Thursday, February 10, 2011


Chester here. Vivi was going to write this post, but...she's in a bit of a state over Jeff. I am too, to be honest. We managed to arrange another little talk with Two Face over our lunch break. She managed to come without Razor today, which was a blessing, otherwise I would have had to slip laxatives or something into his food so he would leave us to talk.

T: I'm sorry to pull you away from your work like this.

C: ...this is our lunch break. As long as you have no problem with us eating, we're fine.

T: ...No, I don't have a problem.

V: So what did you want to talk about?

T: It's Razor.

V: What, precisely, about him?

T: becoming too inhuman for my comfort. Monster and a murderer and an awful mother I may be, but I at least try to retain as much of my humanity as I can. I became what I am to protect him, and...

V: Rewind, rewind. Tell us the story from the start. What happened to you?

T: Oh. Um. Shortly after the birth of my daughter, my husband started seeing...things. Things following him, things in the shadows. Things that attacked us more than once. It tried to take both of my children several times. Then...

V: then what?

T: I offered myself in exchange for their safety. If I joined it, became its servant, my husband and two children, Adam and Victoria, would be left alone. It took me somewhere dark, and then everything started to burn. The pain was excruciating, more so than anything I had ever experienced. I...don't want to talk about it...

V: Anything else?

T: I was there, watching them, all the time, watching them grow and trying to tell myself that it was for the best that I left them...But Adam found out where I was, eventually, and then he found out what I was. And he followed me into the darkness, and the Master took him and made him one of His. Adam believed that I had done what I did because I was right, because while I was gone his father told him that Mum had a duty to do, Mum has to do it, and one day Mum will be done with her duty and she will come back home. He thought...if he helped, I would come home sooner... and then He got to him. Changed him. Made him as much of a monster as I am, only if an different way.

C: So Slendy corrupted Razor?

T: Yes. I feel I have failed as a mother, failed to teach my son the proper definition of right and wrong. I cannot leave His service because then my husband and daughter's lives are at stake...but Razor is not part of the bargain. I will make sure you are attacked as little as possible- I cannot control the Master, of course, but I can make sure orders get muddled, if you help me with Razor. Deal?

V: ...Do you mind if we get back to you on that? Doesn't matter what you say, you're still a Proxy and you've still attacked us in the past. We do have friends who are Revenants, but their actions have proven them trustworthy. You still kidnapped Chester and held me down while he kicked me, Two Face.

T: I understand. Get back to me when you decide. One more thing, though.

V: Hm?

T: Can you call me Kristen?

V: Sure. We need to get back to work now, Kristen, so we'll see you later.

...Yeah...we're thinking over her offer. Anyone have any opinions? Since we're stuck. :P



  1. Help her , like you helped me, Vivi.

    Two Face.

    I know the feeling.

    Cheska does too.

    We're happy to see others fighting.

    Vivi. Chester.

    I haven't given up yet.

    The Keeper

  2. It seems like it won't really hurt anything.

    Keep a weapon on you at all times anyway.

    And something that has struck me recently... If we can read your blog, who says *they* can't?
    You might not want to make all your plans so easily known on this blog.


  3. @Will: Noted.

    @Jeff: if you had given up, I would get the soonest flight over to Germany I can get and kick the hell out of you and fill the resultant gap with common sense, Revenant or not.

    @Jedi: We're old hands at this. We're always armed.

    Current knowledge goes (We did learn a little from Mike earlier) that some proxies cannot read the blogs. Kristen can't, and Razor cannot either, even with internet access (which thanks to Kristen, he no longer has) due to some kind of mental taboo...Requires further investigation. In any case. The worst that can happen from a proxy reading this is that Kristen will be outed as a traitor, which will require some reconfiguration but won't kill it completely.


  4. if she's outed as a traitor, wouldn't she simply be killed?

  5. Which is why Razor currently does not have internet access. I get the feeling from what we've heard from Kaylee (who I have been emailing) that proxies don't work together very often, and we don't plan on delaying to give someone the chance.

    This post will also be the last one that is utterly frank about our plans. If we plan anything else, you won't know anything more than the minor details until after it has been carried out. Just in case.


  6. Good. Because if an Agent sees this, and decides to bend the rules to tell someone, it miiiight end very badly.

  7. Well, she seems sincere...I say go for it, but proceed with much caution. Just because you're helping her doesn't mean you have to trust her entirely.

    On a totally unrelated note, either of you guys get a message on your blog from someone named scarce? I did, and he left some sort of code that he also posted on his blog...I think he might be trying to send out a message, but I'm not sure. Just curious.