Monday, February 28, 2011


She managed to get a message through to us. She's okay, she's okay she's okay she's okay

her voice saying "I'm alright" just...god, if you're up there I owe you one.

I have to figure out how to get her out. Towards the end of the audio message she got someone (Two Face?) to leave on Tenebria's tumblr, she sounded...afraid.

"the walls are closing in

try to believe"

That phrase has cropped up a lot lately. In Vivi's message, in the accompanying coded message and another message from Two Face. Either that or TRYING TO BELIEVE.

On top of that, I went out for a walk to clear my head shortly after making my last post and found the following graffiti::




010101000110100001100101011100100110010100100111011100110010000001100001001000000110110001101001011001110110100001110100001000000110000101110100001000000111010001101000011001010010000001100101011011100110010000100000011000010111010000100000011101000110100001100101001000000110010001100001011100100110101101101110011001010111001101110011, 2/66/3-9/33-9/2/555/55-8/666/9/2/777/3/7777-444/8-44/2/66/3-444/66044/2/66/3.

For those who don't want to translate it, They read TRYING TO BELIEVE, you are not alone (one each in binary and Two-Face code) and...the one that's a mixture of binary and the Two-Face code is this blog's tagline.

I don't know who you are, but thanks. Decoding those gave me a reason to stop freaking out...and it's good to know there's someone closer to home who's not either oblivious to what's going on or a proxy.

I need some more mace, some more barbed wire, some eucalyptus oil, and some serious audacity.

Also, I need to know where they are.

If anyone knows anything or can help, please let me know now.

I'm coming for you, Vivi. I'm trying to believe.

no no no no no no

fuck they caught us by surprise

came out of nowhere literally nowhere just sprang out of thin air

we were walking to the car to leave for work and

they were there

one of them touched me and the world exploded into pain too much pain and i felt your hand slip out of mine

when i came to

when i





you little bitch you TOOK her shes gone i don't know where she is and im a puzzle with half the pieces missing all over again



im sorry

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I don't even know. we spent most of yesterday afternoon most displeased because Tenebria is...herself. She cut off our internet (so we were off-grid) our power (so all the fans we've had in the house to prevent us from dying because we can't open the windows died so the humidity basically ate us alive) and then attempted to break into the house NOT JUST ONCE. NOT JUST ONCE.


Tenebria is REALLY persistent. You can defenestrate her, hit her repeatedly with a cricket bat, get her in the fact with pepper spray and she will just KEEP COMING AT YOU. Really determined, I'll give her that. She doesn't even have a healing factor, no matter how injured she is she just keeps going. It's more than a little bit creepy. Then she just decides "oh to hell with it" and ups and leaves. Seriously.

Okay, I don't mind her leaving, makes it easier for us to recover, but her motives are pretty incomprehensible. She's explained the way she thinks over on her tumblr, but it doesn't explain the way she seems determined to destroy us one minute then "meh, I'm bored, I'm leaving" the next. Utterly bizarre. We have no idea what to make of her.

Sigh. I'm going to hope for a quiet afternoon. Chester is a happy puppy because he managed to find a second-hand DVD of the first season of Blackadder (which I have never seen, shame on me) so we're going to watch that and hope Tenebria doesn't decide to crash the party.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

More fun with our new friend

Okay, so we've spoken to Tenebria offline now. She showed up outside our house, so we opened the window and told her to go away. The following conversation ensued.

T: And what if I don't want to?

V: Do it anyway?

T: Eh. I'm here, can't be bothered leaving.

V: You aren't going to learn anything new, you know. You're just standing around watching us- if you're trying to creep us out it's not working.

T: That wasn't my intention. I was told to observe. So I did. I am awaiting further orders.

V: ...You don't have to do this, you know. If you leave us alone we'll leave you alone.

T: Don't try to bargain with me, honey, it's not going to work. I obey my orders. I'm not Two Face, I'm not a sentimental fool. I know who's side I'm on.

V: Your father's?

T: Oh ha ha. Very clever. Who is Minecraft Creeper?

V: Read the blogs.

T: ...I must have missed some. There are too many...I have to go.

V: One more thing.

T: What?

V: Tell your dad I said hi.

T: Very funny. *she vanishes*

Okay, so it looks like we aren't getting a Heel Face Turn out of THAT one. Oh well. I'm slightly worried because she hasn't DONE anything, which makes me wonder when she is.



Friday, February 25, 2011

More strangeness

Okay, um, Tenebria is definitely not human. Either that or she's a seriously sneaky-ass ninja. Chester and I were out back eating, I go to check the blogs and lo and behold there is a comment saying she can see us. But we couldn't see her, so we made sure we were armed (yay, cricket bats!) and kept on eating.

Then BAM there she is. about two metres away, leaning against the bricks like she'd been there the entire time.

She looked even stranger up close. She looks like somebody ill- she's really skinny, there's an unhealthy pallor to her skin, and she looks...languid. Apathetic. She slumps, talks slowly, and rarely shows any kind of expression other than complete and utter boredom.

(So your polar opposite then? --Chess)

Pretty much. Also, she keeps referring to me as "Silver-eyes" and Chester as "Gold-eyes" which is pretty weird. I suppose you could call Chester's eye colour "gold" but it would take a REAL stretch of imagination. They're a kind of gold-ish hazel. Pretty, but not gold. My boyfriend is not a Meyerpire! Theme Nicknaming Fail!

So we looked at her and she looked at us for a while, then our lunch break ended and we went back inside. I turned around to see what she was doing and she wasn't there.

Okay. So we still have no clue what exactly she is other than she can pull some kind of magical disappearing act and she's squicked out by displays of affection. So not human. Man, that REALLY narrows it down doesn't it. >.> 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Observation and Promises

Tenebria has continued to stalk us. We're pretty sure it's her- 99% per cent (of all the people who were outside the restaurant today and yesterday, she was the only one with a tattoo of an operator symbol and the only one who KEPT STARING AT US) so it's either her or another poxy proxy. We're still not sure precisely what she is (A Revenant? A Redlight? A Conduit? Just plain creepy? Who knows!) but this is what we've observed.

-She's short, about my height, but much skinnier (as in, "girl, you need to eat twice what you're eating now because you look half starved" skinny.). Her hair is black, spiky, and about jaw length.

-Asian or part-asian. Kinda pasty-looking- not like not-much-time-in-the-sun pasty (she has sunburn on her face and shoulders, so probably too much) know how when people are sick their face gets this funny grey cast to it sometimes? Yeah.

- It was quite cold for a summer day yesterday, but she was still dressed for the height of summer, which is quite peculiar. She didn't look cold, either.

- She can stand very still (like, statue-still) for very long periods of time (2 hours +) with no apparent discomfort.

-She doesn't have a healing factor as her hands are still bandaged from breaking into our house and encountering our "security measures".

- She can run very fast or has some other method of transportation, because Chester and I went out to see if we could confront her (in public, so she can't do anything too crazy) and we take our eyes off her for about three seconds to check how many people are around and then when we look back she's gone. We didn't even hear her go. This in itself is worrying, that she has a method of transportation that instantaneous or a running speed that high.

Yeah...I don't know. I guess we'll just keep on observing her.

