Monday, December 27, 2010

What is this i dont even

So on our way home from work Vieve and I went and did some grocery shopping (again) and on our way home decided to stop in at Leah's because I'd been so busy working that I forgot to give her my christmas present. (A slide rule. Leah/Her collection of slide rules OTP)

So we go down her driveway and her house is pretty much silent and the door is ajar. Viv and I are freaking out at this point, so she gets her cricket bat from the car and try to walk as quietly as possible. Then we opened the living room door.

Okay, I think the Belligerent Sexual Tension between Leah and Max has got a little too much for them. Luckily for our eyes they weren't going at it, but seriously. Eating each others faces is NOT going to solve all those bottled up feelings. For gods sake, I thought Vivi and I and our whole Twice Shy deal was hard. Meep.

We left, went home, and resolved never to go over to Leah's house without calling first ever again.

I managed to cook something today! Huzzah! Because, y'know, much as I like watching Vieve clatter around the kitchen and humming to herself I'm really not being very useful. I tried to help with the laundry but...uh...I'mreallynotcomfortablehandlingcertainitemsofvieveswardrobespecificallytheonesthatgounderherclothes .///////////////.

Well, I'm off. I'm going to try and help Vivi with dinner. I'm getting used to living here- I didn't bang my head on the door frame this time. Damn frame. I know I'm kinda tall, but seriously? Was that door made for HOBBITS?

Har har. See what I did thar?



  1. If the frame is circular, then most probably yes.

    Am I weird for not having any reaction to women's undergarments that are not ON a woman?

    And congrats on the Wrong Genre Savvy at Leah's ;)

  2. Hell, I have to touch a woman's undergarments all the time.

    I do the laundry in my respective relationship.

    Speaking of which, the dryer is done.

    Have fun you two.

    And hopefully this situation doesn't occur for you and Vivi when Cheska and I visit... XD


  3. @Madiun: Max/Leah/Sliderule OT3.

    Probably not- Chester's just weird like that, probably something to do with never having sisters. Or a girlfriend. He does the dishes and helps with the vacuuming and stuff instead. He's quite meticulous.

    Chester says he's not sure if he's in a Cosmic Horror novel with romance on the side or a Romance novel with cosmic horror on the side. I don't know either.

    @Jeff: Chester and I have a tad more decorum than that (it looked like they were eating each others faces *shudder* cannot unsee!). Also since the time that proxy tried to break into my house I shut the door every time I come in.