Friday, December 10, 2010

Breather Episode.

As mentioned last post, there are now fairy lights all over my flat. My living room is quite small so I don't have room for a tree, so I compensate with fairy lights and a christmas star on my coffee table. My family are atheists but we've always been big into christmas. Every year we'd get a freaking massive tree and cover it with decorations, and we'd put fairy lights on the outside of the house and tinsel on the letterbox and my little sister would spend the week leading up to christmas permanently wearing a reindeer headband. I have fond memories of Christmas.

I don't know why I'm in such good spirits, what with Slendy and his band of merry mooks cavorting around spreading blood and crazy this Christmas season. I guess it's helping me cope, in my own way. The world is not crumbling around me. I'm just another little light in a sea of them, and most of them will never be affected by Slendy. Slendy can go on infecting people, but someday, even if all of us currently blogging (except, of course, for Zeke Strahm) are all dead or crazy by then. It's quite a comforting thought. Even if we fail, we'll be another step on the ladder to success.

Also, this could easily be renamed "The Yandere Song". For those of you who don;t want to listen to the full song (don't like it, etc) the final part of lyrics is as follows:

"Star so light and star so bright
First star I see tonight
Star so light and star so bright
Keep him by my side

I want to settle down
I want to settle down
Baby there's no need to run
I'll love you well, oh
I want to settle down
It's time to bring you down
On just one knee for now
Let's make our vows.."

Also, it's a handy excuse to plug another New Zealand musician.


  1. I really like the idea of calling Christmas lights 'Fairy Lights'. That's just...awesome.

    Your song has some similarities to a children's song I know.

    "Star Light, Star Bright.
    First star I see tonight.
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    have the wish I wish tonight."

  2. I know that song as well. Possibly the parallel is on purpose.

    I used to call them christmas lights too, but one of my friends in intermediate school called them fairy lights and I liked the name so much I started using it myself.

  3. Heh. It IS a fun name for them. 8D And I like the song. Care to name the artist?

  4. Merry Early Christmas, Vivi.

    We'll make it.

    And besides, its time for funny Santa hats!


  5. Merry early christmas to you too, Jeff.

    I damn well hope we will. We better. if there's an afterlife I'll berate you all.

    My lamp is wearing a santa hat right now. :D

  6. Yay, Lamp Santa!

    That's mine now.

    It will be a meme!



    Okay Lost.


  7. Lamp Santa. Christmassy lampshading what? xD

    Merry Early Christmas to you too Lost. And to Fallen too while I'm at it. You proxies wouldn't be so bad if you weren't, well, proxies.