Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fragging Proxies

Got attacked by another proxy. I was just walking in the Domain, minding my own business when this girl in a comedy mask jumps out of the bushes and launches herself at me. She kept telling me to listen to the Call, but all I could hear was slightly staticy music in my ears from my iPod, which I keep on pretty much all the time now. She had a knife, too. She made a couple of notches in Mr Cricket Bat, and in me, but I can just say I fell on some glass or something. I have a split lip as well, which is an awful lot more visible than cuts on my face, arms and torso, but I've got worse split lips from cricket accidents and the like. I'll be fine. Physically, at least. Mentally, what's been going on lately is pretty taxing.

The proxy ran off and the static stopped, so I went to the hospital and got two of the cuts stitched. I don't have work today so I'm just sitting around watching Black Books and trying to eat, but I honestly just feel so sick and unhappy that I can't make myself eat anything more than some crackers and hummus, and some tea. I don't know if it's losing so many people so quickly, getting attacked by a proxy in a fucking creepy mask, or that I'm actually sick but either way I feel pretty under the weather right now.

Phone's ringing. It's my brother. I'll be off to talk to him now.


  1. Vivi.
    Thank god.
    I've been in contact with Jean.
    I'm alive.
    And I can't be controlled!

    Yeah, I got what I wanted.
    Sorry I had to worry you and Jean.

    Check in with you later.


  2. Oh my sweet mother of flying fish.


    Pardon me if I'm a teeny bit suspicious atm, this seems a LITTLE bit too good to be true.

    But if you really are, thank god you're back.

    Things are looking up, aren't they?

  3. easy Vieve, don't get sucked in,

    I don't want you to get hurt again. cautious, okay?

  4. I did say it could be too good to be true, don't worry. I'm feeling too blah to really be optimistic about anything.