Tuesday, December 21, 2010


is the Solstice.

Viv has been kind enough to procure me an extra cricket bat since I'm no good with the crowbar. There is a suspicious package in her letterbox which we will open tomorrow morning. If one of you guys sent it, please let us know because we're both seriously freaked out, since there's no return address or even any markings on it apart from her address.

I think I'll try to get some sleep tonight, before proxies invade or whatever the hell is going to happen (could someone fill us New Zealanders in?), because the motel I stayed in last night was a piece of shit and a proxy climbed in my window. I'm never sleeping without the windows being locked ever again. Paranoia.

I smell like a girl at the moment because the first thing I did when I got here was take a shower because I haven't washed in two days (motel shower was full of arachnids). First time Vivi sees me in about two weeks and I smelled like a men's locker room that has no air vents. Way to go, Chess. I used Vieve's shower gel, so I smell like flowers but at least I'm clean.

Until a couple of minutes ago Genevieve was right next to me so she would have written something on the end of this post but she's cooking at the moment. Smells delicious. I offered to help, she offered to introduce me to the end of my spine. Typical Vieve.

Solstice, Solstice. Everyone stay safe, alright? Vieve is quite fond of you all and she'd be awfully upset if you all got offed by Hallowed.



  1. Stay safe you two.
    Oh, by the way.

    That package is from me.
    Not illegal mind you.
    It's a pair of Glock 17's.

    Special ammunition.
    Each 9 mm round is carved with the Operator symbol.

    Hope you like them!
    Also, there are licenses for the guns in the package as well.

    So, totally legal.

    Well if I don't come back.
    Stay together you two.
    Lol, Chester, I'm surprised you
    aren't all smiles and crazy jumping.

    Vivi admitted that you were her boyfriend about two posts ago.

    Check Talking.

    For us here in the U.S.
    Well today is the Solstice.
    Wish us luck.

    Indeed, Chestevieve is born.

  2. Oh, neat. Those might turn out useful.

    Yes, I saw that. I invaded the kitchen to give her a hug. I'm too tired to jump around and rejoice like a crazy person.

    :) Good luck, bro.


  3. Kiss her.

    Make the pairing real!


  4. ^ Exactly, it's about time Vivster becomes official.


  5. Not now, not while she's otherwise occupied. If you try and get in her face while she's doing something she'll hit you on automatic. She works with Max, who has no sense of personal space at all.

    We are official dammit. We just haven't got around to kissing yet.

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  7. Chester, did you ever think of not just going in for the kill and perhaps getting my attention first? I won't swat you if you give me fair warning.

  8. Probably should have though, it's been coming since your Year 12.

  9. Wait, what? How do you know...

    Oh. OHHHH.

    1) I just hit Chester for telling you about Slendy.

    2) Long time no see, Fen. Chester filled me in. How's the U.S. treating you?

  10. 1) I'm sure he didn't mean to cause you any worry/trouble.

    2)It's fine, you get used to it after twelve years. Haven't seen Slendy though, which is worrying since I've known about him for about a month. Been getting bad vibes in cetain areas but no sightings.

  11. 1) He went back to sleep straight after filling me in anyway. Don't think he even noticed me hitting him.

    2) Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If you haven't seen him, just be thankful. Don't let your guard down, just be thankful.

  12. 1) Probably not.

    2) I'll remember that.

  13. Good. Look after yourself, Fen. I'm going to sleep now, I'll talk to you all in the morning.