Friday, January 21, 2011

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

I swear, as soon as things actually start to go well for me, something like this happens. Vivi went out this afternoon to the store a five minute walk from here to get some groceries, and still hasn't come back. Sorta. The thing is, I called her at about 6, 45 minutes after she left, to ask her where the hell she was. I recorded a transcript of our conversation.

C: Vivi?

V: Speaking.

C: Where are you? You've been gone ages. Is everything alright?

V: What do you mean? I'm in the apartment. I thought you must have gone out while I was gone...

C: I'm in the apartment as well. I can't see you anywhere...

V: Neither. I'm going to try leaving the apartment, see if that does anything.

C: If it doesn't, I'll try.

V: Okay the-

*phones goes dead. About ten seconds later it rings again.*

C: Vivi?!

V: I can't leave.

C: What?

V: I can't leave the apartment. If I try to go through the front door I end up coming into the living room from the bedroom.

C: What.

V: I can't leave. My only avenue to anyone is my cellphone, which has 2 hours of battery left, and the laptop. I keep glancing over my shoulder because I know It's coming.

C: Vivi...

V: If I don't make it out, I love you. More than I can put words to. More than anyone could.

C: I love you too. Promise you'll survive.

V: No promises, love.

*she hangs up here.*

She always has to have the last word. And now this apartment is full of reminders of her and her lack of presence. The silence is eating me. I just want to hear her voice again and see her smile and feel her fingers intertwined with mine again. That's all I want now.

I can't think of anything else.



  1. Whatever you do, you can't let it consume you.

    The fear, the silence, the coming anger, and trust me, if it hasn't hit yet, it will.

    Just don't let the rage cause you to do something stupid.

    You two have helped me out, more then once, when everything seemed impossible, and I couldn't fight anymore.

    Somehow, I kept fighting. You both saved me, now I'm going to do whatever I have to to save you two.

    I won't lie, Viv's bad off, and it will get worse.
    I know from experience. It won't be pretty, but you can never give up hope, and make sure she doesn't either.

    You love each other, and this is how you prove it.



  2. Chester? It'll be alright. Honestly. It will.

  3. Fuck it.
    We go out on patrol and this shit happens.

    We're going to get her back, Chess.

    I promise.

    The Keeper