Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love you all

And I just RickRolled a Revenant.

I'm nearly out of the ruins/Labyrinth/whatthefuck. I still can only see the ruins (I am dictating this to Chester, who is kindly typing it out for me) but the last time Slendy showed up was yesterday afternoon. He was pretty angry. He was talking to me but I could only barely understand him. I told him to fuck off and he made the walls close in on me like what happened with the cabinet but then I stood up because it's an illusion damnit, I could feel the carpet under my toes and Chester's arms around me and it wasn't real, it couldn't be real because there was no carpet in that tiny room and it was too small for Chester and I both, but I could feel them. Therefore what I was seeing wasn't real.

The Labyrinth isn't actually a Labyrinth. Not really. For me, it's our house. But it's in ruins, and I can see...corpses. Leah, decapitated, on the front steps. Max on the path. His body, anyway. His head was a couple metres off. What was left of it. Mariko on the back porch, missing the lower part of her jaw. My family, Mum, Dad, Jonno, Elaine, in the trees, classic Slender style. My best friend in the laundry, burned beyond recognition. The living room was filled with people I didn't recognise, most of them. Jeff and Cheska were among them, so I presume they were all you guys. On the couches, the armchair, some kneeling on the floor, their stomachs opened up and their organs-

I couldn't go into the bedroom because Chester was there. I couldn't look for a long time. Too much blood. those blank, staring eyes...

We spoke to Razor. Or tried to. The cure is taking a lot longer to work than it did with Kaylee or Michael. He alternates between apologising, trying to kill himself, and laughing maniacally and spouting crazy shit about pretty lights and the Master offering salvation, all without using pronouns. And throwing up slendergoop. I kind of pity the poor kid, he's only seventeen. Thankfully for him, he's a first year university student starting this year and uni doesn't start until the 28th, at which point he should be okay enough to attend. He's seventeen, he should be going to school and hanging out with his friends and checking out girls (or boys if he swings that way) and doing teenage boy things. Not being a slendy-mook.

Meanwhile, Kristen is behaving less like a puppy that's been whipped and more like a normal person. She's watching The Big Bang Theory at the moment. I introduced her to the wonders of Rick Astley a few minutes back. RickRoll'd.

So now I'm going to- ohhh, trippy...

Chester, don't panic. I think my sight is returning to the real world because I can kind of see the vague shape of the living room superimposed over the ruins full of my dead loved ones. Thank god...I know I sound sane, but seriously...they were really getting to me. Every single one had their eyes open, whether is was on empty, glassy eyes or bloody sockets...all of them staring at me. Look, I would never, EVER wish something like this on anyone. Not even Redlight. Fuck. it's enough to drive anyone mad. I'm lucky I wasn't alone, otherwise, well...I'd be lost right now.

Everybody stay safe.



  1. Well, if you saw a body that had a brown mole on its left cheek, that was me.

    I'm a fat bastard, ain't I?

    Its not real, for all the horror of it, its not real. Its like a video game. Yeah, its gross, but in the end, its all fake.

    I'm glad the music helped, it seemed like it'd offer a small port in the 'storm' so to speak.


  2. I'm glad you're nearly back, Vivi! Though I hate... I hate what you have to see in there... I can't begin to imagine it. And Slendy does seem to enjoy Rick Astley.

  3. Give Vivi a hug for Bianca and I. She's a strong girl she can pull through.

  4. Oh, thank God. I was freaking out on my end. Glad to know you're getting better. :) You're much braver than me, I can tell you that.

    Stay safe you two.


  5. What exactly did SlenderDERP say anyway?

  6. @Jedi: "Come with Me", mostly. Things to that effect. Then when I said "No" he went "why?" and I went "Love". And then he went "why?" again and I didn't say anything so he just stood there for a whole then went all OMGTENTACLES and "whywhywhywhywhy" and my ears started bleeding. it was not fun.

    @Shelby: I can't see it quite so clearly now. In a couple of hours I will be able to use the keyboard myself instead of dictating to Chester, which will be nice.

    @Will: I send hugs back!

    @Alora: I am getting better, thank god, because I was beginning to go a bit crazy in there. Thankgodthankgodthankgod.

  7. You know, I think I know what SlenDERP is.

    It's anonymous!
    The business suit, and the facelessness is because there's no image availible.

    He does not forgive, nor forget. He is legion.
    His tentacles are for the hentai section, and the reason he focuses on kids is to keep Pedobear at bay.

    I'm trying to make a very bad joke to cheer everyone up.

  8. So yeah, I hope you're all alright.

    And hopefully Razor'll stop puking long enough to talk about things soon.

  9. Guess who has fulll use of all her senses?

    He's stopped hurking up charcoal chunder but he can't tell us anything other than theories. He has very little memory of his time as a proxy-

    oh shit

    oh shit

    oh shit

    fucker just wont leave us alone