Friday, March 18, 2011

The Man in the Mask

I think I've found out who Mystery Caller is. There's this guy just chilling outside the house. Near the letterbox. He's wearing a mask. One half is white, with a single hole for the eye, the other is black with a white question mask stretching from about where his eyebrow would be to his jaw.

He's just looking at us. From my estimation, he's a bit shorter and more heavyset that I am, dark skin, what I can see of his hair is brown. Hoodie, jeans, trainers. Fairly nondescript apart from the mask. I don't know if he plans on trying anything, but I could probably take him if he does. I don't know. Bloody proxies.

I...actually don't want to fight any of them. I know I've taken my fair share of levels in badass, but I've hated every second of every fight I have been in. Proxy or not, they're human and it's against everything I've ever been taught to hurt another human being unless I absolutely have to. If it weren't for the possibility of Vivi getting hurt...

Why does Slendy always appear outside during my darkest moments? The times when I dislike myself and the situation Vivi and I are in the most? Whenever I feel like giving up?

Fuck you, Slendy. Just...fuck you. I have enough reason not to give up in this room with me. We're the only active fighters in New Zealand as far as we know. Vivi is strong, but she's not strong enough to face off with every proxy in New Zealand without help. Next to useless I may be, but she does need me.

Everybody stay safe. Keep yourselves, and each other, safe. Please.



  1. Is it wrong that the first thing I thought after reading about the guy is "That is a damn cool mask"? *sheepish*

    I'm sorry you're in such a sucky situation. If it's any consolation, things have been wonky on our end too. Now Daniel is all brooding and angry, that runner I met last year has been proxy-fied, and I'm STILL trying to think of a viable way to lie to my brother about this whole mess (and he ALWAYS knows when I'm lying). Not nearly as bad as what you're going through, but I feel your pain. :(

    Stay safe. Stay strong.


  2. Take pictures. Call the police.
    Give them pictures.

    Let the cops work for you for once and lock those psychos up.

    Though if the governement in your area is aware of Slendy, like the American government is...

    It might not be the best idea.

    Any ideas, Stella?

  3. The government as a general rule are not aware of the Slender Man's existence, but we have Indoctrinated in positions of authority in the government and in law enforcement. Taking it to the police should be a last resort.






  5. Look at their most recent post. Just...look.

    I can't get into the house. I blacked out...ugh...I can't get past the front gate without having some sort of seizure. I don't have any better an idea as to what's going on that you do...