Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did not expect that to happen.

Chester here. If the note this morning wasn't already enough, something strange happened at work today. Mariko was sick today so Vivi was out working out front serving customers and the like with me, which was fairly uneventful until about 2.00, when this girl came in through the door, buys something, and sat down at one of the tables to eat it. She was really tiny, like some sort of pixie- about 5"1, cute in a wide-eyed, childish sort of way, blonde, green eyed, wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt. I went to ask Viv about something and she goes. "That's Kaylee."

Kaylee finished eating, arranged her knife and fork neatly on her plate, got up, gave Vieve a curious look, and left. Basically, nothing happened.

I think she's messing with us. Well, she's trying to mess with Vieve but she's messing with me as well. Because you mess with her, you mess with me and I, Chester Matenga-White, do not like messiness. Messes must be dealt with with extreme prejudice.


Chester, you're a funny one. Describing threats to your continued relative wellbeing as "messes". You have more in common with my family than you think.

On a happier note, Chester's slowly learning his way around the kitchen. I can't leave him by himself otherwise if something goes wrong he will flip out and make the problem worse, but he's making progress. He hasn't blown anything up yet, although he's got a bit too cautious and tends to undercook things a bit. Either that or he zones out for extended periods and just stares out the window or at the wall or at me. I'd be a bit worried considering the whole Slender-man thing but he's been doing that ever since I met him. He's doing it now. Hey, Chester, what're you daydreaming about?

(I was remembering lunch yesterday. What was the name of that place we went again? --Chester)

Can't remember, something to do with stars. Right, I've got to go make dinner (Chester's helping, of course) so I'm off. Everybody stay safe.



  1. Oy, you two.

    Nice to see that you and Vivi and safe, Chess.

    Don't worry about Kaylee.
    Hallowed tend to do that.

    Good news, the package is going to be there by tomorrow.

    The bad news, well, Cheska and I have encountered some trouble on our end.

    We've been procuring large amounts of the cure lately, and well, we have to find a way to hide our supply.

    We'll get back to you on the details after I finish modifying my rifle.


  2. Phew, so it's normal. Relatively at least. People being controlled by Blankie isn't exactly conventionally "normal", but honestly I have no idea what normal IS anymore.

    Trouble? Anything seriously worrying or just a mild-to-moderate annoyance?