floor apartment and am a troper. Slendy isn't following me yet.

3/11/10: I share a couple of theories as to how Slendy gets new victims. One is that Slendy stalks people who saw him in childhood. The other is that he spreads via knowledge of him. The latter freaks me out a little. Cassy, my cat, makes her first appearance.

I also make a post explaining how I heard about the Slender Man. You probably need to read this one in full, so here it is: Extra

5/11/10: I mention that I have siblings! Other than that, this post is really not relevant!

7/11/10: I wonder what the hell is going on with all this "wifin" and "20 dollaz" shit. Several people kindly explain it to me. I go out for dinner with my workmates. 

8/11/10: I talk a bit about other slenderblogs. Mostly filler.

9/11/10: Two things go wrong. My cat gets in a fight, which is nothing major, and one of my colleagues calls in sick, so I call him up to see if he's okay and it turns out he's getting stalked by Slendy. You can read the entire transcript of the conversation if you wish here.

[This is my first appearance! Yay!]

I find a tool that allows people to mark sightings of Slendy on a map. Or not, as said map is currently not working. I also change my username from "Gravity" to "Genevieve" around this point.

11/11/10: I get sick because paranoia's making it difficult to sleep at night. 

18/11/10: I vanish for a week because Chester sees Slendy, freaks out, and ends up staying at my place. Then my Dad, who lives in Singamore 9 months out of 12, shows up, Chester lets him in then leaves to do some errands and I come home to a bald guy in a suit in my apartment and shit bricks. Dad brings a sheaf of drawings I did when I was younger. I am mildly freaked out by the fact that I never drew people with faces. I also reveal my location (New Zealand represent!) in this post. 

19/11/10: I think about Christmas shopping. Chess sees Slendy across the road. I don't, which makes me uneasy.

20/11/10: Chess hijacks my blog and leaves this barely-coherent post, then runs.

21/11/10: I call Chester a son of a bitch, then retract that statement because his mother is nice.

22/11/10: Chester comes back, having realised that this is a small country and there are not very many places to run to. I discuss the implications of running financially, educationally, blah blah blah.

25/11/10: I make jokes about Slender Man being a dementor. 

26/11/10: Chester leaves for the second time, citing the possibility that he will infect others or become Hallowed. This is also about the time that Redlight shows up and starts pissing everyone off.

27/11/10: Redlight continues being Redlight, things get crazy on all the other blogs, meanwhile I paint my nails. 

28/11/10: A proxy tries to break into my apartment. I let him chase me into an alley then knock him out with a baseball bat.

29/11/10: Robert Sagel's blog restarts around this time. I get a bit depressed about this and eat half a carton of icecream. Also, I theorise that Slendy is a memetic virus and that we need to call the SCP Foundation.

30/11/10: I angst about wanting things to be normal. Whoopee.

1/12/10: I get mad about Nessa's and Jeff's accounts being taken over, with the former presumed dead and the latter being tortured. I say a whole lot of random stuff about myself and then say that they cannot take said random stuff away from me. Meanwhile, proxies take over the comments.

2/12/10: I get attacked my a proxy in a comedy mask. Also I get sick with some kind of nausea-inducing stomach thing and can't eat anything but crackers, hummus, and tea. 

2/12/10: I get most of my sanity back due to a few glimmers of hope on the friends-not-getting-killed front. Also, the famous vegemite on toast makes it's first appearance.

Also, I implore readers to adopt from animal shelters because there is a huge spike in animals getting dumped over the December-January period and nobody likes to euthanise cute animals.

4/12/10: Speculation on the subject of animals being able to detect Slendy or Slendy's influence due to my cat  (usually an attention whore) being hostile towards the proxy who broke into my house.

6/12/10: I get a phone call from someone trying to get the passwords to my computer, a proxy, and Chester, in that order.

Also, I talk about the concept of generations within the blogosphere.

8/12/10: Random timewaster post asking about people's usernames, what they mean etc.

9/12/10: I see Slender Man. I also put fairy lights all over my flat.

10/12/10: A post aptly named "Breather Episode". Almost wholly non-slendy-related. In the comments, the injoke "Lamp Santa" is created.

12/12/10: I find a cube of post-it notes, each bearing an Operator Symbol, in my letterbox. I am not amused.

Also, I inadvertently trigger Jeff having a BSOD (it's in the comments of this post) and have a minor BSOD of my own due to it.

