Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to work.

Vieve here. Christmas was fun, it was nice having a couple of days off, but today Chester and I have work. And, since I've been working here for a couple of years now, I know that the days after Christmas are usually pretty insane. Oh well. It pays for my rent and it's not boring, although I'm really not looking forward to the next two months, where it's gonna get a fair bit more humid and working in a space with several hot ovens in it is not going to be fun. I don't mind the heat, the heat is fine, but the humidity drives me insane.

Chester is in the kitchen. He is trying to learn to cook. While it's sweet of him to want to be able to help me, Chester is a notoriously awful chef and I'm having to check on him once every five minutes to make sure he isn't turning the bacon into charcoal and burning the pancakes. He seems to be doing alright, but you can never be sure. If things start to go wrong, Chester is the sort of person who flips out and runs around in circles for a while before he gets down to the business of fixing things, and in the interim the problem has usually got worse.

Ah well. Chester's got an invitation to come along to Matarangi, so I will not have to spend ten days totally alone with my folks, which is nice. Unfortunately, as far as I know I will not have an internet connection so you lovely people will have to get by without me. Let's just hope nothing too major happens while I'm gone...

Well, work starts in just over an hour so I'm going to see if nothing too awful has happened to those pancakes.


  1. Stay safe you two.
    And have fun!
    Vivi and Chester.

    I prefer Vivster to Chestevieve.

    Because I know that Vivi wears the pants in this relationship.

    No offense to your pride as a man, Chester.

    And don't get too busy without us knowing. Heh heh, get it ?

    I know some people owe me money for a certain bet.

    We'll miss you guys!
    If you miss anything, you'll know about it soon enough.

    -Jeff and Cheska

  2. Hey, we aren't leaving until the fourth. And we haven't been getting busy. Although we might as well hand Mariko $20 because her bet was "before Vieve's birthday", and Vieve's birthday is in June.

    Hah, it's no offense to my pride. She's always been the sensible one.

    (I didn't burn the pancakes! Huzzah!)


  3. Just being preemptive, Chess.
    Cheska and I are about to destroy the base.

    You probably won't hear from us for a while.

    And, you're planning to get busy sometime soon? XD

    Wait, I made a side bet with Cheska. She said that you were planning to do it next spring.

    And now I owe her $20.

    PS: Yay, no more senseless pancake deaths!

    Lamp Santa is pleased.

    Also, can you ask Vivi to post those drawings of Lamp Santa?

    I need some new laptop wallpapers.

  4. We're not planning to do it, per se. We're just not planning not to do it. It'll happen when it happens.

    I'll try and scan a couple but there's no guarantee my piece of crap scanner will co-operate. I'll do my best.


  5. Thanks Vivi.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    In these times, we need a source of joy.

    And that joy is Lamp Santa!

    The Lamp with a Santa hat on its head!

    PS: Don't worry about the pictures.
    I actually just appreciate the idea of the electric wonder that is Lamp Santa.

    And of course, I'm not trying to force you guys to do anything yet.

    You go at your own pace.

    God knows I did.

    Because you two are such a sweet couple! :)


    We're going at our own pace alright. We're just not worrying what's going to happen next, not where "we" as a unit are concerned anyway. It's just nice not to have to explain myself whenever I get caught staring. :)


  7. Warhammer references? NERDS.

    Glad you guys had a sweet Christmas.

    And I'm also glad to see I'm not the only person who is useless in the kitchen. I set our potatoes on fire. Siiiiiiigh.

    Ugh... Sorry you guys have to work, but it's hardworking folks like you that save the economy! :D

  8. Chester's non-cooking skills are pretty epic. Although he's learning. As long as nothing goes wrong (which it usually does) he's fine.

    It's alright. My workmates are good fun (currently watching Leah and Max being Tsunderes) and we have Wi-Fi so I can check the blogs on my iPod every hour or so.