Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little less optimistic

Looks like Ava has made it out alive, if extremely upset and shaken. Reach's status is unknown, assumed dead. Goddamnit. You people, you keep dying. For every step forward we take, we lose someone. I keep wondering who's going to be next. Jean? Alora? Scott? Jeff? Cathy? Me? Vivi...?

I can't think about it. It...hurts too much. There was already that thing that happened in the park with Slendy, the looped apartment...both times, I was literally out of my mind with worry. Because try as I might, I can't really protect her, even on the rare occasions she needs it. If she ends up dead because I find hurting other human beings so difficult...I don't know. If it's possible to die of a broken heart I would.

We've managed to decode the email in the last post (Thanks very much, Cathy!). It reads as follows:

“You are no longer safe.

You are too dangerous to be permitted to survive.

Consider me an enemy.

Love and Kisses,
Two Face"

...I'm really not in the mood to deal with this.

First off: That's really really...what's the word? Narmy. "Consider me an enemy"? Okay..."Love and Kisses", however, is just creepy. There is only one person I want love and kisses from, and it is definitely not Two Face.

The code is based off the keypad of the typical cell phone. Which explains the lack of 1's as 1 is pretty much always punctuation and stuff. So:

A = 2
B = 22
C = 222
D = 3

and so on. The slashes are used to seperate the letters so there's no confusion when two letters assigned to the same number key. So my name (Chester) is 222/44/33/7777/8/33/777. 

Also, fuck you, Slendy, I'm smiling right now because there's always something to be happy about. Get off my lawn.



  1. If you have something heavy that you don't mind losing could you through it at him? Flicking him off works too.

  2. I'm going to survive, kits. You two better survive as well.

  3. @Will: Chester launched a copy of "Twilight" at him shortly after that post was published. It missed. I laughed.

    @Jean: We'll do our best!


  4. There's not much I can say besides take care of yourselves. I hope nothing happens any time soon.

  5. Hopefully, nothing will. Since Razor's little home invasion things have been quiet. Just Slendy standing around outside. Observing, I guess. We've been making sure to behave weirdly just to confuse him.

    Hope you like the Clash, Slendy.