You know how, in an earlier entry, I mentioned making friendship bracelets, one for each of those who have died, and wearing them to remind me of those who we have lost? I'm making them for every blogger I've spoken to now. I'm keeping them in a drawer for now. I'm only wearing the ones for those who died. One day, all of this will be over, somehow, no matter how many years it takes. And then, Chester and I will hop on a plane and give everyone the bracelets. All of you. I don't care if we have to work two shifts a day AND weekends to afford it, we will.

Please, guys.

Don't make me add any more to the five (Zero, Amelia, Melody, Fizzy, Jeff's family) already on my wrist right now.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


as to what exactly Tenebria is. According to her tumblr, she will not tell lies, but we aren't going to take her word for it. We're not THAT stupid. We're hardly going to trust someone that tried to do what she did. Even if all she did was make things...uncomfortable between Vivi and I for a while. We can't really...fix, those problems, not instantly- but we can work at them. We'll do our best. "Believe in me that believes in you".

If she can take me as I am, faults, phobias, general idiocy and all, I'm lucky to have her.

(I'm lucky to have you. DON'T. argue with me. I will hit you. --Vivi)

Okay, according to Tenebria she's just a really observant stalker who climbed in our window to hijack our blog tell us we suck. But there's probably more to her than that. She can't have learnt all the things she did just by watching us. So we have a few theories.

Really really really observant and/or has been following us for a long time: Fairly self explanatory. This is the theory she herself says is the truth.

A split personality of one of us: Unlikely but still possible, as we've both seen her standing outside our work. She won't come in, though. There's the possibility that she is a hallucination- but then why can the both of us see her?

(For the record, she's about Vivi's height, Asian, really skinny, and capable of standing very still for long periods of time. She walked off and came back a few times- once with a bottle of water, another time with an umbrella (it was raining) and another time empty-handed.)

A Revenant: We haven't gotten a good look at her but she may well be. Unconfirmed.

A Mind-Reader: Seriously unlikely, but would explain how she knows what she does.

Your guesses are as good as ours...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


EDIT: we interrupt this broadcast to those of you to pray to do so for the victims of the second Christchurch earthquake. Two quakes less than a year apart- my heart goes out to them. The girl who made the last post. She's kind of a bitch. A bit pretentious, too. She claims she speaks the truth, the full truth, nothing but the truth, blah blah blah. And as far as I can see, everything she's said has indeed been either the truth, or a subjective truth, something true for her but perhaps not the rest of us. But that doesn't make her behaviour right.

Yes, Tenebria, we would try to help you, because it seems like you really need it. You seem bitter, twisted, and convinced that you're the only person here who's even the slightest bit right. I appreciate that you may be having a tough time. Maybe you had a troubled home life, or no friends, or maybe this whole Slendy fiasco is getting to you the same way it does everyone, no matter which side they're on.

By the way, I really don't appreciate you going and spilling all my darkest thoughts. What I think of myself is my business. I might have even got over it all by myself, but you just had to go and make it public? I could have done it quietly but you had to go and put a spotlight on me.

And Chester. You're mean for doing that to me but you're even worse for doing that to him. And at this time, too. The last thing we need it to have to have a touchy-feely emotional talk about our problems. One of our friends has been Taken by Redlight, another appears to be having problems, the last thing we need is some pretentious little girl trying to earn brownie points by attempting to Hannibal Lecture us.

Shut up, for gods sake, you're making a fool of yourself. I'm embarrassed for you, girl.

So maybe we put our problems on the back burner to help others. That's what a friend does. Besides, my personal issues are TINY compared to the fact that someone nearly got LOBOTOMISED a couple of days back, and someone else has been KIDNAPPED, and neither her nor Reach deserve anything other than to be HAPPY together for chrissakes, and who the hell knows what's going on with Frap and Shelby.

Go away, read some of the other blogs, get some perspective. Wise up. You need it.


EDIT: Uh oh.

I haven't seen her that angry in...well, a long time.

I think Tenebria got to her more than she'll care to admit.

I'll just go and calm her down. She's...not in a very good way...and we need to talk about some of the things Tenebria said, anyway. Because like Vivi said, she was right about some of it.


Monday, February 21, 2011

It makes me sick...

to see you the way you are. Chatting happily with your workmates, smiles on your faces. Trying to help people. You'd try to help me, now, wouldn't you? Talk to me about light and about caring for each other? Well guess what. You left your computer on. I left bloodstains all over your keyboard, just to thank you for putting that barbed wire where you did. I've been spying on you for a while, so I know about that back window that won't lock properly.

It makes me sick the way you talk about love and friendship saving us all. Love and friendship, they get you nowhere but misery when people let you down. They always do. That's the nature of the human condition. We cheat, we lie, and with your love and your loyalty you are only delaying the inevitable.

You're insecure, unsure of yourself. You hide how vulnerable you feel behind violence and harsh words towards those who stand in your way. You're stubborn in upholding the things you believe in, even if your conviction in them is wavering. You hate the person you see in the mirror and wish you were smarter, better looking, stronger, more charismatic- the way you are is not good enough for you.

You, on the other hand. You alternate between being unable to resist your impulses and unable to give in to them. You're too cautious, you hesitate- you're making the other idiot's problems only worse. You think you don't deserve anything you have and you're probably right, because the reason you're where you are is dumb luck and the interference of others. You're afraid of what you're capable of because it might make you a monster.

Just like the rest of us.

How can you talk like that, the way you are? You can barely help yourselves. You put your own problems on the back burner in order to help others. You're easy pickings. An insecure little girl and her idiot boyfriend.

One of you will be with Us soon. It's inevitable.

If you give yourselves up, I might just let you stay together. You can kill your precious little friends together, isn't that sweet? What a lovely idea for a date. With our resources, it won't take much to ship you round the globe. You can help your friends, put out of their misery, together,

because the Power of Love will make everything okay, won't it?




This weekend has been...interesting, to say the least. I've learnt a lot, about myself and about Chester. It's put things into perspective for me. Given me time to think about all this, and my place in it. Our place, really. I would have quite a different role in this if it weren't for Chess. I can't be as gung-ho as I would be because I have to watch him so I don't have to drag his ass out of whatever trouble he manages to get into. Probably a good thing, really. And if manage to get myself into deep shit, he'll bail me out because if someone's got me cornered, things are bad enough to warrant violence.

We're not fighting because we want to kill the Slender Man. We're fighting because we want to free all the people who are living in his shadow. The proxies, the runners, the people who are living in his shadow with fear defining their lives. If there's anyone living nearby who needs our help, we will help them. We'll cure the proxies, we'll teach those living in shadow to find the light again, we'll help however we can because we are all in this together, and when one of us falls down it's our job as friends to help them stand again.

We're only human, all of us. Even the proxies and the Revenants, they're human underneath it all.

I got a haircut on Sunday. I haven't cut my hair since I was 15 (when I got it cut really, really short) and before my trip to the hairdressers it reached the middle of my back. Which although pretty is a pain in the ass, both to wash and to keep out of my face. So in the interest of practicality I got it cut to shoulder length.

