Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's the plan, Stan?

JK. We read Zero's post, we know the drill. Vieve is chewing her pen as we speak.

You're going to need that Fanfiction Machine, Jeff.

We've barricaded ourselves in Viv's apartment in case any proxies come knocking, which they may well do. Both of us have firearms (thanks again Jeff) but we probably won't use those unless we can lead the proxies somewhere quieter where there's less risk of being heard or shooting an innocent.

So. You guys? Punch out a few proxies for us. We'll listen to uplifting music (Vivi has a "happy playlist", why am I not surprised?) and brainstorm for Zero's plan. Viv's spread all these bits of paper over the part of the bed that the laptop and I am not occupying and now she's talking to herself.

I'm off to make breakfast, since I'm getting hungry and Vieve's stomach just growled as well, and I don't think  she's going to be leaving all her pieces of paper to do trivial things like eat anytime soon. She's a funny one, our Genevieve.

Good luck, everyone.



  1. Hey guys, you should utilize this alone time together.

    If you know what I mean.


    Stay safe you guys.

    PS: What's for breakie today?

  2. Very funny, Jeff. Very funny indeed.

    Vegemite on toast, of course. Chester, unfortunately, has excellent people skills and is voracious eater himself and is no good in the kitchen, so he and Mariko handle customer service at work while the rest of us do the cooking out back :)


  3. Not like that, Vivi.
    Crazy little Kiwi.
    I mean talk.
    Bond as a couple.
    Cuddle a bit.

    Jeez, Fallen must really be rubbing off on me. Not that way.


  4. ...Just the way you phrased it, Jeff.

    It's kind of hard to cuddle someone while they're pacing. She's taking Zero's plan deadly serious, Vivi is. The only breaks she's taken have been for meals and the bathroom and the room is littered with bits of half scrunched paper. Um, this one has two lines on it that have been crossed out, this one has a beginning she wasn't happy with and, uh, this one has a drawing of Lamp Santa. If she's still scribbling in an hour I'll get her to take a break.