Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Everything is fine around here. We have somebody tailing us, but we can solve that problem without too much trouble unless this kid is actually Chuck Norris in drag. I've never been able to get used to Slendy using kids.  This girl, she can't be older than 15 or 16. She should be in school, learning stuff, with her friends, doing normal teenage girl stuff. Fucking Slendy.

Stella unfortunately did not get the job she applied for but she has a couple of other places with spots open she could work at. Wish her luck, guys.

Also, I keep seeing Two Face and Frank around. They haven't come into work, but I have seen them on the street and things. I'm a little worried, to be honest. Two Face is a good person, but she's still on Slendy's side and to coax her into a Heel Face Turn would mean she had to abandon something important to her- her family. We need as few enemies as possible, but to have Two Face on our side or at least not an enemy we would be putting three innocent, uninvolved people in danger.

...I keep getting these weird calls. The number is private. Usually I just get distortion, but sometimes I get somebody who actually speaks. It's a guy, around the same age as Chester and I. He's...not usually coherent. For example:

V: Vivi. Who speaks?

?: You watch the world burn, knowing all you love is lost

V: Oh no, not you again

?: you offer a hand but you can't hold on for long

V: Are you reading me your poetry, dude? I'm pretty sure there's a website you can publish that stuff on...

?: you can try and you can try but you can't save everyone

V: What on earth...

?: time is running out and your trump card is gone

*he hangs up*

That was the most coherent he has ever been ever. And I admit I can understand what he's getting at, except for the last line. What trump card is he going on about? What the hell?

We're going to have to be more careful from now on. Mystery Guy may be bluffing but it's not advisable to count on it. We're not that stupid.

Everybody stay safe.


  1. Chuck Norris in drag.

    Chuck Norris. In drag.



    Also, you appear to have a "classic emo" for a stalker. Sounds fun. Try introducing him to Live Journal, give him a outlet. That might help.

    You guys stay safe too.


  2. Trump card.

    The only thing that's different now is the knowledge that Chester had a brother.

    I think your stalker is closer to Chester than you'd think...

  3. @Alora: xD Livejournal...that might work...

    @Jedi: That's worrying since we've hardly left each others line of sight since the weekend...


  4. I know what you mean about him taking children. It's painful and

    anyway, good to see you two safe. You really pull things close to the edge and make me nervous. How are you feeling these days?

  5. I mean, they now have a new avenue of attack. Attacking Chester solely, based upon the potential of his 'big brother'.

    If he is a proxy, it is a dangerous edge they might have on him.

    If his brother isn't, then they still could taunt him about said brother, in an attempt to evoke that rage of his.

    And even if his brother isn't they could try and say they have him, give himself up they'll return him, etc. etc.

    Just all sorts of fun nasty shit.

  6. @Cathy: Tired, mainly. Haven't been getting much sleep between my nightmares and the paranoia.

    @Jedi: the whole Chesters-older-brother-being-taken thing is kinda problematic as we don't know exactly what the situation is. He could be dead, alive...who knows?


  7. I know, I can't forsee what is planned, but I can still try and offer ideas.

    I'm sorry Chester, you're going to have to be ready to ignore them if they talk about your brother. All I can say is this.

    Two face, and Stella, while indoctrinated, were the only two Proxies I've ever seen who spoke anything even remotely resembling the truth.

    All others?
    Lying Liars who Lie.

  8. Lying Liars who lie?

    Department of Redundancy Department much, Jedi?


  9. Well, its better than saying 'everything I say is a lie', and causing computers to implode.