Sunday, December 19, 2010


for my own recklessness.

Vieve here.

I'M OKAY. Ish. In retrospect, what I did was extremely stupid so I am now beating myself up over it. Otherwise, I'm a little shaken and very tired and that's the only damage.

Okay, so this morning I went and did some grocery shopping, took it back to my flat, and then went for a walk. A rather long walk. I ended up in the domain, which is a half-an-hour journey by car, and then got the extremely bright idea of calling back the proxy that called me a week or so ago. Vivi fail.

I dialed the number and waited. Someone answered the phone.

G: Hello?

???:  Please wait while we put you through to an Operator.

*slightly staticy silence for a couple of seconds*

???: *Unintelligible through distortion*

*burst of static, person hangs up*

(You can see where this is going, can't you?)

It was at about this time  that I realised this was an intensely stupid idea. I stuck my phone back in my bag, got struck with a wave of nausea, looked around and lo and behold guess who was standing about three metres away in the trees?

I hefted my cricket bat, backed away slowly. I was pretty sure that if he tried something I could land a hit on him, but I wasn't sure just how effective it would be. He just stood there, his head slightly tilted, doing nothing.

After about three minutes of this something in me snapped and I yelled "Haven't you done enough, you creep?" and then ran. I know there wasn't any point running, he can follow people, he can slenderwalk, but it was better than standing there watching that blank face and those open arms.

I normally like hugs, but not from Eldritch Abominations. Especially not ones that try and off my friends.

Basically I freaked out, turned my phone off, and spent the entire day running around Auckland trying to throw it off. I didn't see it again, so I deemed it safe to go home.

I'd run, but there's little point. There's three days until the Solstice. I can last that long.

(feels like she's Tempting Fate)

By the way, Chester, I'm not mad at you for blogjacking. This is easier when there are others to talk to.


  1. Vivi, you're okay!

    This makes this moment all the much sweeter!

    Well, you already know what happened.


  2. Ohohoho I do know. Even if I hadn't checked all the blogs when I woke up this morning Chester left a metric shitton of voicemail messages on my phone.

  3. Good ol' Chester.
    Which reminds me.

    I think our mutual friend has something to say to you.

    Chester, if you're looking at this.
    Go for it. Take it from the guy who asked a proxy to be his girlfriend.


  4. Jeff, why is Chester talking to me about the potentially lucrative benefits of a fanfiction machine?

  5. Why does he still think I have a fanfiction machine?

    I meant the whole situation regarding a "certain someone" and their relationship and not having the balls to do a certain thing!

    Jeez Chester, do I have to spell it out?

    Do what I did last night!

    And enough with the fanfiction machine!


  6. I don't think you have a fanfiction machine, Jeff, I just freaked ouuuuuuuuut

    I'M TRYING i am just a coward.


  7. Fallen is 33!
    I'm 17!

    She's really pretty!

    And Fallen doesn't need a cricket bat.
    The girl can kill with her pinky!

    (I know, I've seen it.)

    Grow some balls!

    Tell your special someone how you feel. And so what if nothing happens.

    At least you had the courage to try!

    The only advantage I had was that Fallen has a crush on me first.


  8. Vieve is really pretty too, and she's getting annoyed that I'm wasting her time and my credit and I think it may be mutual but I'm not sure I'm just going to keep talking until I manage to say it.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. ...What.

    Um, Chester isn't even with me at the moment...he's running, remember?

  11. Okay, when you see him again.
    No doubt awkward after what I just posted.

    Uh, well, yeah.

    Hopefully that scenario occurs.

    Um. I've said way too much.

    I'll be deleting those comments now.


  12. Okay, better situation.

    Chester, tell her how you feel.

    Dear God if it wasn't apparent after my last comment.

    Which had to be deleted.

    Sorry about the awkwardness, you two.


  13. ...Yeah. Jeff, if we ever meet offline I think I'll have to punch your lights out. Otherwise, no hard feelings.

    Vivi isn't answering her phone. At least I know it's my fault.

    Y'see, Jeff, I managed to blurt out "I love you" while she was reading that post.

    I think we broke Vivi, Jeff. Overloaded her poor little processors. I think I'll leave her alone for an hour or four.

  14. Ahem.
    Uh, small detail you missed.

    One, I'm a Revenant.
    High ranking Hallowed.

    Two, I think I deserve it, so go ahead. I think I kind of messed her up first.

    And Three, well I think I'll be talking to Vivi a little later.

    You're right, she needs some time to process all of this.

    By the way.
    Sorry about all of that.

    Really really sorry.

    Besides, I think she was more confused by the comment then anything else.

    I'm a friendly Hallowed.
    So is Fallen.
    So please do not freak out about evil corrupting your best friend while you were away.

  15. I've been reading the blogs. Just lurking and the like. I know you're mostly harmless.

    What do you mean, "messed her up"?

    "More confused than anything else" sounds EXACTLY like Vivi.

  16. Well, you know her better than I do.

    I just hope she doesn't come after either of us with that cricket bat of hers for pulling this little stunt.

    Best of luck to you, Chester.