Thursday, February 17, 2011

Uneventful day.

For a given definition of "uneventful" at least. Work finished early today because of some construction work on the restaurant (we're in the process of renovation. We might be closed tomorrow which is a pain in the ass but the building is not in very good repair and it's putting people off). Vivi's managed to acquire some mace/pepper spray and is currently pulling out the insect repellent can from our automatic insect-repellent dispenser and replacing it with pepper spray. I've already rigged it so the buttons don't alter the time between sprays, they just spray straight off and altered the case slightly so it's easier to aim and easier to carry.

And if it fails, can be used as a bludgeoning weapon?

I keep seeing Two Face around. She walked past work, we drove past a bus stop she was standing at on the way home, walked past our house this morning...

Uh...knocking on our front door?

Okay, she seems to want to talk or something. I'm going to go speak to her. I'll bring a cricket bat in case she tries something and I'll take the iPod (yay iPod internets) and transcribe what she says.

Why is she apologi


444/'6-7777/666,-7777/666 7777/666/777/777/999.







I leave Chester to his own devices for FIFTEEN MINUTES



"Uneventful day." Tempting Fate. FUCK. Chester WHY are you so naive?

I only got out of the labyrinth SUNDAY, you sick fucks, you give us FOUR DAYS and then MORE SHIT HAPPENS. LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. Okay, you pick on me, that's acceptable, I got myself into this shit investigating after what happened to Kaylee, I started this blog of my OWN VOLITION because I WANTED to know, to find some way to help. I knew what I was getting into. But Chester hasn't done a fucking thing. He was DRAGGED into this, none of it was his own fault. His parents...fuck, his parents are probably haunted too. He's in some of their wedding photos. Every photo of Chester from birth until puberty has IT in it. He didn't need to find Slendy, Slendy just stalked him from the start. It's only because he likes creepypasta that he rediscovered Slendy in the first place.

Pick on me? Fine. Threaten me, send proxies after me, fine. Throw me into another tiny cupboard, put me in a loop, stick me in the Labyrinth again, fine. I got myself into this. It's my own fault. You make your bed, you lie in it. I can deal. It's tough, but I'll just laugh it off and keep walking because if I didn't I'd be completely loopy right now. Ever since I was little, that's what I've done.

But Chester? He didn't know what he was getting into because he didn't know he was getting into it. He doesn't deserve any of this. I'm not saying I do, but I'd watched the vlogs, read the blogs, I knew and I took the risk anyway.



oh god

i'm sorry guys i just

he won't stop screaming

he's stuck in there and i can't help him, not really

i know what it's like.

no, i don't. they've...probably revised things a little, seeing as I got out so easily.



i hope you're as tough as I want to believe you are.



  1. Fuck!

    The numbers look like they're off a phone pad, the number of times its repeated are the letters. I'm working on the translation, if anybody else gets it first, please post it.

  2. im sorry
    Im so so so sorry
    your love is your greatest strength
    but also your greatest weakness

    Fuck! fuckfuckfuck!

  3. Also, if chester manages to survive this, kick his ass for not remembering that she said if she survives this THAT SHE COULDN'T COME AND BE FRIENDLY ANYMORE.

  4. Alright, ok. Now that I'm through panicking, turn the music on. Just like it helped you, it should help him see that its not real. That its just the fucking illusion labyrinth. That its NOT REAL. Hold him, hug him. Slap him if need be, just make him realize it is *NOT* REAL.

  5. @Jedi:

    1) What in the name of CRYSTAL DRAGON JESUS is Two Face on about?

    2) I will. I love him to bits and pieces but he's so trusting...damnit!


  6. Seriously?! SON OF A BITCH.

    Why?! Why would they do that?!


    Dammit...I'm sorry, Viv.

    Chester's strong, I'm sure he'll be okay, but..

    Dammit...I'm so sorry.


  7. Posted the translation a few comments ago.
    She's saying your love is what keeps you together and strong, but the tie itself can be fragile.

    She's also apologizing. You'd think that if she had time to punch out this code thing saying 'I'm sorry', she could have had time to bloody give a hint or *something* on how to fucking get Chester out.

  8. @Alora: You don't need to be sorry. You didn't put him in there, Two Face did.

    @Jedi: ...Somehow I don't think that's what she means. I thought about it, and perhaps she means that by being an obvious couple we have given each other a rather conspicuous weak spot. and I don't think Slendy is stupid enough to tell her, a Revenant probably known for being sympathetic to our cause, how to get people out of the Labyrinth.

  9. Sorry, that's what I meant. I wrote it out wrong.

  10. Any progress? Has he stopped screaming?

  11. Oh god. Oh god. Vivster, you got out, he can too. Remember the methods he used to help you, and help him. You can do it.

  12. ...Yes. He's got a very quiet voice normally and it wore out after about half an hour. Now he's just...sitting there, shivering and staring. He lashes out at things that aren't there sometimes, but otherwise he just...sits.


  13. If he's lashing out at something, he might not be in the same ruined house.

    Perhaps he's in another nightmare.

    If one of your nightmares would be everyone you know dying and finding their bodies, what would one of Chester's be?

  14. Oh my God.... Ok... enough. Is. Fucking. Enough. Dammit... Ok, excuse this but, I need to cuss. Big time.


    ...Ok, now that that's out of the way, Is there anyway I can help? ...Hmm... Try playing favorite music, or turning on a favorite move, etc. And just keep telling him that everyone loves you two, and that it'll be ok, etc, etc, etc.

    -Shelby (PISSED OFF)
    Friend, NAPPA, Therapist

  15. @Jedi: Probably something similar. Maybe worse. His worst fears, I know, are being helpless and alone. Not in the sense of having no one around you, but in the sense of being emotionally alone.