14/12/10: I take a Mental Health Day. Slendy shows up again and yet again doesn't do anything.

15/12/10: I get a call about the police regarding Kaylee. She's still missing. I presume her to be a proxy and give out a description in case anyone sees her. Also, my ISP is stupid.

17/12/10: I get conscripted to be a tour guide for my workmate Mariko's family and make shout outs to a certain Neon Genesis Evangelion fan-fiction and to the SCP Foundation. I consider calling back the proxy that called me on the 6th to see what happens.

Also, [I hijack the blog to say hi to everyone.]

18/12/10: [Vivi stops answering phone calls and texts, so I post stating that she is missing and that I'm worried about her.]

Due to Jeff's intervention (which was the rough "wake up, he fancies you" equivalent of being dumped into a ice bath) I freak out, and gradually calm down in the comments.

20/12/10: Chester and I have a phone conversation that pretty much resolves the whole "Chester/Viv" mini arc.

[I decide I'm coming back to Auckland for the Solstice. Vieve refers to me as her boyfriend in the comments. In a scungy internet cafe several hours away, I has a happy.]

21/12/10: I drive into town to pick up Chester. I also recieve a mysterious package in the mail, which I refuse to open until I have someone else with me.

[I smell like a girl because I used Vieve's shower gel because it was that or smell like a hobo, then dither about attempting to kiss her. She makes up my mind for me. Unfortunately she also shut the laptop on my fingers in the process n_n We also find out what was in the mystery package- firearms, sent by Jeff and Francheska.]

22/12/10: (THE SOLSTICE) [We barricade ourselves in Vivi's apartment and start helping with Zero's plan.

Vivi's story can be read here.]

Chester and I wait around anxiously for people to verify that they're still alive. Pretty much everyone is, with the exceptions of Zero and Amelia, who's statuses are still unknown.

23/12/10: Mostly filler. Our co-workers find out about Chester and I being a couple and immediately set up a betting pool on when we -ahem-. So far, all of them owe us money. Chester gets invited to Christmas dinner with my family.

24/12/10: [Leaving Vieve alone with giftwrap is a terrible idea. Not a "badassery ensues" kind of terrible, a "ungodly mess ensues" kind of terrible. I am also introduced to her sister Elaine, who is the human equivalent of what would happen if you put Red Bull and glitter in a blender, took the lid off, turned it on and then ran for cover. The following paragraph summarises her perfectly:

"She literally flung the door open, raced in grinning, accosted me and asked why I was sitting on the couch in my pyjamas and did I stay the night last night oooooooooh did we do anything she should be worried about last night (No, we didn't) and Vieve's cat has gotten sooooo much bigger since she last saw her, maybe she's getting fed to much, oh my god did you see The Social Network it was such a good movie I went to see it with my boyfriend last week and it was amazing and instead of popcorn we smuggled in a tin of those chocolate-filled wafer sticks, which are soooooooooooo delicious AND OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING BYE SIS BYE CHESTER I HAVE TO GO!"

Yeah. I wonder if the rest of her family are like that. (They are.)]

25/12/10: We go to lunch with Chester's family and see our friend Fen (who runs the blog Vive Vitam) as he is staying in New Zealand for Christmas.

I wear a dress. Chester yells about the temperature in hell being seven degrees below zero, airborne pigs imminent and freaks out about meeting my family. He'll be fine as long as he doesn't play Mahjong with my brother.

26/12/10: We survive dinner (obviously).  More jokes about my inability to giftwrap.

Also, [I go out for a run and see operator symbols everywhere.]

27/12/10: [Viv gets back at me for the giftwrap thing by mentioning my total inability to cook anything not disgusting. I also get invited to go on holiday to Matarangi with Vivi's family. LAMP SANTA FOR THE LAMP SANTA GOD! LAMP SANTA FOR THE LAMP SANTA THRONE!

We walk in on Leah and Max making out. It scars our minds forever.]

28/12/10: Mostly irrelevant. I go out to lunch with Chester.

29/12/10: Someone bangs on our door at 5am and leaves a weird note signed "K". Not very subtle, doncha think? Hello, Kaylee, how's it going?

On the bright side, the note exposes a key advantage we have over her- Kaylee is unaware of Chester, which means she hasn't read this blog. So she doesn't know that she's outnumbered and that the bloggers have pooled resources. Jeff also sends us another mysterious package, this one containing a "cure" for Hallowed-ness.

Also, Kaylee comes into our work and eats lunch. We freak out.

