Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's play a game.

Let's pretend life is normal.

I suck at this game.

I miss things being normal. I miss the times when I didn't sleep with a cricket bat propped up against my bed and a knife shoved between the headboard and the wall. I miss being able to hang around with my friends and family without glancing over my shoulder. I miss the time where the furniture in my living room was not arranged so I can see the door from every chair in the room.

I even miss stupid Chester cracking awful jokes and looking around at us grinning like he expects us to start having hysterics. Everyone does. Him and Max are Vitriolic Best Buds, Leah is sulking because she's missing her partner in crime, Mariko's temper is more hair-trigger than it's ever been, and some of our long-time customers have asked why he isn't around.

But the fact that I miss them doesn't change the fact that it's impossible to have it all back.

The thing with the Slenderblogosphere is that people are always dropping in and out. Dying, going crazy, just plain leaving. You never know who's going to be next, and it might be you. It's a very disquieting thought. People are leaving, taking Redlights offer, or just going, and try as I might I can't blame them for trying to get out of this as soon as possible. I just have to see this through to the end. My end or his. Whichever comes first, because try as I might I can't seem to believe in anything beyond this life other than oblivion.

I think it's taken a while to sink in, all the things that have happened. It hurts. It hurts a lot, seeing people in my situation or something similar dying, going crazy.

We have to try our best to hope. To try not to become so disillusioned that we give up entirely.

It's hard some days.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun times (and other horror stories)

Since my last post, I have eaten about half a carton of raspberry chocolate swirl icecream, felt sick and also slightly guilty, both about knocking out the proxy (poor kid) and about the whole half-a-carton of icecream thing,  gone off my food, slept for 12 hours, eaten a gigantic breakfast, and been late to work. Well, late my by standards. I'm usually here same time as Max who always arrives early. I was on time.

I feel kind of numb. We've lost Robert Sagel (mindwiped, Redlight has been monitoring the comments so we can't say anything, and he's getting a new blog.), Nessa of Exit Light, and probably Fizzbomb of Para not-so-normal, and that's only that i know of. Our ranks are dwindling.

Please, please, everyone else stay sane. I'm doing my best, I guess.

Keep calm and carry on. I have that poster on my wall. Whenever I'm stressed, I chant that in my head.

Keep calm and carry on.
Keep calm and carry on.
Keep calm and carry on.
Keep calm and carry on.

Sounds like a goddamn Madness Mantra. I'm not crazy! Not clinically at any rate. I swear, sometimes I think that Slendy is not a real, physical being but some kind of thoughtform memetic virus, making us imagine him to reality.

Someone call the SCP Foundation!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well. That was really, really not fun.

It was a Proxy. I got fed up with waiting and opened the door, cricket bat in hand, and this kid of about 16 or 17 lunges at me. It was pretty creepy, actually- his face was totally frozen, the only thing that moved was his eyes when they blinked. And he didn't look all over the place like a normal person would, he just stared straight at me the entire time.

I'm lucky the lady from 7B didn't come to see what the heck was going on. She's deaf as a post in her right ear, thank god. Makes communicating with her a pain but saved my ass, she's a bit loony.

I managed to stop him from pushing into the apartment. Shut the door behind me, made sure I had my cricket bat and then ran like hell was at my heels. I led him to an alley a block away and made a spirited attempt at bashing his face in. Didn't work, but I got him unconscious. He had a broken bottle, of all things. He didn't do anything serious with it. I've got a few bruises and cuts but nothing that won't heal up within a week.

Lesson of the day, boys and girls: If you're home, put the chain on your door if you have one. If you aren't, set your alarm.

I now have an MSN if you need to contact me.


Someone's at the door.

And if they were friendly they would have knocked instead of just standing outside the door. I keep hearing rattling/clicking from the lock. I think they're trying to pick it. Whoever it is, Cassy doesn't like them at all because she's staring at the door with her fur all fluffed up.

Fuck. I should have put the chain over the door.

If you don't hear from me within five hours, consider me dead or a proxy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It seems that people are largely recovering from all the Chaos of the last week or so. Apparently Nessa is safe and all of the Sages seem to be in internal working order. I haven't run into It (the Construct, Tall and Faceless, whatever he's being called now) or any proxies, although now it's probably a matter of "when" rather than "if" now.

If anyone reading has not checked White Elephants within the past couple of days (since Entry 27 of Marble Hornets was uploaded or thereabouts) I would recommend you do so pretty much now. Everything's gone completely bonkers around here lately. Everyone, try and stay sane. Don't let It get to you.

