Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Goodbyes

Don't mind me, I'm just passing on their message to you. I've done what I came to do.

This is their last goodbye.

"It's been decided."

"Has it now? What were the choices, anyway?"

"You never told us what you were making them choose from. You said there was another option, besides Vivi or I dying."

"Yes. The other option was for you both to be mind-wiped. To wake up tomorrow morning with no memory of He That Is. To be free."

"And what did they decide?"

"They chose the kindest thing. For you to forget. Your lives will go on as they always should have. Nothing ever went wrong."

"So Chester and I... we'll forget everything?"

"For the things which you cannot forget there will be new explanations for. For example, you will remember you two getting together before the Solstice differently, Stella will be a friend returned from overseas or something along those lines. I am nothing if not thorough."

"I see. So you're going to do that to us, then?"

"Is there anything you wish for me to pass on?"


"Vivi? You go first."

"Yeah...there's a lot of things. Tell them that we love them, all of them, even the Indoctrinated, because when all is said and done they're human, and the fundamental right of all sentient beings is to love and to be loved. Tell them no matter how thoroughly H wipes our minds, in our hearts we will always remember you and what you have done for us."

"I admit I'm not exactly happy about this...I'd happily die so Vivi can go on, but she'd do the same just as easily, and neither of us is willing to let the other walk calmly to their death while we can prevent I guess this is the best thing. Keep fighting, guys. Keep supporting each other, because the only reason Vivi and I have made it this far is because you have been there for us."

"Thank you. Thank you so much. helped us believe. We would never have made it this far without you, but..."

"Now, I guess, it's time to say goodbye."

"Yeah. Take care of yourself, everybody."

I think you all would like to know that they never once let go of each others hand, even when I tranquillised them. They woke up this morning with the sun rising from the east, the ground below them and the sky above, hand in hand, with everything as it should be. 


  1. I bet you're not going to read this, H...

    We're going to get them back, you know.

    You HAVE to know that.

    It's not as if there's another choice.

  2. Much as I hate it, thank you.

    Joce, is it really better for them to live in fear? To get stuck in labyrinths, to lose their minds, to possibly lose each other? Is that really better?

    If you can exit a torture chamber, you exit the torture chamber.

    Vivi, Chester. Again, there's nothing I can say that the bit of you that remembers won't know, and won't be meaningless to the part of you that doesn't remember.

    I'll miss you. Stay safe.

  3. I It's not better. But the natural order of things is not to have memories wiped and part of your life lost.

    I was just...angry. And sad. I've never cried at anything on a blog before. So now I'll just say...I hope you two can live a happy life. One like you'd want.

  4. ....
    Thank you.

    They're safe. They're happy.

    Its over.

    If they remember, we'll still be here.

    If not, then its for the best.

  5. They are not safe. Just because H wipded their memories, doesn't mean Slendy won't come after them again. Afterall, Robert has regained his memory. What will stop Chester and Vivi? The chance is always there, which leaves them as a threat to Slendy.


  6. Again, if they remember.

    we'll be here.

    We've a backup archive of their blog.

    Should this one be deleted, we'll be able to give it to them again.