30/12/10: [Vivi gets sick. Kaylee came into our work again.]

31/12/10: [Last day of 2010. We reminisce about this year and state that even thought our lives got invaded by an Eldritch Abomination, this year was still an awesome one. We go see fireworks and say that we'll see you all next year. :D]


01/01:/11: [Kaylee attacks us. We subdue her and feed her the cure.]

02/01/11: We have a conversation with Kaylee.

03/01/11: Kaylee clears up a few earlier points.

04/01/11: Kaylee leaves during the night. Our twitter, @Chestevieve, goes online.

[Also, we discuss our impending (i.e. the next day) holiday to Matarangi. We will be without Wi-Fi, so we will stay in touch with twitter.]

05/01/11: We leave to go to Matarangi for 10 days.

15/01/11: We return, to find that a lot has happened in our absence.

16/01/11: [We decide to help new readers out a tad by condensing the first 60 posts of the blog.

We also find that in addition to our bathroom being defaced, Vivi's drawings have had their faces turned into operator symbols.]

17/01/11: [Slendy haunts our work. We make jokes about him coming in and ordering the mushroom risotto.]

Jeff and Cheska of Let Us Keep Living come to visit. We glomp them half to death and feed them vegemite.

18/01/11: Chester learns how to disassemble and reassemble a firearm in record time. Other than that, nothing much happens.

19/01/11: [I grapple with the the concept of "normal" in a world where my girlfriend is teaching me how to defend myself and how to dance (she teased me about having two left feet and I said "Well, if you're so good, you teach me!" as a joke, and she took me seriously.) because I'm pretty horrible at both. Also, we discuss Slendy cosplaying from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. ]

20/01/11: We hear of someone found dead, speared on a tree with their organs removed. Also, Chess and I spend 15 minutes staring at each other for no particular reason. Oh, romance.

Also, we find Kaylee's scarcely-updated tumblr.

21/01/11 and 22/01/11: The Looped Apartment. You may want to read these posts in full.

23/01/11: Isabel "Fizzbomb" Dorter of Para-Not-So-Normal dies. We make a post to her memory. [I also admit that my worst fear is being alone.]

24/01/11: We say goodbye to Jeff and Cheska.

25/01/11: We find out the identity of the proxy that spoke to Vivi in the looped apartment- a 13-year-old boy named Michael.

26/01/11: We make this post summarising all we have learnt so far.

27/01/11: I talk about my nightmares, Masky Jr breaks into the house.

28/01/11: [We have an Interview with an Indoctrinated.]

29/01/11: Mike clarifies a few of his earlier statements.

30/01/11: [We get strange calls from someone we nickname "Mystery Caller".]

31/01/11: [I post saying what happened to be and all the information I have regarding my whereabouts.]

I find out where Chester is and state my intention to go and retrieve him.


02/02/11: Chester turns 21. One of the proxies from our earlier encounter also shows up at our work.

03/02/11: Two Face and Frank show up at work as well. 

04/02/11: We confirm Razor is not a Revenant. Two Face, however, is suspected to be one. Razor also breaks into our house in the middle of the night and behaves like a creepy little fuck.

05/02/11: We talk about Razor's little invasion and also a mysterious coded message we received. It is decoded in the comments section and revealed to be a vaguely threatening message from Two Face.

06/02/11: We explain the Two Face code, and Chester throws a copy of Twilight at Slendy.

07/02/11: We make our 100th post. Two Face sends us a coded email.

08/02/11: We go through some of my photos from when I was a child to check for Slenderp. [It's adorable but ultimately pointless.]

09/02/11: [Vieve has a rather educational chat with Two Face.]

10/02/11: Two Face explains the situation with her and Razor.

11/02/11: [Vivi has a run-in with Slender Man, and then later in the day is trapped in a mental labyrinth.] (You may want to read the comments on this post.)

12/02/11: [I make a post updating you all on Vivi's progression and continue to give updates in the comments.]

13/02/11: I make a post, saying that I'm alright, and then another later on talking about what happened in the labyrinth and the consequences of a visit from He That Is.

14/02/11: Valentines Day. We discuss things to be thankful for.

15/02/11: We get a phone call from Adam. Also, Chess takes a level in badass.

16/02/11: [Frank tries to break into our house. Otherwise nothing happens]

17/02/11: Chester gets stuck in a labyrinth.

18/02/11: Progress report on Chess's condition. I continue to give updates in the comments.

