Friday, February 18, 2011


Chester is still in the Ruins. It's been established that they are also in this house...but different to mine. Here's a transcript of a conversation we had during one of his lucid periods. It's, um...see for yourself.

His voice is functional now although it hurts him to speak and his hearing has nearly returned. He's, well...he's finding it harder than I did. He's a lot more sensitive than I am, and...I'm relieved that he's more responsive now.

I got maybe three hours sleep last night. I would have been online the entire time, but around 9.30 Chester suddenly grabbed my wrist (gave me a fucking heart attack) and went, well...transcript below.

C: ...Vivi?

V: *loudly* Shit, Chess, that gave me a fright. You alright?

C: Compared to how I am, normally- awful. Compared to how I've been for the past few hours- not bad. *coughs*

*insert pause while I burst into tears out of sheer relief and spend the next ten minutes ranting at him about how worried I was, what an idiot he is, how worried EVERYONE is...*

C: ...I'm an idiot. Stop crying. You shouldn't be crying over an idiot like me.

V: You're not an idiot and I'll cry over you all I like!

C: But...

V: No buts. How did you figure out you were in the Ruins?

C: You were playing Resolve, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and then I realised that my vision is fine even though I'm not wearing my glasses...

V: I see. Why do you keep running around the house, and why won't you go into some rooms?

C: *drowsily* The key, I need the key...they're locked, they can't come in...they need to come in, I need to help them, they're outside and I can't help them, they're locked out and you have the key...and you keep running away, Vivi...why are you running away? You're dying, Vivi, and I need to help you, and I need the key so I can help them too...

He spent the rest of the night alternating between talking along those lines, walking around the house, and sleeping.

He won't let go of my hand.

I don't know. When I was in there, he knew exactly what would help bring me back. He held me and stroked my hair when I had convulsions, he stayed calm the entire time, he knew exactly what he was doing. He's that kind of person. He's more capable than me in some ways. I mean, I'm more open about my emotions than he is, but that's because I just can't deal with them internally. I can't. (See the post "i don't" to see exactly HOW badly I reacted to Chester confessing. It was not pretty.) So if there's something wrong, it's easy for people trying to help to deal with it. Chester...retreats. He tries to deal with it himself, even if he knows it's a damn stupid idea and he needs someone to lean on.

Oh, fuck me. (Chester, if you read this later, you are not to misconstruct this as an invitation. (My sense of humour just keeps getting weirder... (I like putting sets of brackets inside each other!)))


  1. Re-iterating my theory from last post.

    Hrm. Ironically, my theory follows a bit of D&D lore.

    In D&D the ethereal plane is where all the ghosts and spooks all hang out, but they can manifest on the prime material plane (The plane we all reside on.) which is what causes hauntings.

    Attacks by ghosts do not so much attack the physical self, but stick themselves through your body while remaining on the ethereal plane, which can screw with the physical body.

    It appears that the opposite is happening here. Chester is 'manifesting' in whatever plane of existence the labyrinths are in, but his physical form remains here. Allowing him to respond to outside stimuli bodily (the dialating eyes, touching physical items.) But not able to sense, or see it.

    Cats have in legends existed on multiple layers of reality, as they are strange and enigmatic creatures. Sometimes acting as though they see things that are not there. This somewhat further cements the theory as plausible.

    The thing to worry about are these 'others'. What are these others? Who are they? Why do they need his help?

  2. Maybe the others are like a variation of the dead bodies from your labyrinth? People he wants to help but potentially can't? It'd fit with the different labyrinths for different people. Different kind of awful.

    Just a theory.


  3. @Jedi: The bit about cats makes a lot of sense since Cassy seems to be able to sense proxies and Slendy to a small degree.

    @Alora: That's a good theory. I'll ask, since he's lucid at the moment.


    He says yes, and that he need to catch other-me so he can help her and then let them in and help them too. Also other-me seems to want something but he keeps saying "I can't". What exactly he can't do he doesn't want to say.

  4. Ask him what these others look like. How can he tell they are there?

    Who are they? What are they?
    What does this other you look like?

    And if he says she has buttons for eyes, tell him to forget it and its not worth it.

  5. As far as he's told me, the ones he recognises are his family, my family, our friends, and judging my the presence of Jeff and Cheska, who we have met in person, the ones he doesn't recognise are the rest of the bloggers. One of them actually managed to physically hurt him- it whacked the door while he was leaning his head on it.

    The other me looks almost exactly as I am, except she's covered in wounds and bruises and generally looks like she's just gotten out of an awful fight. She's also visibly distressed and runs away from Chester whenever she sees him. She also has the front door key, which Chester wants in order to either help or mercy-kill (he's unsure which) the people outside. She also apparently keeps trying to get into the bedroom, which as a subject makes Chester lose coherency.

  6. You might have to convince him to take a look in the bedroom. After you went there and spoke to his fake corpse, you seemed to come back alot faster.

    He might need to face his fears.

  7. Jedi, I think you gave him an epiphany. Because I told him what you just said and now he's muttering about "getting out" "worst fear" "let her in, that's what she wants" et cetera. Also "I can't help them" and "mercy kill". I'm not sure what he's going on about, but he seems to know what he's doing.

  8. it sounds like one of his worst fears is everyone around him needing help, and him being incapable of helping.

    I hope the idea I gave him is the right one...I'll never forgive myself if I fucked everything up.

  9. Whats happened?

    I'm sorry, I'm just terribly anxious.

