Sunday, January 2, 2011

This poses more questions than it answers.

Managed to feed the stuff to Kaylee an hour ago. She's alternating between muttering "shutupshutupshutup" and vomiting at the moment. Not sure if that's a good sign, but other than that she's pretty docile. We've freed one of her hands so she can grab the provided bucket instead of throwing up on the carpet. She was lucid for about five minutes a little while ago, so I  made a transcript of our conversation which can be found below.

Kaylee: shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

*Chester and I stop talking and look at her*

K: No, keep talking.

C: Then who needs to shut up?

K: ...*attempts to cover her face*

V: *wary* He isn't going to suddenly walk in here, is he?

K: Nooooooooo...think. Hasn't shown any sign of wanting to come here. Might send Indoctrinated. Probably not.

C: Why not?

K: Not many here. Not many here fighting, either. Have seen no other Indoctrinated.

V: We've had run ins. There are proxies here.

K: Proxies...?

C: You called them Indoctrinated. We called them Proxies, Hallowed, Agents, Maskies...

K: Have many names.

V: Is it still talking?

K: Compulsion.

V: What?

K: Wants, obey. Compulsion.

C: It compels you to do stuff?

K: Almost...not obey. Want the same as. Don't know.

V: Kaylee, is there a particular reason why you are having trouble using pronouns? We can't understand you

K: Huh?

V: Pronouns. She, he, it, you.

K: *startled* Am using!

C: If you are, we can't hear them.

K: *opens and shuts her mouth as if attempting to speak, coughs* Strange. Assured is not intentional. Stuff tastes weird. Water?

(insert pause while I go and get her a glass of water)

K: Thanks. *drinks half the glass* What is stuff?

C: Dunno. Friend of ours called Jeff sent it to us, apparently it cures Hallowed-ness or at least breaks It's grip on you. I guess it works since you've stopped trying to kill us both, although hopefully the speech impediment won't last.

(Kaylee throws the remaining contents of the glass of water at Chester.)

V: Is It still trying to compel you?

K: Yes.

(she falls silent after this and refuses to speak)

Any theories on what she meant by "Compulsion" and "Want the same as"? Or indeed why she is unable to use pronouns? Jeff, you were the one who supplied this stuff to us, any advice on why she is unable to use pronouns or the fact that her vomit looks like she's been eating charcoal?


  1. Good.

    It's working.

    The pronoun usage is sketchy.
    I think it's because of her initial identity loss when she became Hallowed.

    Individuality is frowned upon for Hallowed.

    The charcoal vomit will subside in about a half an hour. That black goo itself is essence of Slender Man.

    Burn it to get rid of it.

    She needs to rest for about an hour and hopefully she'll be up and talking. The cure itself burned the mental connection. The rest is up to her.

    The compulsion is the natural signal of the Hallowed to follow Slendy. It's a vice grip on her mind.

    Which should now be loosened by the cure.

    And you two, any updates on your condition?

    Tell me if anything goes wrong.

    Aw, cuddling!

  2. Well shit.

    Okay, lessee.

    Jeff's cure. Well, sure, whatever.

    I think you shouldn't keep her. Turn her over to a mental asylum or some such. It's not your problem, not like you can keep her any safer than they could.

  3. @Jeff: We burnt the charcoal upchuck and she's asleep at the moment. We'll talk to her again tomorrow morning. Neither of us are 100% sure we want to leave her unsupervised all night so we'll be watching her in shifts tonight.

    We're fine. Chester's wrist turned out not to be fractured, as it happens, just really banged up (the doctor raised an eyebrow and asked what we'd been up to. Chester made something up.) so the both of us are going to take it easy for a bit. We've rented another Studio Ghibli film.

    @Kim: It's a tad more complicated than that, since Kaylee has been reported as a "missing person" and the police in America are looking for her so it's gonna look mighty funny if Chester and I turn her into an asylum, because one of the first people they questioned was me because I was the last recorded call on her cellphone. We're not planning on keeping her at any rate, and she REALLY doesn't want to be kept (she doesn't like Chester very much)