19/02/11: We take a weekend to zombie out.

21/02/11: Nothing much happens.

A girl named Tenebria hacks our blog and leaves this scathing post. She is locked out, but leaves a link to her tumblr. (At the time, named "Nova Tenebria"). 

(From now on, posts on NoTe will be preceded by a (T).)

22/02/11: I lecture Tenebria right back. We also have a conversation on her tumblr (starting here, taking up the next three posts)

23/02/11: We theorise as to what exactly Tenebria is. A few people contribute in the comments.

(T): She confirms one of our guesses is correct but does not tell us which one. She also makes a post saying that everyone has things they wish to forget.

24/02/11: (T) She calls us "nauseating."

We keep theorising about Tenebria's identity, giving a description and asking for aid in figuring out who and what she is. Jedi promptly suggest's she's Slendy's daughter and scars us for life.

25/02/11: We have another run-in with Tenebria. In the comments, Alora suggests she is a conduit, which we hold as the most likely theory.

26/02/11: Tenebria has a little chat with us. Later, she breaks into our house and cuts off our power and internet in order to mess with us.

27/02/11: We talk about the aforementioned break-in. In the comments, we have a conversation with Tenebria that reveals a bit of her way of thinking and a bit of information about the limits of her abilities.

(T) Tenebria posts, talking a bit more about her way of thinking, ending with the line "You bloggers and your ideals...they'll be the death of you.". She also has a conversation with one of the bloggers (starting here and continuing for two more posts) which reveals a bit more about her abilities.

28/02/11: [Vivi is kidnapped by Tenebria. I promptly have a BSOD. The phrase "TRY TO BELIEVE" makes it's first appearance, in the comments.]

(T) [Tenebria posts, telling me "And better make it fast, otherwise I win!". Later, Two Face hacks her blog, leaving a post consisting of an audio message from Vivi and a coded message from herself. Notably, the phrase "Try to believe" or a variant shows up three times in that post- in the URL, in the audio clip and in the coded message. Tenebria later makes a post calling Two Face a bitch and calling herself stupid for allowing Two Face to get anywhere near Vivi.]

I make another post stating my intention to get Vivi back.


01/03/11: [I prepare to go after Vivi.]

(T) [Tenebria posts twice, first stating that Vivi is drawing on the walls of her cell ("trying to believe" again) and then again saying that Vivi won't stop singing and it's driving her round the bend. On a lighter note, somebody makes another joke about Slendy being her father.]

[I capture a proxy.]

02/03/11: [With the use of chilli powder and mace, I manage to get Vivi's location out of the proxy I captured.]

(T) [More Slendydaddy jokes are made. Tenebria has a conversation with JediZero (starting at aforementioned link and continuing for three more posts) in which she mentions a deceased friend of hers called "Lucy".]

03/03/11: [I go to rescue Vivi.]

[Tenebria's conversation with JediZero continues (starting here and continuing for six more posts). During that she reveals that her real name is Stella (being called by it is her beserk button apparently) and implying that she had difficulty feeling.]

[I make another post, and return in the comments with Vivi, stating that we are alive and okay(ish).]

04/03/11: [Vivi wakes up and makes a post about Tenebria/Stella (including the information that she is physically incapable of most kinds of physical sensation) and what she has gathered of Tenebria's worldview in contrast to her own.]

T: Tenebria/Stella continues to converse with JediZero and the other bloggers, (starting here and continuing for five more posts) implying that she cannot reverse the sensory deprivation she placed on herself. She clarifies that she is indeed a Conduit, with the ability to mess with people's perception, or sensory input, and her numbness is the result of, as she puts it, "It hurt too much, so I tried to make it stop." She then makes this post, with lyrics from the Florence and the Machine song "Cosmic Love". She converses some more with JediZero (above link only, no other posts that day), talking a little more about Lucy and numbness.

I make a post recounting what happened to me in captivity.

05/03/11: (T) Tenebria comments that she finds it nice that some people choose to sign their names, as she likes to know who she is speaking to, and then posts about her dislike of eating without having a sense of taste. She talks with some of the bloggers (starting here and continuing for 3 posts), ending in us sending her a vial of the cure, which she then drinks. She feels no symptoms for a while, then passes out outside our house.

We update everyone on Tenebria's condition and continue to give updates in the comments.

06/03/11: We post again, saying Tenebria is okay but Slendy appears to be pretty pissed.

