Sunday, December 26, 2010

Good News and Bad News

I have one piece of bad news, one piece of sort-of-bad news, and one piece of good news. I'm going to tell you them in that order so you have something to look forward to.

First, I went for a run this morning after breakfast and I kept seeing Operator Symbols. Operator Symbols are EVERYWHERE- according to an old post by A, they could be a kind of memetic reminder, to keep you thinking about him. And by seeing them everywhere, I don't mean just on manhole covers. I kept seeing them graffiti-ed onto walls and fences.

The sort of bad news is that one of them was this:

Y(x)u are n(x)t al(x)ne.

Can anyone else see the double meaning there? On the one hand, it could be "We know where you live", on the other hand it could be a message from a runner. It took me a while to figure out the second one because I panicked, went home, and Vieve had to judo throw me and then sit on me to get me to stop knocking over furniture and calm down.

The good news is that Vieve has a cure for my little panics in the form of a hug and a playlist of peaceful music. I swear, I'm looking at her iPod right now and she has a playlist for every occasion. "Happy Playlist", "Uncontrollable urge to dance playlist" (Going to have to ask her about this one, sounds interesting) "Wallowing in misery playlist" (Hard to imagine Vivi wallowing in misery. the last track is titled "WAKE UP" and is six seconds. It's Vivi yelling "GET THE [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] OVER YOURSELF!") the "Surprise Me Playlist" and the "Panic Button playlist" which is the one I'm listening to now.

<3 Slenderstupidness aside, I have Vivi, I'm not panicking any more, and we're getting pizza because all the grocery stores are either closed or crazy. pretty good.

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