    He said to me once "By 'Alone' I don't mean as in with no other person. I mean emotional aloneness. No matter how many people are around, there's no one you can really reach out to, no one you can trust and lean on.

    I don't know. The first thing that happened in my labyrinth was that Slendy came along and proceeded to do something I can't remember but I screamed a could be the same.

    @Shelby: I'm going to put on some music. The first sense of mine that began to return was hearing, so I'm going to make some NOISE. Pot lids, singing, singing badly on purpose, loud music, the works. the neighbours already think we're weird anyway!

  16. Man, wish I had the money to get to New Zealand. Then I could actually help.... Be careful! I don't want you to get hurt while you're semi-alone.

  17. Chester said you were talking about how the walls were closing in.

  18. @Shelby: I'm keeping an eye out. anyone attempting to break into the house will get a facefull of mace.

    @Jedi: I do remember the walls closing in, but that was later, once I had regained the use of my voice half a day after I got stuck in there. I'm not sure what exactly made me scream. I don't...remember. Probably a good thing.

  19. Has he said anything? Managed to mumble anything with his worn out voice?

  20. I might actually be able to fly to New Zealand! I have a lot of expensive stuff I can sell at pawn shops and the like. That would be great. Though, of course, you'll prolly veto that.

    Mace? As in, spiked club or spray?

  21. Spray.

    Something I just thought of that I didn't suggest with you.
    Take a flashlight and shine it in one of his eyes, watch if they dialate or not.

  22. @Shelby: By the time you get here, Chester will probably be out. But the offer means a lot to me. Thank you.

    @Jedi: They do but otherwise no response, which is unusual for Chester as he really doesn't like sudden bright light.

  23. Seems something is intercepting the images his physical body is receiving and replacing them with something else.

    Has he had any reaction to the

  24. Not yet. I'm playing Florence And The Machine at top volume AND singing along and no response, although he has tried to get up a few times and currently appears to be feeling his way along the wall and...

    turning the light switch on and off?

  25. Maybe he's trying to find what is real and what isn't. Perhaps he's flicking it to see if in his illusion if it has any effect.

    Alternatively, does he know morse code? If so, try and write down the pattern.

  26. Possibly...

    I'm not sure, but the part I've decoded is oooosyjmcxiy which makes it moot anyway. And now he appears to have given up...and made a dash for the stairs?


  27. Let us know whats up when you get back, please.

  28. Um, I'm not sure what he thinks he's doing to be honest. He looks like he's trying to catch something- he's behaving as though he's chasing something. His Ruins are definitely inside this house, though, since he knows where the stairs, doors, and light switches are, although they may not be the same as mine.

    He's also tried to talk several times although he's so hoarse he's almost completely unintelligible. Things I have managed to catch are as follows:

    "Give it *unintelligible*"

    "*unintelligible* *mumble* them in"

    "*unintelligible* need help."

    Also something I think might be either my name or "help me".

  29. On the one hand, we might need to convince him its not real.

    On the other hand, them doing the exact same thing again isn't quite that intelligent.

    Meaning it might be more real, or even have too do with his very mind/soul...

    goddammit, I feel so helpless.

  30. I think he knows it's not real, since his mutterings seem to indicate that he's aware he's in the Ruins. He tripped over...something, in the Ruins, and said something to the effect of "fucking nonexistent [unintelligible]".

    I live in hope...

    Also, he won't go into the bedroom. He opened the door, went pale, and then shut it and hasn't gone back in since. He's addressed the door (or something near it) a few times but I can't tell what he's saying. For an ex drama student, Chester, you mumble a lot.

  31. He probably saw the opposite of what you saw.

    Namely, your body.

  32. Oh for the love of life.

    I'm sorry, I honestly can't rage right now because my head is bloody killing me, but I'm so damn pissed off right now...

    Good luck, both of you.

  33. Vivi, thank YOU. You guys.... You guys keep giving me hope. Mostly because niether of you are dead, but that's beside the point. Maybe one day we'll meet up or something!

    Friend, NAPPA

  34. @Jedi: I don't know- he's fairly lucid now, so I think I might ask exactly what he's seeing.

    @Ava: Oh- is your head okay? I hope you're alright...

    @Shelby: ...That's a huge compliment, and one I don't think we deserve. We just muddle along and hope we stay lucky. And I'd like that, Shelby. It's a little odd, having friends that I've never met.


  35. Hrm. Ironically, my theory follows a bit of D&D lore.

    In D&D the ethereal plane is where all the ghosts and spooks all hang out, but they can manifest on the prime material plane (The plane we all reside on.) which is what causes hauntings.

    Attacks by ghosts do not so much attack the physical self, but stick themselves through your body while remaining on the ethereal plane, which can screw with the physical body.

    It appears that the opposite is happening here. Chester is 'manifesting' in whatever plane of existence the labyrinths are in, but his physical form remains here. Allowing him to respond to outside stimuli bodily (the dialating eyes, touching physical items.) But not able to sense, or see it.

    Cats have in legends existed on multiple layers of reality, as they are strange and enigmatic creatures. Sometimes acting as though they see things that are not there. This somewhat further cements the theory as plausible.

  36. Genevieve, I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, but in case it hasn't I'll say it anyway; get the iPod, put some music on, and put it in Chester's ears. In Inception, the music helped remind the dreamers that they're still in a dream. Perhaps the same thing could apply here...

    Good luck.


    P.S. Damn it.

  37. history dictates that things are only going to get worse now that he's taken both of you to another place.

    Prepare for the worst.

    I am sorry to be that bearer of bad news, but I felt you should be prepared.