Sunday, December 12, 2010

snap out of it

i'm sorry, jeff

she said it wasn't my fault


i still...

feel guilty.

it's a flaw of mine, feeling guilty about things that I cannot prevent. i try my best to get past it but it always comes and bites me.

I'm okay. Upset, shaken, but okay. I'm glad nothing else has happened today. No proxies or slendy, just the operator symbols in my letterbox. Anything else would be...too much. There's a bar of mint chocolate in my fridge. I think I'll have a square of that, watch some Glee or something, and go to bed.


(p.s. chester, thanks for calling me when I needed you the most. We're even.)

(p.p.s. sorry for this post. feeling a bit fragile.)


  1. Yes, but I blame's nice to know that you believe it wasn't my fault, but the real problem is that /I/ still kinda blame myself.

    I hope you're okay.

  2. He's awake, Vivi.

    You can talk to him now.

    -The Fallen

  3. Mint chocolate sounds really damn good right about now, Vivi, but it's too balls-cold to go to an ice cream joint. Plus, this hotel's in a shitty part of town so no way in hell am I walking out that door before sunrise.

  4. ...Fizzbomb?

    The stuff I have is just dark chocolate with mint essence in it as opposes to icecream.