Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day.

Hi guys, Vieve here. Lunch with Chester's family went fine, since unlike him and my family, I've met Chester's family before, and they know me. Chester's an only child but his extended family is huuuuuuuuge- he has fourteen cousins. Crazy.

We have our friend Fen over here with us at the moment. He normally resides in the U.S. of A. but he's visiting his parents so he dropped in to say hi. He hasn't changed at all since I last saw him, it's like I got into a time machine and wound back four years. It's pretty funny. The Anzac biscuits are in the oven, since they're his favourite, they're a kiwi tradition, and we didn't have time to buy him a present n.n

Chester's a bit freaked out because I'm wearing a dress at the moment. It's quite funny. He was yelling about the temperature in Hell being seven degrees below zero and flying pigs being imminent this morning, the weirdo. I own dresses. I wear them on special occasions. He just hasn't been around me when I have a reason to dress up, that's all.

Dinner with my family tonight. Chester is pretty nervous, although my family are, in fact, Mostly Harmless. Just don't let my brother challenge you to a game of Mahjong.