On an unrelated note, the Pike River Mine disaster in Greymouth. R.I.P. to the 29 men who died in the blasts.  I hope they can recover the bodies so their families and other loved ones can put them to rest.

I'm waiting for my nail polish to dry. It's purple. I normally paint my nails pretty often, but ever since I started this blog I've been so busy trying not to freak out that I haven't. I don't do my fingers except for special occasions because it chips so easily and means I can't use my hands until it dries, just my toes.

I guess I'm trying to keep some semblance of normalcy in a world gone mad. I still get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time, I still go to work, I still try and catch up with my best friend from high school even though she's going to university in Nagoya at the moment, I still spend a lot of my spare time reading. I just happen to have a cricket bat or other bludgeoning weapon on me at all times. I'm pretty sure my handbag is actually a pocket dimension now.

Friday, November 26, 2010


First, Chester's gone.


he left a note this time. None of this fucking around on my blog. He even used capitals and punctuation and everything. 


It's probably not safe for me to be around anymore. I've called Mr Irving and resigned, I'm renting out my house, I'm just going to keep moving. Keep safe. I've been reading up and it looks like something major is happening on the Solstice. Whenever that is. People are taking up titles and getting more aggressive, there are some people who appear to be active agents of Slender man. 

Maybe I'm one of them, waiting to wake up? That may not be the case but it's better safe than sorry. Better to run, now, and wait until at least the Solstice. Maybe then there'll be a resolution to all this.

Can you tell Leah that a family emergency came up and I'm sorry I can't take her out for dinner on friday? I owe her for preventing Max from mauling me that one time.

If you go crazy and start writing SEES ME all over the walls, remember this- you have 20/20 vision, you're observant. He won't see you, because you'll see him first. You are the Sentinel.


1) He wrote all of that out by hand. It was nearly illegible.

2) Oh fuck.

3) Chester was a drama student. You can tell, can't you? He's got a healthy sense of drama, that one. The Sentinel? You're a funny one, Chester. I'll watch. I'll wait. I'll try my best to see him coming, Chess.

Looks like the bloggers are all up in arms. I don't blame them, not at all. Sometimes I want to run into a Proxy just so I can make a spirited attempt at bashing their head in with the cricket bat currently located next to me. I've been passive for too long. Lionel and Kaylee were nice people, Chester's a nice guy. It got personal for me a long time ago.

I can't let Slendy steal all that I have left.

-- Genevieve (Sentinel)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Apparently the Solstice is coming up and something important is happening then. It's the Winter Solstice in most places, but the Summer Solstice here. Somehow that takes the fear out of it. 

And somehow that makes It even scarier, that It can lurk in light places, streetlamps, lit rooms. Chester hasn't seen him in ages. He's okay, if anyone's curious. Eating his way steadily through all the food. Going to work again. He attempted to use my shoulder as a pillow earlier but it was too uncomfortable. Serves him right, I'm not blind and I'm not stupid.

I had some tea earlier today. It was the stuff Kaylee and Lionel bought me as a thankyou gift. This is the first time I've tried it. It is some good tea.


I was thinking, earlier today. Yes, I know. Shock horror. I thought of something. (again, shock horror)

What is Slender man, is, like...

a dementor?

As in, he feeds off our fear? That makes him strong?


In other news, Cassy just walked in. Looks like my Patronus just arrived. Hahaha.

"Expecto Patronum" is Latin. It means "I await a Guardian."

Monday, November 22, 2010


First thing first: I found Chester.

Mr Irving didn't ask any of us about Chester, so I asked him if he's heard anything. he told me he'd got a call from Chester, calling in sick. Again.

So I finished at work, went home, and found Chester asleep on the couch looking like he'd been dragged through a bush backwards and then kept awake all night. he hadn't given me my spare key back. bastard.

He's not in a good state. Paranoid, tired, and while he was out there he realised something.

There are only so many places we can go. Neither of us have anything more than high school qualifications (We're both two years into a Bachelor's degree) and New Zealand is a small country. Even smaller when you realise that we'll need money to get on a ferry to get down to the South Island. Shifting to Australia is probably too expensive.

Running, at the moment, is not a viable option.

Cassy likes vegemite.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

chester matenga-white you son of a bitch.

Actually, that's not right, your mother seems like a nice lady.

Why didn't you TELL me how long this had been going on for? When did you find out about It? When was the first time you saw It?

People are weird. They think that they have to go through things alone. They don't.

