Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What the-

Looks like a break from craziness over New Years isn't gonna happen. Oh well, Christmas didn't have anything too insane happen, and you can't have everything.

To clarify, Vieve and I woke up to someone banging on the door at about 5am, so we go to answer it and there's no one there, just a person in a green hoodie turning the corner and racing down the stairs. Then we look at the door and there's a note on it.

"I hope you enjoyed your little break, Vivi.
But playtime's over.
Remember, there's many of us
And you know of only one person in the city like you.



I have two issues with that note:

1) What is with you people and single letter names? Vivi's already guessed who the "mysterious admirer" is (Go read the first five or so posts, or, if you're too lazy, it's Kaylee.) and why they in particular left the note (because Kaylee is a friend of Vieve's and yeah.)

2) I don't think Kaylee knows that ole Blankie's been stalking yours truly as well and that Viv and I have joined forces. Jeff, I'm extremely glad you sent us those guns now because we might need them.

I'm handing over to Vivi now.


Kaylee's back and she's out to get me.

Goddamnit, she reminds me of my younger sister, that's why I took her under my wing all those months back...

All together now:

Oh fuck.

Well, I have one thing on my side. She's expecting just me. She doesn't know about Chester, which is a slight advantage. She doesn't know I'm a blogger either, logically, since if she did she would at least be aware that Chester is slenderstalked...

On a related note, I had a mini-BSOD when we found the note. Chester made me vegemite on toast. Is there NOTHING vegemite on toast and a hug can't fix?



  1. Guys, I think I have something to give you that might help. I'll be sending a package.

    It's the cure.

    But...well, Kaylee's advanced so far, so I'm not sure how it will affect her.

    It's a red liquid, inside five separate vials.

    She has to drink one.

    Or failing that, there are two options.

    A tranquilizer dart I've included in the package. You need to tag her with one. It can take in the contents of one of the vials.

    The dart is configured to a suppressor, two of which are in this package.

    Just one hit will purge the control on her mind. She'll be back to normal, or at least coherent.

    The third option... well I've also included a mild sedative into another dart, so you can drug her and force her to take it.

    But, I've included the four vials in case for two reasons.

    One, you each need to drink one.
    It'll keep you safe in case you get caught. It'll taste like crap, but trust me, you'll be happy you took it.

    And two, you each have one shot.

    This stuff is really hard to make.
    And I'll send you more when I can.

    Stay safe you two.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. We'll let you know when we receive the package. We owe you and Cheska lunch or something when you get to New Zealand as thanks for this and the firearms.

    Also, I have no idea how you get all this past Customs. Or over here so fast. I sent a package to my brother in Finland last year and it took about a month to arrive there. You must have some pretty decent connections.


  3. Something are best left unsaid, Vivi.

    I do have a few friends in some high places.

    Like the Special Care and Packaging Company.