Chester's sparring has been improving quite steadily. He still won't hit very hard and he freaks out if he thinks he's hurt me, but if I have my way he'll be a force to be reckoned with soon. He has quite the advantage in physical strength alone (he can pick me up and carry me with very little effort) but at the moment he has two settings- "Really trying to hurt you as little as possible." and "IMGONNAKILLYOUANDPULVERISEYOURCORPSETOUSEASFERTILISERFORMYHYDRANGEASSOGTFOBEFOREYOUDIEHORRIBLYBYMYHANDRAAAAARGH"

Not that I don't find his niceness extremely attractive...what? I'm allowed. I'm a nice person (mostly), there's no way I'd go out with a jerkity jerk jerky jerk-ass-

Speaking of which, Max and Leah are getting married. I don't even. They've been together six months and they've only been able to ADMIT that it's a romantic relationship fairly recently and not just sex and now they're getting MARRIED. They're a bit young too. Max is 21, Leah is 26.

We're having another betting pool on how many times the wedding is called off before it actually happens. I have $20 on twice. Mariko has bet the same amount on four, and then they elope. It says something that Max himself has placed a bet. He's a jerk, yes, but at least he knows it. Leah is the only person Max will ever say "I'm sorry" to in a volume louder than a mutter because aw look he really does love her.

Speaking of betting pools...we owe Mariko.




Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm back. I feel like crap, but I'm back. Actually, the both of us feel like crap (Vivi has utterly refused to get out of bed, full stop, no negotiating, GOODBYE.) because while I was running around in the Ruins Vivi was flipping the fuck out. Literally, the first thing she did when I returned to lucidity was yell at me for a while, slap me a couple of times, and then hug me so tightly breathing became...problematic. Then cry. Then hug me again. Then ignore me for an hour. Then she made up her mind and decided to be glad I'm back and then promptly fell asleep on me. Note to self: do not worry Vivi like that ever again.

I think...we're going to take a break this weekend. We both need to rest and recover and not spend all day trying to juggle being a normal twenty-something couple and two soldiers in the fight against Slender Man. Two days, that's all. If something really awful happens, we WILL let you know, but otherwise we will flop most of this weekend.

The only reason this post sounds coherent is the backspace key!

Vivi has an awful lot of scars on her back. The fact that quite a few of them look recent bothers me.

Teehee, that rhymed.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Chester is still in the Ruins. It's been established that they are also in this house...but different to mine. Here's a transcript of a conversation we had during one of his lucid periods. It's, um...see for yourself.

His voice is functional now although it hurts him to speak and his hearing has nearly returned. He's, well...he's finding it harder than I did. He's a lot more sensitive than I am, and...I'm relieved that he's more responsive now.

I got maybe three hours sleep last night. I would have been online the entire time, but around 9.30 Chester suddenly grabbed my wrist (gave me a fucking heart attack) and went, well...transcript below.

C: ...Vivi?

V: *loudly* Shit, Chess, that gave me a fright. You alright?

C: Compared to how I am, normally- awful. Compared to how I've been for the past few hours- not bad. *coughs*

*insert pause while I burst into tears out of sheer relief and spend the next ten minutes ranting at him about how worried I was, what an idiot he is, how worried EVERYONE is...*

C: ...I'm an idiot. Stop crying. You shouldn't be crying over an idiot like me.

V: You're not an idiot and I'll cry over you all I like!

C: But...

V: No buts. How did you figure out you were in the Ruins?

C: You were playing Resolve, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and then I realised that my vision is fine even though I'm not wearing my glasses...

V: I see. Why do you keep running around the house, and why won't you go into some rooms?

C: *drowsily* The key, I need the key...they're locked, they can't come in...they need to come in, I need to help them, they're outside and I can't help them, they're locked out and you have the key...and you keep running away, Vivi...why are you running away? You're dying, Vivi, and I need to help you, and I need the key so I can help them too...

He spent the rest of the night alternating between talking along those lines, walking around the house, and sleeping.

He won't let go of my hand.

I don't know. When I was in there, he knew exactly what would help bring me back. He held me and stroked my hair when I had convulsions, he stayed calm the entire time, he knew exactly what he was doing. He's that kind of person. He's more capable than me in some ways. I mean, I'm more open about my emotions than he is, but that's because I just can't deal with them internally. I can't. (See the post "i don't" to see exactly HOW badly I reacted to Chester confessing. It was not pretty.) So if there's something wrong, it's easy for people trying to help to deal with it. Chester...retreats. He tries to deal with it himself, even if he knows it's a damn stupid idea and he needs someone to lean on.

Oh, fuck me. (Chester, if you read this later, you are not to misconstruct this as an invitation. (My sense of humour just keeps getting weirder... (I like putting sets of brackets inside each other!)))

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Uneventful day.

For a given definition of "uneventful" at least. Work finished early today because of some construction work on the restaurant (we're in the process of renovation. We might be closed tomorrow which is a pain in the ass but the building is not in very good repair and it's putting people off). Vivi's managed to acquire some mace/pepper spray and is currently pulling out the insect repellent can from our automatic insect-repellent dispenser and replacing it with pepper spray. I've already rigged it so the buttons don't alter the time between sprays, they just spray straight off and altered the case slightly so it's easier to aim and easier to carry.

And if it fails, can be used as a bludgeoning weapon?

I keep seeing Two Face around. She walked past work, we drove past a bus stop she was standing at on the way home, walked past our house this morning...

Uh...knocking on our front door?

Okay, she seems to want to talk or something. I'm going to go speak to her. I'll bring a cricket bat in case she tries something and I'll take the iPod (yay iPod internets) and transcribe what she says.

Why is she apologi


444/'6-7777/666,-7777/666 7777/666/777/777/999.







I leave Chester to his own devices for FIFTEEN MINUTES



"Uneventful day." Tempting Fate. FUCK. Chester WHY are you so naive?

I only got out of the labyrinth SUNDAY, you sick fucks, you give us FOUR DAYS and then MORE SHIT HAPPENS. LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. Okay, you pick on me, that's acceptable, I got myself into this shit investigating after what happened to Kaylee, I started this blog of my OWN VOLITION because I WANTED to know, to find some way to help. I knew what I was getting into. But Chester hasn't done a fucking thing. He was DRAGGED into this, none of it was his own fault. His parents...fuck, his parents are probably haunted too. He's in some of their wedding photos. Every photo of Chester from birth until puberty has IT in it. He didn't need to find Slendy, Slendy just stalked him from the start. It's only because he likes creepypasta that he rediscovered Slendy in the first place.

Pick on me? Fine. Threaten me, send proxies after me, fine. Throw me into another tiny cupboard, put me in a loop, stick me in the Labyrinth again, fine. I got myself into this. It's my own fault. You make your bed, you lie in it. I can deal. It's tough, but I'll just laugh it off and keep walking because if I didn't I'd be completely loopy right now. Ever since I was little, that's what I've done.

But Chester? He didn't know what he was getting into because he didn't know he was getting into it. He doesn't deserve any of this. I'm not saying I do, but I'd watched the vlogs, read the blogs, I knew and I took the risk anyway.



oh god

i'm sorry guys i just

he won't stop screaming

he's stuck in there and i can't help him, not really

i know what it's like.

no, i don't. they've...probably revised things a little, seeing as I got out so easily.



i hope you're as tough as I want to believe you are.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


is a virtue, but when it's coming from a hulking mountain of a Revenant that tries to come in one of the first floor windows at two in the morning, fails, then picks the lock on the back door and sets off the house alarm (should have checked for tripwires, Frank!), cops a bag of curry powder to the face, and then stops, looks like he's listening to something for a second and then runs away like Vivi's brother just asked him to play mah-jong with him, it's just plain annoying.

