Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What we know so far...

This post is basically a collation of everything Vivi and I have found out so far through our experiences with Slendy. Most of it is unconfirmed (seeing as Slendy seems to like being inconsistent) but it's a start. We're no scientists, we just note stuff down. We don't know if we're members of the Keeper Alliance or whatever, but we'll do this anyway. Don't need to be a Keeper to want to help. I feel like an older brother to a lot of you, that's motive enough for me.


Slendy has not gotten into our apartment once except for when Vivi was stuck in the loop. Not sure why. Could be that it's seven floors up, could be some other factor.

Vivi has seen him close up, and says that also he looks humanoid his "walking" is very odd, as though he lacked bones.

He seems to be able to see despite his lack of eyes (at least, he "looked" at us a few times over the past month, etc). So either he does have visual input (although perhaps not on his face?) or he has some other method (sonar? some kind of vibrissae? anyone know or have any other guesses?) of 'seeing'.


Vivi could go through any door in the apartment except for the main one. She also attempted to climb out the window, but found herself just coming in through the front door. She also says that she saw the doors open and shut several times while she was in there. Which is odd, because the same thing happened to us (doors opening and closing of their own accord) during the period she was missing. We have entertained the prospect that it was a hallucination or dream of some sort, which doesn't explain several things.

1) Jeff, Cheska and I ate dinner fairly early, loaded the dishwasher and then put it on. The next morning when we went to have breakfast the dishwasher had been emptied and partially loaded again with a plate, a mug of coffee or cocoa, and some cutlery as well. While we were talking about how odd this was, Vivi went "Oh, I wondered what those dishes were doing in there. I emptied it and put that stuff in there."

2) During the course of her stay in the looped apartment, Vivi got changed into clean clothes, partially because unless you want to flash your opponent or are wearing bike shorts/leggings/whatever underneath skirts are not good for fighting in. When we found her she was wearing the clothes had changed into and her old clothes were in the laundry.

Also, she began to feel nauseous shortly before Slendy appeared and threw up when he arrived. Also, she felt more and more sick the closer he got until she was exhibiting symptoms similar to "the mother of all fevers" at which point she stood up and grinned at him because semi-delirious Vivi is absolutely fucking crazy.

(I love you too, Chester~ --Vivi)

After her encounter with Slender Man, the says she felt the walls "closing in" and then fell unconscious. When she woke up she was in that cupboard we found her in and promptly freaked the fuck out. Did Slendy know about her claustrophobia (which she has NEVER spoken about to anyone) or was it just a lucky guess?

On that note, was there any specific reason why he targeted Vivi as opposed to me?


When fed the cure, proxies throw up. A lot. Most of it is this odd Slendergoop, which appears to have some...interesting properties. Ava of The London Librarian has a list of properties here.

They also appear to have difficulty with speaking (more specifically, with pronouns and contractions), although this will pass within 24/36 hours. Between giving them the cure and their regaining full use of their language centres it's a good idea to have them restrained somehow as they will suddenly come over all violent at random times. Also, DONT give them food until they can talk properly. No matter how hungry. It will not end well...

And that's just about everything. We saw Masky Jr again this morning, just standing there. At least the weather's good, so he's not cold, but proxy or not I keep wondering if he has food, clean water, a place to sleep...stuff like that. He's just a kid. I can tell Vivi is similarly worried, probably worse. She loves children.

We have the day off on Friday. We'll start planning how to catch him on Thursday evening, which is tomorrow. For now, rest.



  1. Pretty sure you don't have to be a scientist to be a Keeper.

    In any case, interesting stuff, and it's good to have it all in one place...

    Christ, you guys, please stay safe-- and talk to Jeff. He's been all weird lately.

  2. We will. I did notice that he'd come over all distracted after Fizzbomb left...I hope he's alright.


  3. Just a guess, and frankly feel free to disregard it because it sounds like science fiction, but maybe the looped apartment was slightly out of synch with regular time. The opening and closing doors in the looped apartment could be caused by Chester opening and closing them in his search, and vica versa. That might also explain how certain objects seemed to be in both apartments at the same time. Same place, but the looped apartment is looped in time as well as space.

    Silly, right?

  4. ...I might put it down to the late hour but I'm having trouble understanding what you mean...


  5. I think what Ali means (and correct me if I'm wrong, Ali) is that Vivi was in the apartment, but a few seconds/minutes out of synch with real-time (or at least, your time) meaning that she could have been....say, five minutes in the future or the past and the opening and closing of doors was actually you on her side and her on your side.

    You don't have to be scientists to be part of the Keeper Alliance, I don't think. As far as I know, you just have to have gone face-to-no-face with him and gathered information.

    Which you have.


    Urgh. Tired. Brain not working properly.

    The Scientist

  6. Exactly, Ava. Sorry about the poor explanation, I was posting through a pretty awful headache and not even making much sense to myself.