Also, Chester, capitalised letters spelling out something you need to say is the oldest trick in the book. Stay safe. If you see it, add to the map if you can manage it.

On a non Chester flipping out related note, I still have yet to see the new Harry Potter movie. I think I need to take my mind off things for a while so I can stay relatively sane and not go running around like a headless chicken. I'll just go check the movie times.

I wonder what I'm going to tell Mr Irving at work tomorrow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

im sorry vieve

you leave your notebook with your passwords in it lying around it wasn't hard to get into your account

i should really punctuate this youll be mad because it has no commas no full stops nothing else not even any capitals but i have to make this fast

i didn't tell you on thursday he was looking straight at me he could see me he knew i was there

you told me he can't comprehend a human taller than him but he can just appear places you may be high up but he'll find me he'll find you you're already not safe but he's after me you could get in the way you know what he does to people who get in his way

i might tell leah, or max, or mariko or one of my relatives and i cant tell them, i cant bring mySElf to infEct them too whY shOUld i stick around when i could get hallowed out or whatever its called.


im running vieve just like you told me to

the letters the capital letters they spell out see you

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not sure if this is a good thing or not...

Started thinking about Christmas shopping today. Not sure what to get my brother, I've got him a Huffer T-shirt every year for the past 5 years and it'd be nice to get him something different.

It's a pity the 7th Harry Potter movie won't be out on DVD by then because my sister loves Harry Potter. She's obsessed. Her 18th was Harry Potter themed for gods sake. Some girls make their boyfriends read Twilight, Elaine made hers read Harry Potter. And watch all the movies. They went to the midnight screening and everything.

Also, Chess saw him again. We'd got out a movie (Boy, director Taka Waititi. Worth watching) since neither of us have work Thursday night, and while I was taking it out of the DVD player Chess went and looked out the window and swore.

I went to look and I couldn't see anything. Literally, I have 20/20 vision and the pavement was empty. It wasn't there. Meanwhile Chester was staring fixedly at one spot across the road. Our conversation went as follows.

C: (angry) What's that piece of shit doing here?

G: He's here?

C: Yeah. Across the road, number 27. Next to the recycling bin.

G: (short pause) Chess, I can't see him.

C: (impatient) Motherfucker's right there. He's there. He's just standing there with his arms open, Vieve.

G: Don't take that tone with me, Chester. I didn't say he wasn't there. I just can't see him.

C: What? Your vision is better than mine though. I'm not wearing my glasses and I can see him.

G: It might not be a matter of eyesight.

C: So he's not after you?

G: I'm not that optimistic. If not now, someday.

C: Fuck.

(Chester gives Slendy the finger and shuts the curtains.)

I can't see him. I know about him, I'm better informed than Chester at any rate. But I can't see him. Either that or Chester has been compromised, somehow. This might have been going on longer than I think. Either way, this probably isn't good.

I've told him to get out of here, get running. He's renting out his house (which he actually owns, lucky bugger, it was his grandfather's and got left to him when he died) and I think he's deliberating whether to start running now or after something more definite than Slendy hanging around outside some dustbins across the road.

In my last entry I mentioned a folder of my drawings from when I was 12 or 13 that my dad kept for sentimental reasons. I was never very good at drawing faces, so I used to leave them blank.

I haven't shown them to Chester, he'd just freak out. He's not in a good way, so I'll wait for him to calm down a bit.

I'll keep you posted if anything happens.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sorry for the absence...

Things have just got that little bit weirder.

First thing, Chess is staying with me at the moment. He saw It on Monday. More accurately, it was outside his house. I don't blame him for wanting to sell and find somewhere else to live, if he isn't going to run.

If Max makes one more insinuation about why exactly he's staying over, colleague or not I will not be very pleased. This is just temporary. He should probably get moving.

Second, I had a total freak out yesterday because my dad turned up at my apartment building while I was at work and Chess let him in then left to go do something so I go in and there's this bald guy in a suit standing in my living room with his back to me. Thanks, Dad. Really thanks.

To clarify, my Dad lives in Singapore. I only see him a few times a year. So I didn't know that he'd lost what remained of his hair and he hadn't told me he was coming. Thankfully he turned around otherwise I might have done something... stupid.

Third, Dad brought a folder of my drawings that he'd found in his house. When I was young I fancied myself quite the artist for a while, even though I wasn't actually that good. You can kind of guess where I was going with this, can't you?

I was never very good at drawing faces, so I used to leave faces blank. I now have sheet after sheet of drawings of faceless people. Which makes me wonder if this is a really contrived coincidence or if this goes back further than I think.