So Vivi and I end up standing outside at 5.15am, in our pajamas, watching Frank run off. She looked at me, eyes wide, and I stared back at her.

She went "Bloody hell." and we both fell about laughing hysterically on the front lawn. Now our neighbours think we're a bit..."quirky".

I know sunsets are the typical romantic thing, but I'm partial to sunrises myself. Watching night turn into day.

I mean...we're lucky. The only things that have gone horribly wrong have been the Looped Apartment and the Ruins. I have to steal moments like that when I can because, well...

You never know when it'll all turn to dust in your hands.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm shocked. And happy. Mostly shocked.

Chess can be badass. Without my having to be kicked half to death. Either this is another fluke or Chester has been holding back on me. Asshole, I told him I'd rather he injure me than he get injured because he's too nice to practice on me.

Okay, so I'm eating my lunch in the alley out back, minding my own business, when Frank shows up. I think FUCKKKK because Frank is about the same height as Chester and twice as wide and I doubt I could do much damage to him, not without a weapon...

Not that I could help it- I didn't have time to retrieve my cricket bat so I engage this massive hulk of a man with MY BARE HANDS and I actually did quite well until he got me cornered so I couldn't use my agility to my advantage. I'm strong for a petite 165cm young woman, but compared to Frank? Yeah, no. No dodging, I'm screwed.

I'm just considering dropping my pride and screaming for help when I hear someone yell "What the...OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!" and then Chester hurtles out of the back door and RUGBY-TACKLES Frank and takes over from where I left off in terms of beating the living shit out of him.

Point 1- Frank has a healing factor. This is worrying.

Point 2- I took a while to help him because I had to get over the shock of Chester, kindly, sweet-natured Chester, Chester who gardens in his spare time and loves animals and cries in movies and who I've looked after ever since I met him, BREAKING A GUYS ARM.

Then I did the sensible thing and joined in, because what kind of Action Girl would I be if I just stood there like a love interest?

...Yeah. Couples bonding much?

Speaking of couple, congrats very much to Ava and Reach. I went awwwwwwwwwww.

On that note, I need to go. Love you all.



What exactly to make of our current situation. As you know, Vivi is out of the Labyrinth, but she seems...not exactly paranoid, but warier. And we're both...really tired.

We haven't had any new Indoctrinated activity. We've seen Two Face a couple of times, but she's always given us this look of absolute horror and then run off. Frank is unaccounted for and Adam is with his father and sister now.

Speaking of Adam, got a phone call from him this morning.

C: Hello?

A: Hello. It's, um, Adam. For now.

C: Hi- what do you mean, "for now"?

A: Razor's still there. I can hear him. He might...take control. He hasn't so far, but I worry that he might.

C: ...So you have some kind of split personality thing going on?

A: No, I don't...Razor was me as a proxy. I think His grip on me was strong because I was convinced that if it kept Mum away, it must be a great and important duty and maybe if I helped her she could come back sooner...and he's not quite gone. I still get...violent...impulses...

C: ...You're pretty naive, aren't you? No offence.

A: Not so much any more, I's got me into nothing but trouble.'s hard to be naive when I can remember being Razor. I remember kicking Genevieve and he was enjoying it, for gods sake, he thought it was all good fun, all just a game...and I've got blood on my hands now. I can't go back to being the way I was before with that on my conscience.

C: So what are you going to do?

A: I'm going to University at the start of the year.

C: What do you want to do?

A: Psychology. I want to help people, and I need some way to make up for what I've done. And what Mum has done and will do. I'll...I'll help you, if you need it, but I probably can't tell you anything you don't already know. I've read some of the blogs since I got home. Yours included.

C: Do you think you might start up your own?

A: Probably not. I think I need to try and...get away from all this. Try and live normally. Also, can I ask you to do something for me?

C: Depends what it is, but probably yes.

A: If you see Mum, can you tell her we all miss her?

*he hangs up here*

Well. Looks like we're going to have to keep an eye on Adam. It's true he was a completely different person as a proxy and he threw up twice as much as Kaylee and Mike put together, so it's possible that Razor is still hanging around in the back of his mind. He'll contact us or his family will if he regresses. We're the only Fighters in Auckland as far as we know, so we have to look after the people we can find.

I've rigged up a few more traps for people who try and get into the house. We've already secured the window sills- perhaps not enough to deal with a Revenant and their healing factor, but perhaps slow them down and I look forward to the next time someone tries to come in the back door without turning the outside light on first. If they do, WE WILL KNOW.

My dad is an electrician. I am very grateful for the times I listened to him walk about work at the dinner table.

And if anyone wonders, my valentines day was fantastic.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Things to be thankful for

We have a lot of them. People are dying, true, but some of us are surviving long enough to do some serious damage, either in the form of damage to Slendy or his band of merry mooks, or in the form of information. Vivi and I and many of the bloggers are still alive. We're learning. One day, maybe not soon, we'll be able to defeat him.

Notes on the Labyrinth: If you have been in the labyrinth, at some point, you will probably come across a nearly-dead version of someone close to you. That THING will follow you out of the labyrinth and stalk you until you kill it, which can be done. I saw Vivi kill hers. Well, didn't see it, but I saw her grab it and slam it's head into the kitchen counter and then shoot it for good measure. Then break down crying. Fucking Slendy. I had never seen Vivi cry before He showed up.

We went out for lunch today. Valentines Day. We booked ourselves a table in a nice little restaurant in one of the main shopping precincts and had lunch and just...talked. About our family, about school, a bit of  nostalgia...we were a normal young couple with normal lives for a while.

This is the first valentines day I've actually had someone to spend with. I mean, Vivi and I used to spend it together but more in a "We're both single, let's go to the arcade and discuss anime and books and crappy films!" kind of way.


In a good way.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kristen's gone. Slendy took her away. Or rather, she went with him. To protect her son. And us. Fuck it, I'd only been out of the Labyrinth for a few hours and I was afraid he'd come back for me.

So Chester and I are playing Go Fish with her and Razor/Adam (he insists on being called his birth name now) when I start feeling nauseous and Kristen sits straight up and stares at the windows and look who's out there with all his tentacles lashing.

Kristen says to him, "You can't have him. Master, we had a bargain, one he was not part of. I become a loyal Revenant and you spare my family. That means Indoctrination."

Slendy quits with the tentacles and tilts his head slowly to one side. She goes and hugs Adam, then Chester and I, then she goes to the window and gives us this sad little smile and says

"If I make it out of this alive, next time we meet, we'll be enemies. Next time, I'll be Two Face."

Then she opens the window, Slendy lashes out, she screams and then she and It are both gone.

Adam has tried to be as helpful as he can, but the fact of the matter is that he's only 17 and he's just lost his Mum all over again, possibly for good. He doesn't know how he put me in the Ruins/Labyrinth (he only remembers parts of his time as Razor), but theorises that Labyrinths are in Slendy's Dark World, somehow.

As to how I got out of the Labyrinth...of all the illusionary corpses, one was alive. Just one.


I couldn't sleep in the bedroom last night, because he was there- the real Chester set up a stretcher in the study, the one room free of corpses. Staring at me blankly, barely seeing me, slumped against the pillows in an uncanny mockery of the way the real Chess comes home from work and flops on the bed for a few minutes, just to relax.

