Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unwelcome Surprises

Hello, children. We're back.

It seems like a fair bit went down while we were in Matarangi. Jean is missing, Fizzy is god-knows-where trying to find her before Blankie does. We're expecting a visit from Jeff and Francheska (are you still coming here? please forewarn us before dropping on our doorstep) and just general stuff. Is anyone dead?

Uh. Well. Our holiday went fine. We had a few problems with proxies. Just two, standing outside the window at night. They never did anything too insane, just stood outside our window and stared in at us. Weeeeeird. We went outside one night and chased them off. They didn't resist (even weirder) which I guess was a good thing since they were both teenage girls, about 16 or 17, and I still have issues with hitting girls unless they hit me first. I really need to work on that, don't I?

I found out several things in the worst way possible over the past ten days.
-I get very, very carsick if I drive on windy roads on a full stomach. (Thankfully I did not do a Leah and throw up all over Vivi's car.)
-Vivi is ticklish (That was one knee to the crotch I definitely did not deserve.)
-Do not go swimming on windy days shortly after eating.
-I can get sunburnt. My Mum is Maori and never gets sunburn (my Dad is Caucasian/Pakeha/whatever else you want to call it and does get sunburnt), and for the past nearly-21 years I have thought I was the same. Now I am paranoid about skin cancer since I don't wear very much sunscreen and Vieve is unsympathetic because she's always meticulous when it comes to that kind of thing.

Slendy seems to be taking more of an active interest in us now. We saw him more times in Matarangi and on the way home than we have altogether. This is really not a good sign...

I'm doing this post from Vivi's iPod Touch, since she's using the computer for something I am apparently not allowed to see since it's related to my birthday. Which is on the 4th of February. So it's a bit early to be thinking about that but Viv is the sort of person who likes to get things done well in advance.

Aaaand she wants to say something so I'm going to go.

Shit, she looks freaked out.


I just went into the bathroom to put away some of our stuff and someone had written all over the walls and floor. The tiled parts, thank god, because I would hate to have to explain that to my landlady...

I wish I had a camera so I could photograph this.

It's written in the black stuff, stuff similar to what Kaylee threw up post-cure-taking. It's mostly nonsense, just squiggles and operator symbols, but some of it's decipherable.

I SEE YOU (pretty much the most common one)
WATCHING (repeated in clusters, sometimes it's FOREVER WATCHING or ALWAYS WATCHING or something similar)
Drawings of eyes and doors and linked circles kind of like chains. I might copy down some of these- does anyone here know anything about symbolism?

Then there's...other stuff. My full name, and Chester's. Our birthdates, our places of birth, the college courses we're taking, our workplace, the name of our high school and respective middle schools, our cell phone numbers, all this stuff related to us, personal stuff. Shit.

This is just scare tactics, they're trying to wear us down I know it

but they were in my apartment, they disabled the alarm (how the hell did they know the code) they wrote all over my bathroom with all this stuff about me and Chester

they know us, they're someone close to us.

Someone who knows Chester and I are living together.

That really narrows it down.

My aunts and uncle and my cousins
My grandparents
Chester's (massive) extended family.
Mr Irving
Our common friends (Kathy, Dan, Simon, Lily Anne, Mike)

This isn't good.

I'm going to try narrow that list down further. We can strike off my immediate family and Kathy off right away because the folks were with us the entire time and Kathy is in Nagoya...

That still leaves a lot of people.




  1. I....we're all in so much trouble.

    I'm being chased, have you seen Will's post yet?

    We're so fucked, guys.

    I don't know what to do anymore, I can't help anyone. All I can do is keep moving.
    If I don't make it....I'm sorry.

    I've tried.
    Please, be okay. And remember, Pax Exitium Sequitur.

    I.....I just don't know.


  2. C.A., listen to me for a second.

    No-one's fucked on my watch. As far as I'm concerned we're one big screwed up family and families back each other up, no matter what.

    You WILL make it. You have to. You're young on this scene, Citizen, it's a bit early for you to die just yet.


  3. Vivi.
    Oh God. Vivi.
    We're on the way.

    We've just been in a little trouble lately.

    Don't worry.
    See you on the 17th.

    We'll be a little late getting in from the flight.

    But it'll be nice to see you.


  4. I'm alright! I'm alright! Ish. Not feeling exactly 100%.

    A little trouble? Anything severe? Now I'm worried about you guys :(

    The 17th for us (which is the day after tomorrow) or the 17th where you are now?

    It'll be nice to see you too! Bring summer clothes, it's really warm here. Like, uncomfortably.


  5. Well, hopefully Slendy shares your thoughts.


  6. The rabbit hole yet leads deeper. Bring a light and remember your steps, lest you find yourself under the Black King's gaze.

  7. This is one killer rabbit hole, Thage. We've been going down it for months now.


    (*insert laughter at the similarity between your motifs and my nickname here*)