Thursday, March 3, 2011

See you...

...whenever I next see you.

By the time this message comes through on the queue, I will already be at Tenebria's base. I've got one of the two Glock 17s Jeff managed to procure us, a cricket bat wrapped in barbed wire, a can of mace, and as a last resort against Revenants, a water pistol full of eucalyptus oil, diluted slightly with water.

if I come back, it's either with Vivi or in a coffin. If worst comes to worst, I want to be able to say goodbye, see her smile in that odd little way one more time.

Chester, out.


  1. I hope you're ok, Chess. Don't do anything TOO stupid. ;)

  2. Please live, Chester. And bring Vivi back to us.

  3. Good luck, Chester.

    Bring her back to us, okay?

    ~Alora (and daniel)

  4. Of course he's going to be okay. He's believing. You can do it, Chester. ~Frap