Saturday, January 29, 2011


Our little Indoctrinated friend is mostly coherent now. He's still using no contractions, but he hasn't tried to get out of his bindings and he doesn't got batshit whenever we mention the looped apartment. He's still vomiting but less frequently and in very small amounts. Here's a transcript of him talking to Vieve.

V: You okay there, kid?

M: Yes. I am better than I have been in a while. What was that stuff?

V: The cure.

M: What is in it?

V: You really don't want to know. Now, if you don't mind, we want to ask you a few questions.

M: I shall try and answer them, although I cannot guarantee that I will not have another...episode.

V: We'll risk it. Were you the proxy that broke into our apartment?

M: Yes. I was.

V: How did you get the alarm codes?

M: Leah White knows your alarm codes. She wrote them down so she would not forget them in case she needed them again. She keeps all passwords et cetera in a spiral-bound notebook kept behind her computer screen. She also leaves her windows open at night.

V: Oh, Leah...Can you tell us anything about the looped apartment?

M: Two layers. Change one, change the other- spill coffee on the carpet in one, suddenly there is a coffee stain on the other. However, still seperate, and cannot interact with another person directly even if they are standing right in front of you. Also cannot see items anyone on other side is interacting with, so no flying coffee mugs. Moving doors, yes, washing machine suddenly full, yes, but no mysterious flying objects.

V: I see. What did you mean by "Resisting, too happy, too familiar, cannot be stable" and how was it related to the lights?

M: It was not related to the lights. The lights were just nice. What I meant when talking about that was that you two are a threat because not only have you made it this far, you are dispensing advice to others. You are not threatening in term of being ...bad...I cannot think of the word.

V: Badass?

M: Yes. You are not threatening in terms of killing but threatening in terms of that while you are still sane you will aid other bloggers, and breaking your sanity will be difficult as one of you will slap some sense into the other, so to speak.

V: So the "divide and conquer" was about separating us so we'd be easier to break.

M: Yes.

V: Well, if Slendy can still get into your head, tell it [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] up his [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] up his [DATA EXPUNGED] with a drill.

M: Will do.

Well...that was interesting. We're hoping that Mike will be A.O.K. by tomorrow so we can return him to his family.

In other news, Vieve has found another way of remembering the people who have passed on since she joined the blogs that she knows of. You know those friendship bracelets?

She has four on her wrist right now. One for Zero, one for Amelia, one for Melody and one for Fizzy. The latter two's statuses are unkmown but neither of them have updated in over a month so we presume they went down at the Solstice. She's in the process of making another, for Jeff's family.

Jeff, our hearts are with you. We're sorry for your loss.



  1. A drill? Do I even want to know?

  2. I did only just read about Jeff's family. I can't imagine how much pain he's going through.

    In other news, I can imagine several different things you can do with a drill, so I'm sure someone out there will make due on that threat. Especially considering the victim involved.