Saturday, February 26, 2011

More fun with our new friend

Okay, so we've spoken to Tenebria offline now. She showed up outside our house, so we opened the window and told her to go away. The following conversation ensued.

T: And what if I don't want to?

V: Do it anyway?

T: Eh. I'm here, can't be bothered leaving.

V: You aren't going to learn anything new, you know. You're just standing around watching us- if you're trying to creep us out it's not working.

T: That wasn't my intention. I was told to observe. So I did. I am awaiting further orders.

V: ...You don't have to do this, you know. If you leave us alone we'll leave you alone.

T: Don't try to bargain with me, honey, it's not going to work. I obey my orders. I'm not Two Face, I'm not a sentimental fool. I know who's side I'm on.

V: Your father's?

T: Oh ha ha. Very clever. Who is Minecraft Creeper?

V: Read the blogs.

T: ...I must have missed some. There are too many...I have to go.

V: One more thing.

T: What?

V: Tell your dad I said hi.

T: Very funny. *she vanishes*

Okay, so it looks like we aren't getting a Heel Face Turn out of THAT one. Oh well. I'm slightly worried because she hasn't DONE anything, which makes me wonder when she is.




  1. Well, she spoke neither yea nor nay to her parentage, so I guess your theory still stands, Jedi. xD And this might be blatantly obvious, but I bet she's just trying to freak out out/wear you down. Or she's a distraction. Either way, don't let her get to you, but stay on your toes.

    Tenebria, if you're reading this, Minecraft Creeper is one of your little buddies-in-arms working for Slendercock. He too enjoys staring blankly at people and making vague threats. He could be your long-lost cousin. Or half-brother, depending on how many strippers there were that one night in Vegas...


  2. Does she seem to favor the same spot each time she comes and 'watches'?

    If so, I suggest setting up an impromptu landmine.

    Non-lethal, obviously, but something that might stun her.

  3. @Alora: If they're not related, we should totally match-make them. They're made for each other!

    @Jedi: She'll sit or stand wherever gives her the most unobstructed view, so where she's going to be standing at any given time...who knows?

    Speaking of our little friend, because of her interference we had a rather...interesting afternoon/evening. We'll tell you in the morning, I'm totally wiped...don't worry, it's not anything you need to be really worried about. I think she saw this post and decided that since we were wondering when she was going to do something insane, she would pull a harmless prank just to throw us off. Or something. My head hurts.


  4. Then I know what you must do.

    Get an airsoft pistol and use her for target practice.

  5. Cool idea, but she can still do her little teleporty thing and gtfo before we actually hit her. :/ DAMNIT.


  6. Its still a deterrent. She might not be fast enough teleporting.

  7. True that. She's kept out of the way today so we can't test that out, and it's probably unwise to try and shoot her with a paintball gun in broad daylight anyway...