Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curious Conversations

We finished sorting through the photos over lunch break. No sign of Where's-his-face in ANY of them. Odd. Which means that I didn't encounter Slim until last year. It's possible, however, that he had been haunting Kaylee and/or Chester since they were kids and that I just got yanked in because I was close to them. Collateral damage, if you will.

Razor and Two-Face showed up at work today. We know for sure that it was Razor who tried to climb in my window because his hands were heavily bandaged today. I also had a little chat with Two Face, as Mariko was sick today so I ended up waitressing. Razor went to the bathroom and Two Face called me over. The resulting conversation was...educational.

V: Are you ready to order, ma'am?

T: You know I can't eat, Vivi.

V: Don't call me that.

T: Why not? It's your name.

V: It's what my friends call me.

T: *hurt* I'm not your friend?

V: ...You kind of kidnapped Chester. And held me down while your little brother kicked me.

T: ...little brother?

V: You and Razor look like family. You're siblings or cousins.

T: Not quite. I'm his mother.

V: What. He's what, sixteen, and you can't be any older than twenty-eight.

T: ...I'm a Revenant. I haven't aged since I was twenty-six.

V: So how old are you really?

T: Forty.

V: Holy shit.

T: I can't control Razor. He was dragged into this and I have to protect him. He may have chosen to go down this path rather than been dragged into it, but that was my fault. I have to take the consequences for my carelessness.

V: What?

T: What I mean is that Razor is as much of a monster as I am, and I allowed him to become that way. Neither of us are really human any more, one way or another.

V: ...Razor is a Revenant?

T: I didn't say that. if he were a monster in the same way as I am, I would feel less guilty for allowing him to become that way. If he had been dragged into becoming a Revenant, I would feel less guilty than I do over what he has become.

(Razor returns here.)

R: Is there a problem?

V: I was just taking your order.

R: ...A BLT.

V: Coming right up.

...That was...interesting. What did Two-Face mean by "Neither of us are really human any more, one way or another."? Is Razor a Conduit? Some new kind of Elite Mook? It could be that she means his general insanity, but people who are insane are still human...

Another interesting thing- Two Face seemed a lot less...weird today. Less uncanny. I still don't trust her but I trust her more than Razor. What was strange is that whatever Razor is, she seems to blame herself for it.

Anyone have any possible explanation for all this? Since we are coming up zilch.


  1. Perhaps Two Face is having a Reach moment-- she is beginning to realize the horror of what she has done, and perhaps may be wishing for a way out. Maybe, with Chester and your help, she can break free from the Slender Man.

    As for Razor... I don't know. He doesn't seem like a Revenant or a Conduit. Perhaps what Two Face means is that Razor's experience with The Slender Man has affected not just his mind, but his very soul. Razor could be becoming more and more like Slender Man; not like a copy of Slender Man, but more like putting on Its alien nature. This could also lead t Razor committing more and more horrific acts, giving him a "heart of darkness" if you will.

    Apart from my idea, I don't know what this could mean. Hopefully, in due time, Two Face will tell us more about Razor.


  2. Hm...
    She's a caring soul.

    Who knows, Vivi.

    She could be like Cheska.

    She seems like her.

    Good luck to you, Vivi.
    And some hope to her as well.

    The Keeper

  3. @Scott: Having a Reach moment...that could happen. If we can break her free, we will. As for your theory about Razor, that's also possible. We're keeping all lines of thought open at the moment... xD

    @Jeff: She does seem to genuinely care for Razors wellbeing, if nobody elses. She seems...I don't know, kind of sad. If she's been a Revenant 14 years, that's long enough for the My God What Have I Done to kick in, if she became a Revenant willingly. There is also a possibility that she was dragged into becoming a Revenant as an exchange for her family being spared, like Cheska. I'm going to have to ask her what happened to her husband or any other kids she had tomorrow if I can get her without Razor.

  4. I'll admit, I'm a little lost. what're Revenants? Let alone Conduits?

    I've read much about it, it's toadies? Not so much. Know of a blog that further explains the 'proxies'?

    Sounds like Two Face was a mother who gave her all for her child. Even perhaps her very soul.


  5. On Revenants:

    On Conduits:

    Reach's blog, What You Are In The Dark, has more info on Revenants due to Reach being one himself. He's currently missing, presumed dead.

    That's the conclusion we came to as well- like Cheska and Reach, she became a servant of SlenderHERP in exchange for her family being spared. Which is...sad.

    I don't believe that Revenants give up their souls. Somewhere in there, hidden however deep, is some humanity. SOMEWHERE IN THERE.