Friday, December 17, 2010



I don't believe any of us have met before.

As you may have guessed, this isn't Vivi (that is the cutest nickname ever) posting. This is Chester.

I'll leave that to sink in awhile.

Yes, I am capable of posting with proper grammar and capitalisation. Things have got a bit easier once I'm not staying in one place.

As dear Vivi may have told you, I am currently on the run. I've had a few run-ins with Proxies but nothing major and one brickshittingly freaky encounter with Blankie, but otherwise I'm pretty good. Missing spending four days a week at work, which is always a laugh and pays pretty well considering it's pretty good fun. I miss Vivinator especially. You don't fool me, Vieve. That's another thing that's mutual, eh?

...teasing her is no fun when I can't see the look of outrage on her face.

I just though I ought to introduce myself properly. It's only polite, seeing as I've been stalking this blog since I first left. Then I chickened out and came back and then left again. I know you all but you don't know me. It's extremely impolite really.

I'll stop lurking now. I don't think I'll get an account, but I'll comment occasionally. Might as well. I spend most of the day hanging around feeling rather bored because I don't have work and my family think I've had a bad breakup and have gone down south to visit an old school friend for a bit because I really don't want to talk about it, I thought she was really special, totally smashed up my heart, blah blah blah, will be home by christmas. A bit clumsy, but they'll buy it.


(P.S. Vivi, Lamp Santa is cute)


  1. Thank you for that Chester.

    Vivi and I created that little meme together.

    And it is nice to finally meet you.


  2. Nice to meet you, Chester sir. Stay safe, y'hear?