  10. He's standing beside the bed. He hasn't spoken but he looks like he's either observing or listening to something.

    Oh no, wait...he just did...something with his right hand, near-ish the pillows. And then again, but closer to himself...and now he's having convulsions and throwing up again. Which is..a good sign, actually, as I'd always feel a little less insane after each bout. I couldn't actually feel them while I was inside the Ruins- they just coincide with blank or fuzzy spots in my memory according to Chester.

  11. let us know when he's out of it...I hope I didn't fuck things over.

  12. He's gone outside and started running around erratically. He keeps apologising to someone, or multiple someones.

    "I'm sorry. You're not real. You're alive, I promise."

    He keeps saying that.

  13. Well, at least he seems to have made progress...but progress towards what?

  14. Tell him not to even apologize to fake me. She's not real. The real me just wants him to get out safely, no matter what it takes.

    (On a totally unrelated note, I got back to work on the timeline and reached your blog...I saw that you basically have a timeline of your own for the first year. Is it okay if I copy it onto mine?)


  15. @Jedi: Progress towards not muttering to himself like a nutcase. We've been having a normal conversation. Well, if you count me punching his lights out and yelling at him for not explaining what he was doing and then him shutting me up a conversation.

    @Alora: He says he's already done it and even then he doesn't know which one is you. You can copy the timeline just fine- we're planning on condensing up until post 100 next week.


  16. If he's wondering, I've got the big mole on my left cheek.

    What is he doing now?


    I still can't see. I'm dictating to Vivi, who has the comfiest shoulder in all existence. I feel like shit and pretty much everything I see around here is High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Dead bodies everywhere. Fuck. I also make a freaking unattractive half-dead-nightmare-zombie-thing. The fake-Vivi I was chasing wanted to be let into the bedroom to see him. With their torsos covered by the bedcovers, they almost looked normal. I'll explain further tomorrow, I really don't want to think about it now.

    Also, Vivi puts new meaning into the phrase "love you half to death." My cheek stings. She slapped me. Now she's all affectionate. n_n Make up your mind, Vivi. Are you mad at me or relieved to have me (mostly, I'm still having convulsions and I can still only see the labyrinth) back?

  18. CHESTER YAY! *distributes Internet hugs*

    Glad to see you're feeling better. ^^


    P.S. I was probably the zombie/dead person with the freckles and the MCR band shirt. (I am so obsessed, it's not even funny.)

  19. Wait, you were literally building a frankenstienian creation?

    Or am I misreading that?

    Also, Chester.

    What part of Twoface's comment of 'If I survive this, I won't be able to be friendly with you anymore' Do we not understand?

    You don't walk outside to the supernaturally fueled human who said that she couldn't talk to you without trying to hurt you again to strike up a conversation.

    Vivi, smack him once for me, would you?

  20. @Jedi No, I wasn't. Literally, the fake Vivi just wanted them to be able to die together. There was another me, presumably the same one Vivi saw, in the bedroom. She just lay down next to him and they just...stopped breathing.

    Vivi's already yelled at me about that. Twice. An- ow! I'm sorry, I'm a stupid gullible person! D:

    @Alora: I still feel like shit, but I certainly feel better. Yay, internet hugs! :D


  21. Face your fears, let her go. Hrm, apparently these labyrinths, or ruins, attempt to damage ones psyche. But why would they allow someone to escape potentially strengthening their resolve? It makes no sense...

    perhaps there's something else we're not seeing.

  22. That's a possibility. But then again, no prison is perfect and if it's goal was to damage me emotionally it did it's job and more, since he's gone and screwed over Vivi as well. :/ It's only because when I close my eyes, I'm entirely in the real world (all my other senses are...mostly restored. I can still feel and hear things in the Labyrinth, but they're quite faint), that I'm not gibbering crazily right now.

    Besides, Slendy's shown himself to be not above the occasional game of cat and mouse.


  23. it seems like some sick tribute to Saw, only instead of physical damage, its emotional.

    Now I'm imagining SlenDERP mouthlessly saying 'Hello. I'd like to play a game.'

    Vivi had to face the fake body of you. And even kill said fake you.

    You had to let her go where she wanted to go, and do what she wanted to do, even though it led to her death. Even if it wasn't the *real* Vivi, that sure as fuck wasn't easy, I'm sure.

    What did you do when she laid down? You took the key from her or something?

  24. She gave it to me, then I pulled the covers of the bed over them, so it looked like they were sleeping. It seemed like the right thing to do, you know?

    It wasn't easy. Fake she may have been, but she looked so much like the real thing it hurt. Every tiny little detail. Her voice, her movements, her appearance...everything. I...wouldn't wish having to do that on anyone.

  25. What about when you ran outside? Something about apologizing to us?

  26. ...I really don't want to talk about it. They're not alive any more. They just lay down and...yeah. I couldn't save them in time. I don't think the Ruins would have let me help, anyway...


  27. I'd like to test something.

    If they are supposedly 'us', if we offer some details about ourselves, do you think you could recognize us? I'm sorry, I know that it must be hell to even think about it, but the more we know about this, the better we can fight it.

    Knowledge is power.

  28. One of the bodies matches Alora's description of herself. Jeff and Cheska are present. There are two bodies with large moles in the place you describe- one of them is probably you.


  29. That confirms it then.

    I'm sorry this shit happened to you too.

    I've got to get some sleep, but I'll be thinking on this.

    Hope I can actually help more.

  30. :( Sorry you had to go through that, Chester.

    It's over/almost over now. That's the important thing. You made it through. You two deserve a break, methinks.

    Stay safe.


  31. I can operate a keyboard by myself now! :D