There was blood everywhere. I got one brief look at the state he was in's the sort of thing you should never have to see.

Every time I went anywhere near that room, he would croak "Vivi..."

I only went in that room twice. Once at the start. Once at the end.

The second time, I told him "You're not dead. You're not dying. You're alive. You're actually standing beside me at this very moment. This'll all be over soon."

Then I went outside, got some matches I had found in what remained of the kitchen and watched the Ruins burn. Then I had another episode of convulsions, passed out and wake up in the living room feeling like I haven't slept in a week. Oddly enough, Chester reported getting a headache while the Ruins were burning. Strange. We'll have to ask Adam once he's feeling a little better. We have the day off work tomorrow. We're going to drive over to Takapuna to drop Adam back with his father and sister, and we're going out for lunch.

I'm hoping for an uneventful day tomorrow. So tired...


I love you all

And I just RickRolled a Revenant.

I'm nearly out of the ruins/Labyrinth/whatthefuck. I still can only see the ruins (I am dictating this to Chester, who is kindly typing it out for me) but the last time Slendy showed up was yesterday afternoon. He was pretty angry. He was talking to me but I could only barely understand him. I told him to fuck off and he made the walls close in on me like what happened with the cabinet but then I stood up because it's an illusion damnit, I could feel the carpet under my toes and Chester's arms around me and it wasn't real, it couldn't be real because there was no carpet in that tiny room and it was too small for Chester and I both, but I could feel them. Therefore what I was seeing wasn't real.

The Labyrinth isn't actually a Labyrinth. Not really. For me, it's our house. But it's in ruins, and I can see...corpses. Leah, decapitated, on the front steps. Max on the path. His body, anyway. His head was a couple metres off. What was left of it. Mariko on the back porch, missing the lower part of her jaw. My family, Mum, Dad, Jonno, Elaine, in the trees, classic Slender style. My best friend in the laundry, burned beyond recognition. The living room was filled with people I didn't recognise, most of them. Jeff and Cheska were among them, so I presume they were all you guys. On the couches, the armchair, some kneeling on the floor, their stomachs opened up and their organs-

I couldn't go into the bedroom because Chester was there. I couldn't look for a long time. Too much blood. those blank, staring eyes...

We spoke to Razor. Or tried to. The cure is taking a lot longer to work than it did with Kaylee or Michael. He alternates between apologising, trying to kill himself, and laughing maniacally and spouting crazy shit about pretty lights and the Master offering salvation, all without using pronouns. And throwing up slendergoop. I kind of pity the poor kid, he's only seventeen. Thankfully for him, he's a first year university student starting this year and uni doesn't start until the 28th, at which point he should be okay enough to attend. He's seventeen, he should be going to school and hanging out with his friends and checking out girls (or boys if he swings that way) and doing teenage boy things. Not being a slendy-mook.

Meanwhile, Kristen is behaving less like a puppy that's been whipped and more like a normal person. She's watching The Big Bang Theory at the moment. I introduced her to the wonders of Rick Astley a few minutes back. RickRoll'd.

So now I'm going to- ohhh, trippy...

Chester, don't panic. I think my sight is returning to the real world because I can kind of see the vague shape of the living room superimposed over the ruins full of my dead loved ones. Thank god...I know I sound sane, but seriously...they were really getting to me. Every single one had their eyes open, whether is was on empty, glassy eyes or bloody sockets...all of them staring at me. Look, I would never, EVER wish something like this on anyone. Not even Redlight. Fuck. it's enough to drive anyone mad. I'm lucky I wasn't alone, otherwise, well...I'd be lost right now.

Everybody stay safe.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


has been getting better. She still can't talk (all the screaming wore her throat out) and has episodes of convulsions and crying, but she seems to be trying to figure a way out of the Labyrinth fairly calmly for someone in her situation and she seems to be able to distinguish walking into me or Kristen from walking into a wall or piece of furniture and distinguish colliding with me from colliding with Kristen. She's been feeling her way around the room trying to figure out where the furniture is and where the walls are, presumably so she can stop bumping into or tripping over them. She also seems to be aware enough of her surroundings to be able to eat if someone gives her food and use the bathroom.

The labyrinth, although the rest of us cannot see or feel it, appears to be physical. She trips and walks around things that aren't there and at one point punched something and her knuckles began to bleed. That was also the first time she managed to successfully communicate with us- she walked around until she found Kristen, grabbed her, and held up her hand so she could see the injury.

JediZero has suggested putting on some music for her, as she appears to be able to hear sound to a limited degree. So, I'll write down what she does as it happens.

Okay, so, um, I've plugged her iPod into the speakers, and I've put her Happy Playlist on at around normal talking volume and...she's coming over here and she's trying to find the source of the noise...she just tripped over something in the Labyrinth, judging by the fact there's nothing there and she just stumbled. Okay, she's found the speakers and she's feeling around for something. Maybe she wants the change the track? No, she's turning the volume up. Really loud, actually, not uncomfortably loud but certainly audible...

She seems happy now. She's just sitting there, looking around at things we can't see. She's petting Cassy, who's sitting in her lap. Curiously enough, she seems to be able to see Cassy- if she comes into the room she'll follow her with her eyes and occasionally go to pet her or pick her up. Weird.

I think I'll go sit with her for a while, in case she tries to communicate again. I've given her a throat lozenge, which should help with her recovering her voice. She'll pull through. Somehow.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Something's wrong with Vivi. Really wrong.

It. Got. WORSE.

She'd been acting funny all day, but I thought it was just the situation with Jeff (which as you may have realised she took very badly) and our encounter with Slendy and the whole...situation had just got to her, but while she was watching Razor to make sure he didn't get away she started convulsing and screaming and throwing up slendergoop and blood and oh god

I have her with me. I get the feeling she can't see me. She's shaking and crying and staring blankly in front of her and sometimes she screams and I just want to curl up into a ball and die because I can't help her. She's in pain, that THING has done something to her mind and I can't help her. I don't think she can hear me talking to her, or feel my arms around her, or anything.

I have never felt so helpless in my entire life.

This happened while she was watching Razor. That sick little psychopath did something to her, I know it, and if he ever wants to see another sunrise HE WILL HELP ME FIX IT.

And Kristen is freaking out, because she was the one who brought Razor into the house even if it was for a valid reason and now everything has gone to shit and she's guarding Razor, who is now being kept sedated in case he tries to do what he did to Vivi to me or to her.


I'm powerless. There's nothing I can do. The Power Of Love isn't working, for once in my life. My girlfriend is presumably being mentally ATTACKED by Slenderp and there is NOTHING I can do except hold her and hope everything turns out alright.


Strings of identical digits. Commonly found in the Mythos. Today is 2/11/11. Vivi's attack started at 20.02 in 24-hour time. Are you joking with us, Slendy? Do you have a sense of humour?

SlenderHERP, you have the shittiest sense of humour I have ever encountered.

Super Happy Fun Times with SlenderHERP

And I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. We work 4 days a week, so we had today off. We had an absolutely wonderful start to the day. We have a set of glass doors in our bedroom that open out onto a balcony, which we cover up with a set of curtains at night otherwise the first thing the sun does when it rises early in the morning is WAKE US BOTH UP AND THEN BLIND US. So I go to open the curtains and guess who is standing on the balcony maybe ten centimetres away?

I did the sensible thing. I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF, made a grab for my cricket bat, yank the door open and jump at him.

