Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Missing Brother

We went over to Chester's parents place this afternoon, with the intention of finding out why Slendy was in half of their photos. I'm not going to post a full transcript, just a summary, because it was a really long conversation and I can't take long to write this post because the last thing an upset Chester needs is to be left to his own devices.

We asked Janine, Chester's mother, about the "guy in the suit" in the background of one of the photos and she just looked at us and went "You too?" and then burst into tears.

Okay, so turns out Chester had a brother, Harrison, six years older than him (So around 27) who was taken by Slender Man shortly before Chester was born and is now presumed dead or a proxy.

"We couldn't stop him, we begged, we pleaded, we searched everywhere for our little Harry but we never found him. He took him, and we couldn't stop him. We couldn't stop him..."

I think the shock was a bit much for Chester, because he sat there, totally impassive, while his mother and father explained, then at the words "we couldn't stop him" just broke down. Just like that.

Stella is trying to recall if any of the proxies in New Zealand look anything like Chester, and I am typing up this post and hugging Chester, who seems to find the proximity calming as he's stopped shaking and he's unclenched his fists, but he's still not talking. I think his poor circuits have overloaded a bit...he'll be alright. He's stronger than he gives himself credit for. He's at least as strong as I am.

I believe in him.



  1. Jesus tapdancing Christ.

    A brother....who he never knew.

    Just gone.

    No trace...

    I...I have to admit, I can see the logic to it. If Chester didn't know about it, he might not be targeted.

    Are there any defining features that would have remained up to his brother's adulthood? Birthmarks? Anything that might stand out in Stella's memory, instead of just being a vague 'oh hey does that guy look like Chester or not?'

  2. I don't know. We know he has a lighter skin-tone than Chester, brown eyes instead of hazel, and a scar on his shin. Other than that, if you look at a photo of Harry at 7 next to a photo of Chess the resemblance is actually uncanny.

    In other news, I am the only person in the house not having a BSOD. Stella is muttering about everything not making any sense and Chester is currently in his "blowing off steam via blowing things up on Minecraft" phase.

  3. Miiiiiiiinecraft. I can't wait to have it. I'ma link you to funny minecraft shit, ok?

    I hope they make you guys laugh some. :)

    Hope Chester gets a giant hug in my name! ;)

  4. Have you seen the TNT music video? I lol'd so hard. Especially at the creeper in the business suit at one point.

    He will get a giant hug in your name once this one is over. We've been curled up like this for about half an hour. xD Sad thing is that doesn't get anywhere near breaking our record.


  5. Joce showed me that! :D It was fuuuunny!!!! I love Simon and Lewis. They are in my parthenon. Pantheon? Hell if I care.

    ..I need a hug.... :( .../INTERNET HUG/ :DDDD Hugs are good for the soul. :)

    Hugs FOREVER!

  6. I wilt if I don't get hugs. True story. D:


  7. I get very.... depressed when I'm hugless. D: We ARE related!

  8. Okay, this is just getting out of hand. First Scott now this. (No, Scott doesn't have any missing relatives, he's just been told he's been stalked since birth). I am seriously tempted to make sure there weren't any weird occurrences in my childhood. Fortunately, I can trace the roots of my nictophobia, so I know THAT wasn't Slender-related...I think. o.o


  9. Oh God...I honestly have no idea what I could say at this point. The situation you've found yourselves in is unfortunate, and I wish you didn't have to live through this.

    You two keep yourselves safe.

  10. @Shelby: :D

    @Alora: It's a bit unsettling to know that Slenderp has been stalking people since they were babies...makes me a bit worried as well.

    @Cathy: We will, and you keep yourselves safe too.


  11. False alarm, guys. False alarm.

    For once...

  12. What happened? Whats going on?


  13. We thought we had a proxy in the house but we didn't.

    But...what's currently going on is worse.


  14. Damn Chester I-I'm sorry...I really don't know what else to say.

  15. Anyone ever find the body of a child killed by Slender? Have we even seen Slender outright attack a child? As far as i know Slender Man appears and then children disappear, no bodies, no screaming, just gone.

  16. I've never seen He That Is actually attack a child. We've had Indoctrinated kids turn up at the base though. We used to have a 9-year-old Revenant hanging around, but he got KIA early last year.