Saturday, November 20, 2010

im sorry vieve

you leave your notebook with your passwords in it lying around it wasn't hard to get into your account

i should really punctuate this youll be mad because it has no commas no full stops nothing else not even any capitals but i have to make this fast

i didn't tell you on thursday he was looking straight at me he could see me he knew i was there

you told me he can't comprehend a human taller than him but he can just appear places you may be high up but he'll find me he'll find you you're already not safe but he's after me you could get in the way you know what he does to people who get in his way

i might tell leah, or max, or mariko or one of my relatives and i cant tell them, i cant bring mySElf to infEct them too whY shOUld i stick around when i could get hallowed out or whatever its called.


im running vieve just like you told me to

the letters the capital letters they spell out see you

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