Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010.

December 31st. New Years Eve.

There are always fireworks on New Years, so Chess and I are going to go see them tonight. Try and ring in the New Year on a positive note. Blankie and his band of merry mooks aside, this year hasn't been so bad. I did well at university, got no severe injuries, nothing went wrong with my household appliances (I have some horror stories about my microwave), Chester and I finally got over our Cannot Spit It Out (we forgive you, Jeff) and yeah. Good things did happen. I have good memories of 2010.

I was well enough to go to work this morning and I'm fully recovered now (as a matter of fact I'm practically bouncing off the walls, Elaine-style) so yeah. Kaylee came in and did her usual thing. Bought food, ate it, left. I'm considering the possibility that she doesn't recognise me, seeing as when we met I'd dyed my hair brown with semipermanent hairdye for some reason. Can't think why. That would explain why she's been giving me funny looks....

In other news, yesterday was a really bad day to be sick. Really humid. Awful. I was in a horrible mood pretty much all day because on top of being sick I was also pretty damn uncomfortable. Blegh.

But I'm better now, huzzah. Better enough to notice when Chester is trying to put the butter in the freezer again at least. I'm home from work, it's New Years Eve, and things are...being pretty normal.

Augh, now I'm tempting fate. Something insane is sure to happen now. Dx


(P.S. Chester says "I'll see you guys next year.")


Cassy approves this message.


  1. Happy New Years.

    You know, this put it in perspective. It really has been a good year, mortal terror aside.

    Enjoy the little things. They matter a lot in the long run.

    Stay safe.


  2. Happy New Years, Vivi and Chester.

    Nice to see you guys are still okay.

    By the way, the problem we had earlier, we're staying near Jean and Fizz at the moment, so with her little incident before, well it was getting hectic.

    But no worries for now.

    And well, it'll be harder for you two to forgive me after I tell you what's in the cure.

    PS: Kaylee may be trying to bait you. Don't fall for it. And if the only shot you have at her is following her outside the restaurant, be careful. The cure will keep you guys alive.

  3. Is Jean okay? haven't heard form either Jean or Fizzy for a while- I was getting worried.

    I've probably forgiven people for worse. Remember Max and the blender, Chester?

    (Oh, I remember. *shudder*)

    We're not, don't worry. There's no reason for her to act like this other than to catch us off our guards in my books.