Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm okay.

Vivi here. I've recovered from my...ordeal. Sorta. I start freaking out if I'm the only person in a room or if there's no-one in my line of sight and I feel like I've been put through a tumble drier, but I'm okay. I slept most of this morning. Chester, on the other hand, hasn't slept in about 36 hours so he's gone to sleep using my lap as a pillow. He's spent most of the day fussing over me. It's quite sweet, especially since he, Jeff, and Cheska apparently either slept little or didn't sleep at all last night so I am literally the only one awake at the moment apart from Cassy. Everyone else has passed out. I'm making Chester's birthday present at the moment since he's asleep and I can hide it pretty quickly if he stirs.

As per Jean's advice, we are no longer in my apartment. Thankfully, due to circumstances unforeseen we currently have access to a house. And will have access to it for-freaking-ever unless the person who owns the house sells it, and he won't, because it has sentimental value. Once the lease on my apartment expires (end of January) we'll be living here. We'll have a lot more funds, too, because although there will be electricity and water bills etc even combined they are a fair bit lower than my rent. And Jeff and Cheska get a proper bed of their own instead of having to use our fold-out couch-bed thing.

I've also realised something about the proxy in the butterfly mask. The reason why I couldn't detect their gender was because I was expecting an adult, not a tween. I still can't tell, but it'll be easier now I'm not expecting to be able to tell the difference on sight alone. Bloody Slendy, that's a kid who's life you're ruining.

I need to make dinner. the kitchen looks on to the living room so I'm going to have someone in my line of sight. It's just something simple because I'm so tired that I think after dinner I'm just going to clamber into bed and sleep.

Thank you all so much for your messages of support while I was in there. Although I couldn't reply, I did see them, and they helped me make it through. I love you guys. Please take care.



  1. You too, you know we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.


  2. Is it okay if I give you an internet-hug? You've been through a lot. You deserve one. :<

    (Also, first preying on deep anxieties, now KIDS?! You know who keeps sinking to new lows every time I read a blog post.)


  3. I love hugs. Even if I didn't deserve one I'd still take it.

    I know. The kid was maybe 13 at the very oldest, 10 at the youngest. Goddamnit, that THING. First my claustrophobia, now my maternal instincts. How low will it sink?


  4. To fight back, you'll need to adopt a scorched-earth policy as well. Its prime advantage over us is that it has no lows it will not sink to. Anything that can be exploited, will.

    In future episodes, remember to close your eyes, control your breathing, and think of anywhere except where you are.

  5. Thanks, Thage. I'll keep that in mind.

    In that vein, I'll have to ask Chester if he has any fears as crippling as my claustrophobia, because it's very likely Where's-his-face will use it against us.