Thursday, March 10, 2011

Villains Out Shopping

We ran into Two Face at the supermarket yesterday. She had a shopping cart full of food, so I assume she was stocking up to feed all the proxies at the base Vivi was held in. There's about a dozen living there, from my estimation, around three of which are Revenants. We had a conversation with her that went as follows:

T: Fancy seeing you here, Genevieve, Chester. Tenebria. 

S: Stella.

T: Stella?

S: Yeah. Don't wear it out, Kristen.

T: *bristles*

V: This is our local supermarket. Yours too I assume?

T: There's another one closer to us, but it's...

V: It's what?

T: It's in Remuera and there is a high chance of me being recognised as I used to live there.

V: I can see why you may not want that.

T: Look, I don't want this any more than you do, but we have to be enemies. For the sake of my family. If I break the deal, they're in danger and I can't have that. 

C: Look, Kristen, (she flinches) we know. You made a deal and you have to keep to it. We don't hate you for it.

T: You kids forgive easily. 

V: Yeah, we do. As far as I'm concerned, there's enough hating going around without us helping.

T: Fair enough.

S: *stomach growls loudly*

C: Stella!

S: (flustered) Uh...sorry! I'm really hungry!

V: So am I, so am I. Seeya, Two Face. Have fun feeding all those Indoctrinated. 

T: ...Har har. See you.

I guess it's nice to know there's still some good in her. Two Face, I mean. Gives me a little bit of hope for all the other Indoctrinated. I like to believe that no matter how small, there's a little bit of good in everyone. Nobody is completely evil. 

Also, to those who have noticed us switching erratically from using the embedded comment form and having a  pop-up window, we are sorry. We've been having some computer problems and sometimes the embedded form does not load so we switch to the pop-up window if we want to make a comment. Hopefully they will be resolved soon, but no promises.

In other news, Stella's doing pretty well. Several days, enough food to feed two people, and some time to think has done her wonders. She could probably pass for a normal teenage girl, now, at least until you talk to her because she's very socially awkward.

Also, remember when I got stuck in the Labyrinth? When Vivi flipped out, she mentioned something that we'd completely forgotten about until now.

"I only got out of the labyrinth SUNDAY, you sick fucks, you give us FOUR DAYS and then MORE SHIT HAPPENS. LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. Okay, you pick on me, that's acceptable, I got myself into this shit investigating after what happened to Kaylee, I started this blog of my OWN VOLITION because I WANTED to know, to find some way to help. I knew what I was getting into. But Chester hasn't done a fucking thing. He was DRAGGED into this, none of it was his own fault. His parents...fuck, his parents are probably haunted too. He's in some of their wedding photos. Every photo of Chester from birth until puberty has IT in it. He didn't need to find Slendy, Slendy just stalked him from the start. It's only because he likes creepypasta that he rediscovered Slendy in the first place."

We need to talk to my parents and we need to do so fairly fast. We're calling in after work today to see if 
they know anything. Were they haunted, too? What happened? How? Why? What what what what what?

Augh. In other news, Conduits are springing up all over the show because it appears Daniel, Alora's mysterious note buddy, is one too. And Jean has been kidnapped. And Ava appears to have somebody inside her head who hates everyone. 

I remember a time when my life was boring...seems like a long time ago. :/



  1. "I remember a time when my life was boring...seems like a long time ago. :/"

    DUDE I KNOW. This shit is insane. My brain is still trying to reassemble itself. x.x

    (imagine how i feel! do you know how you're supposed to react to finding out you can mess with people's minds like that?! because i don't! -d)

    Yeah, remember what quiet was like? I remember quiet. I miss quiet...


  2. Hah...I remember quiet, too. Nowadays everything is insane all the time, to the point that something actually sane happening is suspicious. As I said to Jean a few months back, [paraphrased heavily] "If Slendy showed up at my doorstep in a Harry Potter costume and asked if I had a kilo of tofu anywhere, I would probably throw up everything I had ever eaten ever out of pure fear, but I probably wouldn't be surprised."

  3. ...Slender in a Harry Potter suit.

    Best. Mental image. Ever. xD

    Actually, I have a feeling that he and Voldemort go to the same Noseless Support Group, so that actually makes a bit of sense. In a weird, roundabout way...


  4. The only sense that is ever made in the comments section of this blog is weird, roundabout sense. Trufax.

  5. Posts like this make me glad we have not been found yet.

  6. Insanity.

    It appears the only way to help Kristen would be to somehow off SlenDERP, pity we have yet to find any kryptonite that effects him.

    Anybody got some Glowing Green Rocks they want to donate?


  7. @Zed: Be glad anyway. The more time until he finds you, the better.

    @Jedi: Glowing green rocks are the best idea. Then if they don't work we can just ruse them as bludgeoning weapons.


  8. We just got back from Chester's parents place. Vivi and Chester are in the process of updating. Me? I feel sick.

    Fucking Slendy.

  9. ...That doesn't sound promising. o.o


  10. Nothing anyone should worry about, but fuck. Chester's taken it pretty hard.


  11. Oh dear. Hah, TvTropes. Has it ruined or enhanced your life, Vieve?

  12. Enhanced...mostly...all those wasted hours...