Monday, February 7, 2011

100th post.

It's good to have something to celebrate. Chester and I have survived this far. We're still sane. We haven't had our account haxx0rd or one of us become Indoctrinated. Also...

*coughing fit*

:3 At least one person reading this should know what that means. Do we owe anyone?

Two Face and Razor are here. Again. Razor seems to have developed an attatchment to our BLTs. he's ordered one every time he's come here. He actually seems normal. Two Face seems...relatively so. As normal as someone who's on the more-human side of the uncanny valley (to the point that if her skin was a couple of shades darker and didn't seem to be slightly too tight/loose in places she'd actually be pretty) unless she goes all psycho on you. In which case, Nightmare Fuel.

Speaking of Two Face, we received another coded email half an hour ago.




8/9/666 333/2/222/33.

What on earth does she mean by "future dealings"? Are they planning on attacking us again?

I don't know. I wish they'd stop beating around the bush. Are they leaving us alone or what? MAKE UP YOUR MIND SO I CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY! D:



  1. Maybe the next time they try something reverse it on them and then cure them. I bet that would would Slendies panties in a bunch. . . If he even wears panties that is.

  2. The problem with curing them is that it would mean we had to attack them a couple of times as a "trial run" to get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Attacking them isn't a problem. Making it out alive may however be a problem. Two Face and Frank are freakishly strong and Razor is just batshit.

    It probably would get his boxers in a bundle. Or his tighty-whities in a tangle. Slendy's underwear preference is a mystery. Maybe he goes commando?


  3. Perhaps you could get a tranquillizer gun, but instead of using the tranquillizer, load Jeff's cure into the syringe, then shoot them from a safe distance away. That way you could (theoretically) cure them without actually fighting them.


  4. Hm...that's plausible. We'd need to lure them back to the house though because it would hardly be ideal if Two Face or Razor started throwing up charcoal chunder in a public place...


  5. Be safe, and I wish you the best of luck.

  6. Right back at you, Thage.