On a totally unrelated note, I am totally unrecognisable with brown hair. Okay, so I'm a redhead, but being unrecognisable as a brunette is actually kinda funny. Huzzah for semipermanent hairdye. It's nearly washed out now. Now I know what to do if I ever need to go incognito.

Thanks muchly to Omega of Encyclopedia Slenderia for linking to my map. The only pin on is so far is Kaylee's. I'll be adding Chess's to it shortly although I guess that will give away where I live. Greetings from New Zealand (in case you don't know, it's those two islands shaped like a canoe and a fucked up stingray nearish to Australia). I think I'm the first Slenderblogger from around here, although I wouldn't be surprised if there were more.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was pretty much out for the count yesterday. Mariko, who works with me, chewed me out for being careless about my health over the phone this morning and told me that I'd better be well enough to show up for work this afternoon otherwise she'd storm over to my place like a 5-foot steam train and lecture me until this stomach bug died out of sheer fear.  I'm not being careless, I just can't help that the way the shadows fall in my room at night looks vaguely humanoid. I'm paranoid. Seventh floor, seventh floor.

Chester, meanwhile, hasn't seen him either. He's taking it all pretty well, if I were him I'd be soiling myself with blocks of baked clay. He's reading up on some of the blogs, trying to figure out exactly what we're dealing with.


Cassy says hi.

MAP. It's in the post before this one. Go put sightings on it.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Finally found a tool that allows people to mark Slenderman sightings and slendervictims.

Look at the pin I put down for Kaylee for an example. If you know the dates, put them down please. Use red icons for people who have since passed on, blue for people who're still living. You don't have to give exact locations if you don't want to, just a rough estimate. I need your help.


Break's over. I'll check back at Chess's.

(edit: forgot to add link)


Two things today went badly wrong. The first is largely inconsequential and will just cost me vet bills, the second was rather more alarming.

1) My cat went walkies and vanished for a day and a half. Pretty normal Cassy behaviour, she does it all the time, but she came back with some pretty nasty scratches and I had to take her to the vet this morning. Nothing wrong, I just have to give her antibiotics. Which happen to be damn expensive, and that's on top of the vet bills.

2) One of my workmates, Chester, apparently called in sick today and I'm working for an extra two hours to cover for him because otherwise there's only two staff around and that's counting Leah, who just does paperwork and accounting. That's not a problem, extra money is good. The real problem was when I called up Chester. Here's a transcript of that phone conversation, as far as I can remember.

(phone rings. Chester picks up.)

C: (wary) Who's there?

G: It's Genevieve. Mr Irving told me you'd be sick today so I'm working until closing time to cover for you.

C: Oh. Thanks, Vieve. I would be at work if I didn't feel so shitty. I hope things go okay.

G: She'll be right, Chess. This isn't the first time someone's got sick. If you're infectious it's probably best to keep away, anyhow.

C: I meant you, you seem tired. 

G: You're the one who's sick. Even though you don't sound too bad.

C: I'm not sick, sick, I'm just stressed and it recently got worse. I haven't been sleeping too good and I don't want to accidentally poison a customer. That's why I asked about you seeming tired, I was worried you'd be sick next.

G: Point. What're you stressed out about?

C: It's probably just paranoia, but it's still creeping me out. I'm finding it hard to sleep at night, I don't feel safe in my own home.

(Is this sounding familiar?)

G: Go on.

C:  Okay, so you know how I like horror stories and urban legends and stuff?
G: Creepypasta, yeah.

C: Well, I was looking around on the internet when I came across this series of videos called-

G: Marble Hornets? Everyman HYBRID?

C: Everyman HYBRID. Wait, what?

G: I think I know what you're talking about. Slender Man.

C: Oh, fuck me. Not you too.

G: No thanks, Chess. Is he stalking you or something?

C: I keep hearing noises at night but that just might be me being paranoid. Branches on my window and all that.

G: There aren't any trees near your window, Chess. I'm not telling you to pack your shit and run like a crazy person, there could be another explanation, but that's definitely suspicious. Don't worry too much about it though. Most of what I've heard says that he can't get to you as easily if you're calm about it and it might be nothing. 

C: Well. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Thanks Vieve, I'll be at work tomorrow.

(He hangs up here)

Well, looks like things just got worse. Don't know for sure if he's genuinely being slendystalked or if that's just paranoia talking. Things might be fine. I'm not going to get too optimistic about all this. It seems suspicious that out of probably-not-very-many Slendervictims in the entire country one of them is my colleague.

