Friday, January 28, 2011

Interview with an Indoctrinated

I have good news and bad news. Bad news, the proxy was a strong little bugger and managed to injure both Vivi and I. Good news, we managed to restrain him in the wee hours of the morning and feed him the cure. He's vomiting copious amounts of slendergoop and isn't saying much, but once he's fully coherent we need to question him about the apartment and a few other things.

Vivi had a short conversation with him this morning. He seems a bit more off with the fairies than Kaylee was, but that may be just his personality talking as opposed to Slendy-influence.

V: So your name is Michael.

M: Yes. No. I hope so.

V: Why?

M: Collective do not have names.

V: Are you feeling alright? We're sorry about making you drink that stuff, hun, but it's for the best.

M: Sick. Hot. Ribs hurt. But better than before.

(pause in which he hacks up more goop)

V: Good. Do you want anything?

M: Mask.

V: What about it?

M: Off. Do not want.

(insert me having quiet hysterics here.)

V: Okay. (pause while she removes mask) Anything else?

M: Water. And...

V: What?

M: Bored.

(Vivi leaves him under my care for about ten seconds while she fetches a glass of water. We free one of his arms so he can drink it but restrain it again immediately afterwards. He stares at a spot on the wall the entire time.)

M: Lights.

V: What? Oh, the fairy lights? What about them?

M: Why?

V: Why not?


V: Can you tell us anything about the looped apartment?

M: *pupils dilate, starts struggling against bonds* Resisting, too happy, too familiar, cannot be stable...

V: What the hell?

M: Divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conque divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer divide and conquer...

(pauses to throw up again. He continues repeating this for about an hour before falling asleep.)

Yeah. He's said stuff a few times since then but it's all...rather strange. Usually about the lights, or "divide and conquer", or stuff about Compulsion. We're keeping a close eye on him. Hopefully he'll have full control of his faculties soon so we can find a way to get him back to his family.

Stay safe, everyone.


  1. Maybe he means that (gonna sound shmaltzy) the two of you and your bond through love means that you're stronger together. Slenderbender gave him orders to "Divide" the two of you to "Conquer."

    D'awww, Slendy doesn't understand love and dedication.


    The Scientist

  2. I second Ava. "Divide and conquer" probably refers to you two. As for the lights...well, the whole "Resisting, too happy, too familiar, cannot be stable" thing could refer to the lights. Perhaps they remind him of something from his past that made him happy, and that memory made Slender's hold on him unstable. Just a theory.

    I hope he gets better.

    Good luck.


  3. Bloody hell. Poor kid...

    As the good book says, "Don't Panic". (I am totally not a hypocrite). I'm sure you can utilize the ~Power of Love~ and get through this.

    Have you looked for news about disappearances in the area? Just to know where he came from. It might help him if you triggered memories of his family or... something.

  4. That's why we know his name. There was a missing person report of a thirteen-year-old boy named Michael who matched his description who went missing a couple of weeks ago. At the moment our most urgent priority is finding a way to return him to his family.

    The Power Of Love? What are we, magical girls? (imagines Chester in a frilly dress and bursts out laughing.)

    Don't panic, indeed. xD


  5. Attention fellow Keepers and members of the Isabel Initiative! A theory has been published on how to Kill the Slenderman; you can find it here: Good luck to us all.

    Also, good luck, and I second Jean's advice. lol to your (Genevive's) comment on The Power of Love.

  6. Don't knock the power of love, Scottie boy.

    It's Jeff's love that saved me.

    And Vivi and Chester.
    Stay safe you too.

    I was worried sick about you two after the proxy sighting.

    I'm just worried about Jeff too.

    -Cheska <3
    The Chessmistress

  7. Love Redeems! We have living proof right here, ladies and gents!

    Don't worry, we're fine. A bit bruised but nothing a day of sitting around not doing much can't solve :D

    Jeff? Is he alright? You guys have been working so hard...I hope he's not sick or something.