Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I know where she is now. It wasn't easy but I managed to get the information out of the proxy I captured yesterday.

I knocked him out with a baseball bat, dragged him inside and tied him to a chair. I put disinfectant on his scratches- a) because I'm a nice person and b) that shit stings like a bitch. While I was in the middle of dabbing some of the stuff on a scrape on his knee he woke up and started panicking and thrashing around and stuff.

I didn't want to torture the information out of him, but I had to give him a bit of an incentive to talk. Nothing major. Vivi wouldn't want me to become a monster to save her.

Transcript as follows:

?: What- where am I? What the FUCK are you doing! Get...get me out of here, I *starts thrashing around*

C: Don't struggle like that, you'll tip the chair over.

?: stings! What have you done to me?

C: I'll answer your question if you answer a few of mine.

?: And what might those be?

C: Do you know the location of Genevieve Sullivan? Pretty redheaded girl, kidnapped by your lot a couple of days ago?

?: Oh, her. Why d'ya want t' know? You her stalker or somethin'?

(I take a pinch of chilli powder out of the packet in my hand (label removed) and flick it in his eyes at this point)

C: She's my girlfriend. I'm the one asking the questions here. Where is she?

?: I dunna where yer whore is. Prob'ly dead.

(more chilli powder)

C: Oy. She's a lady, you talk about her with respect. You know of her, you should know where she is. Even if she is dead, give me a location so I can recover her body.

?: [DATA EXPUNGED] <--I felt defiled just hearing what he said. I'm not going to repeat it.

(I spray him in the face with pepper spray)

C: You're disgusting. Wash your mouth out with soap at the next opportunity. Now answer my question.

?: Fine. I don't the fuck know. I was told to help knock her out and then go off and do my own thing. I just do grunt work, they leave the big stuff to the Revenants. I dunno which base they took her to.

C: But you know where they are?

?: Not all of em but some.

C: ...Hm. Does the name "Tenebria" sound familiar to you?

?: *grins* Ooooh, I know her.

C: Does that narrow things down for you a bit.

?: Maybe. Why should I tell ya?

C: (raises can of mace to face height)

?: Oh jesus not that stuff again *struggles*

C: Answer my question, then I'll stop flinging this stuff at you.


C: Are you sure? If you've set me up there'll be hell to pay.

?: I don't doubt it...

C: Alright...fine. Drink this though, you'll feel better.

?: What the fuck is that, is that blood-

*transcript end*

I got hardly any sleep last night because ? kept throwing up. Eventually I got so sick of babysitting him that I untied him and told him that if I ever saw him around these parts again I wouldn't be so merciful, gave him a cigarette lighter and a bucket and told him to burn what he throws up. He hightailed it out of there before I could even wish him luck.

I'm not going to tell you guys when I'm going to go get Vivi. I have a post queued to come through an hour after I leave, which should be about 15 minutes after I arrive there. I don't want them prepared for me.

I'm at work right now. Everyone seems so peaceful, so oblivious to the things that are going on around us, that an Eldritch Abomination has its claws (er, tentacles) dug into our lives, driving people insane, killing them while the clock keeps ticking and the rest of the world keeps on living.

I'm trying to believe, Vivi.


  1. Don't rush out, you have to keep calm, and prepare properly.

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Arm up, armor up if possible, try to get something that might pierce Tenebria's perception ability, (my money's on a digital camcorder), and then go fuck shit up.

  2. Why do they always have to say "whore"? That's so insulting. Good luck, Chester. ~Frap

  3. Be safe, and I hope you find Vivi. Give her a hug from me, ok?

  4. @Jedi: Don't worry. I'm calm. I've borrowed Max's camcorder, and I'm armed. I'll be okay, she'll be okay, everything's going to be okay...

    @Frap: It's incredibly insulting. If that's the way he talks about girls, I would be prepared to bet a substantial amount of money he's got no female friends.

    @Shelby: I will give her the mother of all hugs, don't you worry.