For now, I'm just going to read some Terry Pratchett and then go to work. Then I'll go visit Chess and make sure he's not freaking himself out more. At the risk of sounding like a certain disney musical, we're all in the this together and we need to look out for each other.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Finally managed to fix the settings on this thing so it shows the correct date and time. For me, at least. The previous setting was Pacific time which got rather confusing, so I mucked around in the settings until I found how to change the displayed time. It's pretty annoying when a post you made one afternoon shows up as being at some ungodly time the day before. Timezones fry my brain.

Survived my night out with the colleagues. Spent the last couple of hours disinfecting the car. Not only is Leah a lightweight, but she has a sensitive stomach. Next time I go out with my workmates, either we aren't taking Leah or no alcohol is going to be involved. Either that, or someone else takes her home. Max has a car. He can do it next time.

I'm really tired. This Slenderman business is not helping my sleeping patterns. I haven't found any way of keeping track of Slendersightings, either. Much thanks, though, to the three people who clarified all the "wifin in the club" and "slenderman wants your $20" business. That was profoundly weird. I guess people have a sense of humour about this stuff. There's a blog somewhere supposedly by Slendy telling you to give your $20 to Haiti.

There are more Slenderblogs than I thought. I've been reading as many as I can (currently, Seeking Truth), and I just finished watching Marble Hornets. Seems like Dreams in Darkness was a fake run by a crazy guy, or if it isn't, Damien's in trouble. Alot of these blogs are ending badly. People missing, large body counts, who's going to be next?

I just wonder what's happened to A Lack of a Lexicon. Lexi said he was moving and then promptly vanished off the face of the earth, as did A. The only thing I've seen from either of them is a gibberish twitterpost 10 days back. The Tutorial seems to have gone dead too. Funny thing is this all happened around September.

This is painting a picture and it ain't a pretty one.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something or rather

Sudden influx of college work. I'm not taking Latin any more, which means I don't have to revise all the tenses and conjugations. Latin ate my life in High School. It seriously did. Thankfully I'm not taking it now I'm at college. So for the last two years, I have actually had a social life. Where's my applause? Oh well. I still have another year of my degree left, still have to do homework.

Okay, so I know that Slendy's serious business, but what's all this about 20 dollars and wifin' the the club? WHAT THE HELL IS WIFIN'? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Words cannot describe how utterly perplexed I am. Oh well. I'm going out tonight. Dinner out with three of my colleagues. Hopefully this time I will not have to be the sober taxi service for Leah, again. Leah is a genius but she cannot hold her liquor.

Does anyone in my miniscule readership know a website where I and others can mark points on a map where there have been Slendysightings? (trying to figure out a pattern here)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny quote of the day

"His alibi seemed pretty watertight to me, but I left it in a fishtank overnight just to make sure."

My older brother is a lawyer. He's also pretty hilarious. I went to see him today. My younger sister (she's 18) is on holiday in Europe with her boyfriend. She's back end of next week. I get emails from her every day. Somehow I think she's worried about me. I should be more careful.

Still no sign. Nothing. Should I be scared?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Maybe I owe you guys a bit of background information.

I found out about the Slender Man by accident. I was talking to someone I had met while she was on holiday here six weeks ago. She was talking crazy stuff, about guys in suits with no faces, when I first met her. I managed to get her to calm down and stop panicking long enough for her to explain why the hell she was freaking out so much. I gave her a hot chocolate and called the hotel she was staying at with her boyfriend to tell him that this girl, this girl "Kaylee", was sitting on my couch raving like a lunatic and that he should probably come pick her up.

He did. He was real good natured about it. Kaylee asked for my phone number, in case she got lost and had another panic attack and needed someone in the area. I didn't really want to, but something about those huge, scared doe eyes made me. She also gave me a piece of paper with the Operator symbol on it and told me to keep it with me. I didn't know what it was at the time, so I threw it out.

Then they left. I went about the rest of my business, doing uni homework and stuff, made myself dinner and went to bed. Next day, early afternoon, they arrived at my house again to thank me for looking after Kaylee for a couple of hours. I invited them in because frankly, I was bored and they were an interesting distraction. Also, they got me food. I'm damn easy to win over.

I learned their names. Kaylee Dwyer and Lionel Wilson. They were from America. Massachusetts (did I spell that right?) to be more precise. We talked about inconsequential stuff and I gave them directions to a few tourist hotspots since they were leaving in three days and had done hardly anything. They left.