I made him flinch. He flinched. A freaking ELDRITCH ABOMINATION. I made him FLINCH. By SCREAMING at him and then attempting to kill him via blunt force trauma. Emphasis on attempting. I somehow ended up on the other side of him, cornered against the rails of the balcony. Dunno how. I didn't run around him and

Then, of course, he goes all OMGTENTACLES on me, the world goes all fuzzy and then I wake up on the bed with Chester FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT because Slendy TOUCHED ME and I COLLAPSED and then I realise I have completely lost use of my voice, which continued for about an hour. And I threw up some Slendergoop. Then Chester and I had a shouting match about me attacking Eldritch Abominations without backup, which although Badass will probably get me killed when my luck runs out. Chester resolved the argument by hugging me and making me promise never to do something like that again.

Then we went downstairs and found Kristen in the living room. With a very unconscious Razor. Apparently he decided he was gonna win some brownie points by killing Chester and then sticking me in a another tiny cupboard.


So now Razor has been fed the cure and has thrown up a bathtubful of Slendygoop and Kristen is huddled in the corner of the bathroom keeping an eye on him.


GODDAMNIT. Sometimes I wish I didn't care about you people quite so much. I wish I didn't want to give you hugs and cookies and vegemite sandwiches when you're sad and bail you out when Slendy screws things over and AUGH

I just

can't take this anymore. I can't keep smiling all the time.

Even I have to cry sometimes.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Chester here. Vivi was going to write this post, but...she's in a bit of a state over Jeff. I am too, to be honest. We managed to arrange another little talk with Two Face over our lunch break. She managed to come without Razor today, which was a blessing, otherwise I would have had to slip laxatives or something into his food so he would leave us to talk.

T: I'm sorry to pull you away from your work like this.

C: ...this is our lunch break. As long as you have no problem with us eating, we're fine.

T: ...No, I don't have a problem.

V: So what did you want to talk about?

T: It's Razor.

V: What, precisely, about him?

T: becoming too inhuman for my comfort. Monster and a murderer and an awful mother I may be, but I at least try to retain as much of my humanity as I can. I became what I am to protect him, and...

V: Rewind, rewind. Tell us the story from the start. What happened to you?

T: Oh. Um. Shortly after the birth of my daughter, my husband started seeing...things. Things following him, things in the shadows. Things that attacked us more than once. It tried to take both of my children several times. Then...

V: then what?

T: I offered myself in exchange for their safety. If I joined it, became its servant, my husband and two children, Adam and Victoria, would be left alone. It took me somewhere dark, and then everything started to burn. The pain was excruciating, more so than anything I had ever experienced. I...don't want to talk about it...

V: Anything else?

T: I was there, watching them, all the time, watching them grow and trying to tell myself that it was for the best that I left them...But Adam found out where I was, eventually, and then he found out what I was. And he followed me into the darkness, and the Master took him and made him one of His. Adam believed that I had done what I did because I was right, because while I was gone his father told him that Mum had a duty to do, Mum has to do it, and one day Mum will be done with her duty and she will come back home. He thought...if he helped, I would come home sooner... and then He got to him. Changed him. Made him as much of a monster as I am, only if an different way.

C: So Slendy corrupted Razor?

T: Yes. I feel I have failed as a mother, failed to teach my son the proper definition of right and wrong. I cannot leave His service because then my husband and daughter's lives are at stake...but Razor is not part of the bargain. I will make sure you are attacked as little as possible- I cannot control the Master, of course, but I can make sure orders get muddled, if you help me with Razor. Deal?

V: ...Do you mind if we get back to you on that? Doesn't matter what you say, you're still a Proxy and you've still attacked us in the past. We do have friends who are Revenants, but their actions have proven them trustworthy. You still kidnapped Chester and held me down while he kicked me, Two Face.

T: I understand. Get back to me when you decide. One more thing, though.

V: Hm?

T: Can you call me Kristen?

V: Sure. We need to get back to work now, Kristen, so we'll see you later.

...Yeah...we're thinking over her offer. Anyone have any opinions? Since we're stuck. :P


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curious Conversations

We finished sorting through the photos over lunch break. No sign of Where's-his-face in ANY of them. Odd. Which means that I didn't encounter Slim until last year. It's possible, however, that he had been haunting Kaylee and/or Chester since they were kids and that I just got yanked in because I was close to them. Collateral damage, if you will.

Razor and Two-Face showed up at work today. We know for sure that it was Razor who tried to climb in my window because his hands were heavily bandaged today. I also had a little chat with Two Face, as Mariko was sick today so I ended up waitressing. Razor went to the bathroom and Two Face called me over. The resulting conversation was...educational.

V: Are you ready to order, ma'am?

T: You know I can't eat, Vivi.

V: Don't call me that.

T: Why not? It's your name.

V: It's what my friends call me.

T: *hurt* I'm not your friend?

V: ...You kind of kidnapped Chester. And held me down while your little brother kicked me.

T: ...little brother?

V: You and Razor look like family. You're siblings or cousins.

T: Not quite. I'm his mother.

V: What. He's what, sixteen, and you can't be any older than twenty-eight.

T: ...I'm a Revenant. I haven't aged since I was twenty-six.

V: So how old are you really?

T: Forty.

V: Holy shit.

T: I can't control Razor. He was dragged into this and I have to protect him. He may have chosen to go down this path rather than been dragged into it, but that was my fault. I have to take the consequences for my carelessness.

V: What?

T: What I mean is that Razor is as much of a monster as I am, and I allowed him to become that way. Neither of us are really human any more, one way or another.

V: ...Razor is a Revenant?

T: I didn't say that. if he were a monster in the same way as I am, I would feel less guilty for allowing him to become that way. If he had been dragged into becoming a Revenant, I would feel less guilty than I do over what he has become.

(Razor returns here.)

R: Is there a problem?

V: I was just taking your order.

R: ...A BLT.

V: Coming right up.

...That was...interesting. What did Two-Face mean by "Neither of us are really human any more, one way or another."? Is Razor a Conduit? Some new kind of Elite Mook? It could be that she means his general insanity, but people who are insane are still human...

Another interesting thing- Two Face seemed a lot less...weird today. Less uncanny. I still don't trust her but I trust her more than Razor. What was strange is that whatever Razor is, she seems to blame herself for it.

Anyone have any possible explanation for all this? Since we are coming up zilch.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photographs and Surprises

Someone tried to get into the house last night, through the bedroom window. It was Razor, I think. I don't think Frank could climb up the side of the house unless he's a lot lighter than he looks. We'd left a little surprise on the windowsill (on all the windowsills anyway) so he couldn't get in. Lets just say it involved a tin of white paint, some barbed wire, and cooking oil and I had to remove the trap, clean all the blood off it and the windowsill, then put it back and touch it up so it wasn't visible from the ground. We may not be Badass experimenting scientist-type people, but we can improvise with things we find in the garage. Chester, why do you have barbed wire in your garage?

(I don't know, it was there from where my grand-dad lived here, at least five years.)

Well, useful. We might have to look through your garage some more, see if there's anything else we can improvise with. Chester's quite good at making little contraptions if you give him a few hours, some glue, wire (barbed or otherwise) and a meter by 3cm strip of duct tape.

