Saturday, March 5, 2011


We now have Tenebria coma'd out in our spare room. She took the cure and whatever it's doing to her (current status: unconscious, feverish), it took it's sweet time kicking in. And she's not behaving in the way other proxies who have been given the cure do. She hasn't thrown up at all. Apparently she got dizzy, tried to go back home and passed out on the pavement. She hasn't woken up. She could be dead, except she's breathing quite heavily and she's running a temperature.

Yeah, um, somebody suggested she take the cure so we left her a vial in the letterbox. According to her tumblr, although she did not wish to do and doesn't know what came over her, she drank it and it took about four hours for anything to go wrong.

Then she kinda passed out on the pavement and we took her here.

Yeah, um...I have an emaciated, scruffy, unconscious asian girl with the power to mess with people's heads passed out in my spare room. I hate her for what she did to Vivi (for doing what Vivi does, for reaching out to people, for being kind) but I must admit that we have to help her.




  1. You guys can take care of her. Between the two of you, you have one of the best nursing teams. Ever.

  2. Most I can think of is an asprin or pill that should help with the fever.

    but I don't know what it'll do should it interact with the medicine.

    Get a cool cloth and put it on her forehead?


    And to help release some of that anger, pose her in compromising positions and take pictures. That should do it.

  3. As for 'someone', that was me...

    Hope I didn't do the wrong thing.

  4. Progress report: She woke up briefly about an hour ago. Her eyes opened and she immediately screamed and covered them with her hands, then attempted to cover her ears as well then had some kind of seizure. We had to sedate her. She's still feverish, but she's sleeping less fitfully now.

    Chester is far too nice to do that. He'll forgive her eventually, although it might take a long time as he's the one who gets woken up by me thrashing around and has to wake me up and calm me down.


  5. Sounds like its working, she's starting to re-gain her senses, after not using them properly for so long, its probably causing a severe overload.

    How'd you sedate her? I'm sorry, I just have to get the image of Chester with a large crowbar with a post-it note attached reading "ANASTHETIC"

    Captcha is suggesting medication for this.


  6. You seem to have got the idea I'm some kind of Axe Crazy maniac towards people I dislike. I'm not! I only go into combat when I have to. I'm happier watching proxies throw up to be honest, and that's not much fun. I haven't forgiven Stella, but that just means I'll be polite but not overly friendly.

    ...I injured myself playing rugby last year. They gave me some really strong painkillers. I still have about 40 tablets left.

  7. Ah, the surgical-grade painkiller. Be careful, the results can be...humorous. x3 My brother busted his ankle and had to use that sort of thing. It was like he was drunk. Of course, since you actually took them I'm sure you know this.

    I really want a crowbar labeled "Anesthetic" now...


  8. No no, I don't think you're like that Chester.

    Just the mental image of someone going 'Quick! We need to sedate her!' *Grabs a crowbar*

    Overwhelmed me and I had to say something.

  9. Good morning, scumbags. I feel absolutely disgusting. I'm starving but I can't eat anything because the tastes/smells are too strong and give me a seizure, I can't open my eyes more than halfway because the light hurts my eyes, and I'm wearing earmuffs to shut out all the noise. And I'm all dopey on painkillers because if I touch anything without them it feels like I'm getting sandpapered. Bleargh.

    Not to mention, well...I think I spent the first hour I was awake in tears and my chest hurts like a bitch.

    I hope you feel accomplished! :D

  10. Oh! You're awake. Feeling any better?


  11. Did she run off or something?

    what happened?

    And I'm glad that she's finally snapped out of it. She can sense things again!

    She's probably not going to enjoy it for the first 24-36 hours, but she can sense things again!

    Or does she just have a laptop or something?

  12. She's in our spare room, borrowing off our wireless because she has a laptop. She doesn't like us coming in because her hearing is sensitive, I smell of my shower gel and it makes her sneeze, and she distrusts Chester just as much as he does her, although he's nicer about it than she is.

  13. She's cut herself off from the world for so long, its overloading everything.

    Its like in the Matrix, Neo is all weak and stuff because his muscles are atrophied. And his eyes burn because he's never actually used them.

  14. Hm, yeah. I've lent her some of my clothes because the ones she was wearing were a) dirty and b) too cold but I had to look for materials that wouldn't give her a seizure. And she's just eaten an entire packet of plain crackers. 0_0


  15. A little, I think. I haven't heard her swear in a while, so I guess she's getting accustomed.