I promptly forgot about them altogether until three weeks later, when I got a panicky phonecall from Kaylee back in America about someone following her, someone tall and thin in a business suit. I tried to get her to calm down, to think, find somewhere safe, but she got more and more incoherent over time until she was just saying stuff like "he's here, he's found me, I'm running out of time, tell them, Genevieve, tell them that it was him, tell them the slender man."

Then she stopped talking and all I could hear was heavy breathing. It wasn't until later that I realised I had never told her my name was Genevieve. I introduced myself to them as Viv and never referred to myself as anything else.

I kept listening. Kaylee kept running. Occasionally she'd say something but it never made any sense. She told me to tell Lionel that she loved him, that she was sorry, so sorry. After about fifteen minutes of this, she screamed "His face! Where is his face?!" and then there was a weird noise down the other end, following by the phone going dead.

Lionel called me a week later, saying that Kaylee had disappeared, they'd found a body mauled beyond recognition next to Kaylee's cellphone and the last person she was in contact with was me. The police over there would have been suspicious of me but they called my provider and they said that the signal was coming from here, a several-hour plane trip away, the entire time. Lionel wanted to know if Kaylee had said anything. I told him everything I'd heard. How she was raving about the Slender Man, about no face. I told him she told me to tell him she loved him, that she was sorry.

He was silent for a little while and I wondered if this "Slender Man" had got him too.

He said he was going to do some research on the Slender Man, and not to worry because he was going to find the sick bastard who killed his girlfriend and bring him to justice.

I didn't hear from him again. I heard from the police, who said that Lionel had vanished for three days and then reappeared, alive but exhibiting symptoms of PTSD and constantly muttering about someone following him.

A week later, I got an email. One that didn't have any email address I recognised in the "From" Bar. The email was blank. It had one attachment. a 100x100 image of an operator symbol. I deleted it, it freaked me out so badly. Then I got another phonecall, saying Lionel had killed himself.

That was when I started researching the Slender Man. I guess I lied when I said I didn't know any victims. I had known some. Two. Lionel and Kaylee. I'm an atheist, but I hope you're in a better place, or that you're finally at peace.

I haven't seen him yet. I'm not sure if I'm safe or not. If I see him, I'm going to run. I'll give my cat and all my books to my sister and I'll run and run until I'm dead or it's safe to come back.

(Edit: My memory is faulty and I mucked up a couple of things. Fixed now.)

Of note

Learned something new today that freaked me out a little. There are a few theories that bother me:

a) Slenderman only follows people who see him in childhood.

b) Slenderman "spreads" or finds new victims via people who learn about him.

Theory b) is the one that freaks me out the most. I've known about Slender Man for some time and I haven't seen him. I've had no blackouts and I haven't got sick. This bothers me. Is anyone is reading this- does anyone have any records of Slendy existing outside America? Anyone at all? Is he stuck there (landlocked or something, can't cross large bodies of water or just can't comprehend boats and planes?) or does he just like it there or something else entirely? Can he honestly not find me here or it he just playing with me like my cat plays with balls of scrunched up newspaper?

Speaking of cats, I think I'm going to to go pet mine until I calm down. I can't think rationally in this state.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uh, so...

Where to begin?

First, with what I'm here for. Why. If you've guessed what this blog is about, then well done you.

The Slender Man.

I'm not stupid, I know how a lot of Slenderblogs end. With someone dead or missing. This isn't me freaking out over a figure at my window with no face. No one I know is a victim or has been acting weird. Figures, since a lot of the sightings, if not all, are in or around America. I'm not American. Not gonna say exactly where. You can guess if you like, but there are so many english-speaking countries that you may as well not. I think I'm safe. Possibly. I don't think he reads these blogs or watches the youtube videos. He might.

Another blog, The Tutorial, suggests that he operates on people believing in him. So hopefully, there are three things keeping me safe. For now.

1. I live on the seventh floor of an apartment block, which is way above head height for him.
2. So far, all the blogs I've come across have either explicitly identified themselves as American or mentioned states, which narrows it down to a few countries of which America is the most likely. So it seems like Slendy really likes it over there in the U.S. of A, or he's stuck there somehow.
3. There is nothing in this world that cannot be explained rationally. He is not invincible.

Why am I here? Information. I like information. I've been lurking for a while, but now it's about time I stopped. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about what this guy can do. TvTropes was a good place to start, as were the better known blogs, but there has to be more info out there. Has to be.