No sign of Where's-his-face today. He was around yesterday, but maybe he got bored of watching Chester and I goofing around with Cassy and a piece of scrunched-up newspaper on a string. We make a point of not ignoring Slenderp per se, but not really acknowledging him either. There's an Eldritch Abomination on my lawn, huh, wonder what he thinks he's doing there, hope he doesn't step on the hydrangeas, blah blah, checkmate again, Chess, you lose for the fifth time this afternoon.

Despite his nickname, Chess is spectacularly bad at Chess.


Stay safe, everyone.


EDIT: I forgot to say- we're combing through some old family photographs of mine, trying to see if Slendy is in any of them. We're going over to Chester's parents house for lunch on Saturday to see if we can acquire some of his as well. Wish us luck!

Monday, February 7, 2011

100th post.

It's good to have something to celebrate. Chester and I have survived this far. We're still sane. We haven't had our account haxx0rd or one of us become Indoctrinated. Also...

*coughing fit*

:3 At least one person reading this should know what that means. Do we owe anyone?

Two Face and Razor are here. Again. Razor seems to have developed an attatchment to our BLTs. he's ordered one every time he's come here. He actually seems normal. Two Face seems...relatively so. As normal as someone who's on the more-human side of the uncanny valley (to the point that if her skin was a couple of shades darker and didn't seem to be slightly too tight/loose in places she'd actually be pretty) unless she goes all psycho on you. In which case, Nightmare Fuel.

Speaking of Two Face, we received another coded email half an hour ago.




8/9/666 333/2/222/33.

What on earth does she mean by "future dealings"? Are they planning on attacking us again?

I don't know. I wish they'd stop beating around the bush. Are they leaving us alone or what? MAKE UP YOUR MIND SO I CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY! D:


Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little less optimistic

Looks like Ava has made it out alive, if extremely upset and shaken. Reach's status is unknown, assumed dead. Goddamnit. You people, you keep dying. For every step forward we take, we lose someone. I keep wondering who's going to be next. Jean? Alora? Scott? Jeff? Cathy? Me? Vivi...?

I can't think about it. It...hurts too much. There was already that thing that happened in the park with Slendy, the looped apartment...both times, I was literally out of my mind with worry. Because try as I might, I can't really protect her, even on the rare occasions she needs it. If she ends up dead because I find hurting other human beings so difficult...I don't know. If it's possible to die of a broken heart I would.

We've managed to decode the email in the last post (Thanks very much, Cathy!). It reads as follows:

“You are no longer safe.

You are too dangerous to be permitted to survive.

Consider me an enemy.

Love and Kisses,
Two Face"

...I'm really not in the mood to deal with this.

First off: That's really really...what's the word? Narmy. "Consider me an enemy"? Okay..."Love and Kisses", however, is just creepy. There is only one person I want love and kisses from, and it is definitely not Two Face.

The code is based off the keypad of the typical cell phone. Which explains the lack of 1's as 1 is pretty much always punctuation and stuff. So:

A = 2
B = 22
C = 222
D = 3

and so on. The slashes are used to seperate the letters so there's no confusion when two letters assigned to the same number key. So my name (Chester) is 222/44/33/7777/8/33/777. 

Also, fuck you, Slendy, I'm smiling right now because there's always something to be happy about. Get off my lawn.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Verdict: Razor is batshit. + edit: Code help?

EDIT: Go read the bottom of this post.

Chester here. Razor decided he'd had enough fun "playing with you cute little spitfires" and left. Through the door. he came in through the BATHROOM WINDOW. That thing is less than half a metre square! Not to mention that the kid is a freaking PSYCHOPATH. A fucking LUNATIC. he shut himself in our study and we didn't hear ANYTHING from him for three hours so we were just sitting there watching the door for ages and then we tried the handle and it was UNLOCKED and Razor was sitting on the floor reading a James Patterson novel, looking actually NORMAL and then he started TALKING again and every single thing that kid said was completely and utterly insane.

Sorry. Feeling kinda angry. Had to get it all out of my system. Here's a sample of the kind of thing he said:

"The stars, look at the stars, you pulled stars from the sky and make them yours, the lights, they're beautiful, like the sky and trees and Him, how he is beautiful, stretching out his arms to offer salvation to us damned, you are the damned, I will offer you ascension, (speaking to Vivi as opposed to talking to himself now) I will allow you to join the glorious ranks of the saved, leave flesh and blood and love behind, let him break (talking to me now) for you will break, for alone you are nothing, you are weak divided divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer-"

He stopped for a while then went "I'm bored of playing with you cute little spitfires. Later." Then he ran out the door. he also said a whole lot of stuff about the other bloggers which basically did nothing but make both of us want to strangle him. Not only is he a psychopath and obviously not all there in the head, he's also the most annoying person I have ever met.

I hope the next proxy who tries to climb through one of our windows enjoys the little surprise we've left for them. It's a waste of perfectly good paint and also perfectly good cooking oil, not to mention the barbed wire, but you can't see it from the outside and I do not envy the next person to try climbing in through one of our windows.


EDIT: Vivi here. We received an odd email just now. There was no email address in the from bar, just some nonsense numbers. The email was as follows:





It's in code. I have no idea what it means. It's a whole lot of repeated numbers (never 1, and never more than four) separated by slashes and hyphens. We think the hyphens might mean "space" or the start of a new word and the slashes may mean that the AMOUNT of numbers is important. so 3 means something different to 33, and 333 means something else to them both.



Friday, February 4, 2011

Dance with me.

You son of a bitch. Either that or get out of my house (you came in through the bathroom window. How skinny ARE you?). I know you have internet access, I know you've been reading my blog. How else would you be able to say that stuff? How else would you know about Jeff? Ava? Nessa? Fizzy? Razor, get your skinny ass out of my study. I need to talk to you. And then kick your face in. I still have bruising and you've given me a nice new scar to add to my collection of...too many. I'm a girl, I'm maybe a tiny bit vain.

...I hope you have backup. I have something I want to test on our two-faced friend. Improvised Weapon Usage indeed.

Get the fuck out here, coward.


Well, isn't this fun. *sarcasm sarcasm*

Ava appears to be...well, in trouble. Hallucinating and stuff. Goddamnit, Ava, you've been with us a month at best. Please be okay. Please. You and Reach, you HAVE to be okay.

First off, Razor (who is currently occupying one of our tables along with Two-Face) isn't a Revenant (he has no problems eating things with a lot of flavour, seeing as he just devoured a BLT ) which I guess is a good thing, but that leaves Two-Face. Who either is a Revenant or it is all a really contrived coincidence, since she bought a bottle of water and that is it. And she CONVULSES whenever anyone touches her. It's actually kinda funny.

Not to mention she has the tightness/looseness of skin and she's...suspiciously pale. So she's quite probably a Revenant, so we're going to have to deal with her, Razor, and Frank as soon as possible. Not sure how. Probably, we'll wait for them to come to us so we can fight them on our home turf (somehow from their conversation I get the feeling that they are NOT native) but there is also something to be said for attacking them on our terms...We'll have to think about it.

Attempts to get Chester to reproduce what happened at the shed have failed miserably, which means we have a bit of a wild card on our hands in the form of when and where he's going to do it again. Fffffffffffffff-

Today just isn't my day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do NOT want

Arrived at work a while back, just in time for opening. And guess who was our first customer? No, second actually, sorry. Two-Face came in with Frank, ordered, and sat down. Two-Face, I think, may be a Revenant, since she hasn't eaten or drank anything other than water and reacted like she'd been stung when one of the other customers brushed against her on their way to the counter. Can't be sure, but it looks like it. 