(T) Tenebria returns. She talks briefly with JediZero (starting here and continuing for 2 posts) then questions her identity, and considers the name of her blog and it's relevance to herself as a person.

07/03/11: [We recieve the news that Jeff has died. Vivi rambles.]

(T) Stella complains about the temperature. She also asks people how they're doing. He That Is comes to visit as well. 

08/03/11: I talk about what's going in my life life right now- school, work, Slendy, etc.

(T) Stella considers her purpose in life, stating she does not want for it to centre around pain or revenge. She also speaks with one of the bloggers (starting here and continuing for three posts), and then says she is revamping Nova Tenebria because the blog as it stands is a reminder of the empty shell of a person she became after the death of Lucy. She also insults herself by accident and changes the name of the blog to Stella, Searching.

She also relates the story of how she began running and Lucy's death.

09/03/11: (S) Stella posts this quote, and thanks everyone for the compassion they have shown her. 

10/03/11: (S) Stella makes up her mind as to who exactly she is. She also says she feels weird,

[You might want to read this post in full, as well as this one. In short, We have a chat with Two Face, who is being very Friendly-Enemy-ish, and find out that Chester had an older brother who was kidnapped by Slender Man.]

11/03/11: (S) Stella posts, saying that she feels she owes us for what we have done for her and that she is repaying that debt starting from that point.

Chester has a BSOD and runs off, putting me into a BSOD of my own. (You will want to read the comments on this post, a lot happens there.)

12/02/11: At 11.11, I make this panicked and incoherent post, ending it with saying "he's here." 

Later, Stella makes a couple posts (1 2), one clarifying that she and I are indeed alive, the second in reply to Rob/JediZero's confession attempt asking for him to clarify what he was saying.

13/03/11: (S) Stella gets the clarification she wanted. D'awww. Double d'awww. She also says Chester has returned and states that everyone's shaken but alright. [JediZero also asks Stella to slap me at the next possible opportunity.]

[I post, explaining the events of the night before and berating myself for being an idiot.]

Stella posts again, pondering her newly-regained emotions.

14/03/11: I give a little backstory on the relationship between Chester and I.

(S) Stella ponders jobhunting.

15/03/11: Stella posts saying she did not get the job she went and interviewed for, but she has another interview on saturday.

[[Stella again. Vivi and Chester ceased summarising at this point. I'm going to summarise up until the second post of Hand in Hand, then any catching up you want to do you'll have to do manually. ]]

16/03/11: Vivi updates us on the goings-on, most notably strange, cryptic phone calls.

17/03/11: the cure stops working.

18/03/11: I apologise for my short absence, saying I was visiting Lucy's grave.

Chester posts about seeing a man in a mask lurking outside. In the comments, Vivi leaves a message telling me not to come home.

19/03/11: Vivi makes this post. In the comments, an entity known as H (later confirmed to be Harrison Matenga-White, Chester's brother) takes over the blog.

I state that I cannot get into the house, blacking out once I reach the fence. I also say that I have found a place to stay as I cannot return to Vivi and Chester's.

20/03/11: Rob states his worries about H, saying that the "choice" H offers may well be a sadistic one.

H offers his choice. (you may want to read this post and the comments in full.) I give my opinion and have a conversation with Rob about the choice. I also back up the blog in case it is deleted.

The votes are cast. H says he is glad we chose to do the kindest thing. 

I post about a conversation I had with H while he wiped them, revealing he isn't such a bad guy after all.

21/03/11: H passes on Vivi and Chess's Last Goodbyes. I talk to the bloggers on Tumblr a bit.

I make the final blog post, pondering the meaning of "Exilis Veritas" and the nature of the blog.

22/03/11: We discover another (un-updated) blog on Vivi and Chester's account, Hand In Hand.

Two Face and Avis show up at my apartment, both in the middle of BSOD's.

23/03/11: I clarify that their BSODs are due to the relevation that Revenants and Conduit don't actually exist (the linked post and the next one). Uh oh.

24/03/11: I summarise my situation in three sentences. An apparently mind-wiped Vivi makes a post on Hand In Hand introducing herself. I, understandably, flip my shit. H also decides that the letter "H" stands for helpful and provides me with documents and crap.

25/03/11: Chess also makes an intropost on Hand In Hand. JediZero and I make references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and I talk about the current situation with H, Frank/Avis and Two Face.

[[And that's where this timeline ends. You can start from where I left off on Stella, Searching here and Hand In Hand here.

Stella, signing off.]]