Monday, December 20, 2010


So I spoke to Vieve on the phone last night. Trying to get this all sorted out.

Here's a transcript:

C: Hi.

V: Hi.

C: So I take it from the lack of hurled expletives that you don't mind talking about this?

V: Right.

C: Okay, um, well-

V: You know how you keep saying we should go out for lunch sometime?

C: Yes?

V: Was that an attempt at getting me to go on a date with you?

C: Most of the time. A couple of times I offered because you were mad at me and I thought food would calm you down.

V: Har har har. You know what?

C: What?

V: If you asked straight out I might not have said no.

C: Oh. Oh. I see.

V: Have you got your glasses on?

C: Ummm, would you go out with me sometime?

V: Sure. After the Solstice so we both have some incentive to stay alive. Gotta sleep now. Night.

C: Yeah, I should probably crash too. I, uh...

V: Hm?


V: Oh. I uh you too, Chester. See you.

*she hangs up*





  1. Budding romance!~

    How sweet.

    You know what time it is, Chester?

    Fanfiction Time!

  2. Oh yay, Fanfiction!

    At least, I think yay. Depends on the kind you're writing.

    (read My Immortal once. I died a little more with each chapter.)


  3. I'm going to be a writing major.
    I take my fanfiction very seriously.


  4. Oh, definitely yay then.


  5. So you've got one for Jeanbomb and Chestevieve, eh Jeff?

  6. Chestevieve? Interesting name, though I've been calling it Vivster myself.

  7. Huh, you're still around? Long time, no see.

    Vivster? how long have you people been shipping for?