Geez. First thing Razor coming in yesterday, now Two-Face and Frank. This place is getting frequented by Proxies more and more. It's odd. If they're trying to pull some kind of "WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE" thing, it's not working. The looped apartment was freaky, what happened at the shed was freaky, Two proxies coming in and ordering the seafood chowder is...actually kinda funny.

:3 The weather in Auckland at the moment is being pretty weird. It's wet, but too warm. Too humid. It's driving me insane. I HATE the humidity. I don't think I could live anywhere more hot/humid than here, I would turn into a zombie three months out of twelve. Don't shoot me for this, but I prefer winter. n_n

Aaaaand more orders are trickling in, so I'll be off. Everyone stay safe!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wait, what?

This is probably the best birthday I have ever had. And the weirdest. Okay, so Slim Shady (*shot*) is standing outside work. There is an Eldritch Abomination, which has been quietly doing his best to ruin my life since the end of October, outside my work and there are three proxies (Razor may be a Revenant. Possibly Two-face as well.) loose around my home city.

On the other hand, I'm not alone, and my life is still pretty good. Just...weird. A run-down:

- Max is singing Justin Bieber. In falsetto. (Whut.)
- Mariko has made several suggestions as to what else Vieve may be giving me for my birthday (...whut.)
- Leah and Vieve are arguing over which of them is better off in terms of figure. Leah is a Pettanko. not. Each of thinks the other is better off, probably because Leah used to get teased for being nearly flat, and Vivi...when questioned, mumbled something about "sparring" and "rough equivalent of a groin punch". So Yeah. (Whut.)
- Mr Irving is in his office humming Christmas carols.

Welcome to my life, popcorn and drinks at the door.

Hey, look who it is. It's Razor. Dayumn, this place is getting popular with Slendymooks. 



Happy Birthday

to Chester. He's made it to 21. He was on the phone to his parents and some of his friends last night, convincing every one of them NOT to throw a gigantic party. Last thing we need right now. We're going out to dinner tonight and we might invite a few people (close friends and family) around for drinks and cake on Saturday, but otherwise...well, yeah. You should have seen me when I got home after that incident. My stomach and left side were one big mass of bruise. It's...well, I look like I have some kind of skin disease, but it'll probably be mostly faded by tomorrow evening. I'm not superhuman but I do heal cuts and bruises up pretty fast.

I guess...what happened at that shed was...a little embarassing for me. I'm just happy that I got out of it with only some bruising and wounded pride. One or both of us could have died in there. Yeah.

If anyone curious as to what I got Chester, I made him a mix CD because he's always muttering about stealing my music and frequently "borrows" my iPod to listen to my music. So I made him a CD and made a cover insert for it with the song titles and artists and everything. It took about a month because since he's been living with me it's been hard to hide it from him...Oh well. He's absolutely thrilled with it and we listened to it in the car on the way to work. I'm glad he likes it <3 He's cute when he gets all enthusiastic about things.

...If Max waggles his eyebrows and makes comments about "other presents" on more time I will punch his face in.

(CHESTER COMPUTER IPOD-JACKING TIME! Hello guys. I'm 21. I'm legal drinking age pretty much EVERYWHERE now. That would matter if I drank alcohol regularly, but I do not, so I guess being 21 is not a particularly interesting number. Which could be for the best. I remember my 18th birthday party. That was not pretty.)

...I remember that. Well, we have to go now, we're starting to get more customers and we're needed, so bye! We'll let you know if anything goes horribly wrong, okay?


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the FRICK just happened?

Chester here. Yeah, I'm alive. Somehow. I feel like I've been hit by a truck, but it's better than being dead. I'm at work, but custom is slow, so I'll tell you what happened.

Maybe 3PM yesterday, A proxy burst into the cell I was in and hauled me up by my collar. Huge guy, build like a brick outbuilding, maybe an inch shorter than me. He yelled "HOW DID SHE KNOW?" at me and then threw me at the wall. Everything went all fuzzy, partially because of the crack to the head and partially because my glasses had fallen off.

About that point I realised Vivi had pulled a Big Damn Heroes and was proceeding to face down three proxies by herself. Here's what I learnt about them during capitivity-

Frank. The huge guy who threw me into the wall. In his thirties, kinda stupid. Deferred to the other two.

Two-Face. Female, in her mid-twenties. Voice of reason, or as reasonable as "kill him and lock the girl in with his decomposing body, that should break her quite nicely" can be considered. Talks in a monotone. Frank called her "Kristen" and she punched him in the face.

Razor: Teenage male (15-18). Doesn't talk unless he absolutely has to- normally speaks through Two-Face, who may or may not be his sister. Sadistic. Real name begins with "A".

I'm turning over to Vivi now, since she was actually conscious for this part of the altercation.


Okay, so I expected them to have someone they knew I wouldn't be able to hit in that group, but they didn't, which was lucky I guess. I got the big one, Frank, first, so he wouldn't be a distraction fighting the other two. For such a huge guy he went down pretty fast. The kid, Razor, stayed back out of the action, so I engaged Two-Face. There's a reason she's called that, you know, and that is that she normally keeps her face complete neutral and her voice monotone until you engage her in combat. Cue Slasher Smile and she still speaks in that goddamn creepy monotone.

I admit, she was good. We were about the same skill level as each other, so it took a while for one of us to drop. And that was me. Because Frank had woken up and brained me with a plastic lawn chair. Tragic, isn't it?

That was when Razor entered the fray. Or rather, Two-Face pushed me down with her foot every time I tried to move while he kicked me. Fuck. Beaten senseless by a kid...I will never live this down. I'm not ashamed to say that I fight dirty, but even I have standards. Beating up someone already on the ground? That's low.

Someone (I think it was Razor) said "Pity. She might have made a good Indoctrinated if she hadn't been so stubborn." In the past tense. Like I was already dead.

Then I heard this visceral roar of rage, and-- well, I'll pass over to Chester.


It was at that point that I finally found my glasses. They'd left the door of the shed I was in OPEN, the idiots, and I could see what they were doing. Shit. Motherfucking Razor was enjoying every second of it. Every second of the pain and indignity he was inflicting on MY girlfriend.

Vivi, on the ground, more helpless than I had ever seen her. This is Vivi we're talking about. The Vivi who always has a way out, who always knows what to do, who'll always get off the ground with a smile on her face and kick anyone who tried to push her back down's teeth in.

Something in me snapped. I don't remember much. It's all one big messed-up blur. I have no idea what happened. Next thing I know Frank is locked in the shed they put me in, Two-Face is unconscious, and Razor is slumped against the wall and trying to get up.

Did I do that?

I grabbed Vivi, found her car and drove home. She woke up shortly before we got home, made me get out of the car, then bitchslapped me, yelled at me, and burst into tears. Goddamnit. I feel really guilty for going out by myself now if this is the way she reacts if something happens to me. She's okay, now. Still a bit mad at me, but too glad that we've both got out of this alive.

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 21. I'm ooooooooooold. It's also be the 5th anniversary of me meeting Vivi. There's a lot to celebrate. We've been friends five years and we're still alive.