Friday, December 3, 2010


Keep calm and carry on.

It pays off.

I'm not at the edge of my sanity any more. Maybe it's the little glimmers of hope that have been surfacing lately in terms of the non-hallowed rate of the bloggers. Maybe it's that Chester is gone, and from what I have heard of him he's actually feeling a lot better than he did when he was staying in one place.

I guess I feel alright. I'm still sick- I'm not eating very much, but my stomach can handle more than crackers and dip now. Although I can't leave my toast and vegemite unattended because Cassy will try and eat it.

Speaking of cats, if anyone has room in their home for a feline or canine, an awful lot of them get dumped at animal shelters such as the SPCA every year around this time. A lot of these cats and dogs will have to be euthanised. So if you have room to take care of a cat of dog or want one, I'd recommend you stop in at your local animal shelter. if you're iffy about kittens and puppies possibly having accidents on your carpet, you can get adults too. There are also a lot of studies that show that owning a pet has a positive impact on your health as well. What's not to like?



  1. Vivi, don't worry.
    Everyone will be okay.

    And get some food into your stomach.

    Vegemite and toast does sound good.
    Curse you overly sensitive taste buds.

    Also, can I call you Kiwi?


  2. God I want some marmite right now. Stupid America, not liking yeast extract (no offense there Jeff, right?)

    I really want a kitten. I wonder if Slendy has any effect on cats; they're considered the more supernatural animal, after all, and considering the reaction that occurs when he's around dogs...

    Tea can cure sickness. Rooibos is good with lemon.

  3. None taken Jean.

    Honestly I would like a Jammy Dodger.

    Or something that isn't cracker based!


  4. Damnit Jeff! Now I want Jammy Dodgers. There aren't any Jammy Dodgers in Wisconsin! Or Jaffa Cakes. Mmm. Jaffa Cakes.

  5. At least you can eat something other than crackers.


  6. I can eat normal food now, it's a real relief. I have been hungering for something substantial for days. Vegemite and toast is the f^&@ing best thing ever. Don't let anyone tell you different. And you can call me Kiwi if it's easier to remember than Vieve, Viv, or Vivi.

    I don't know. Cassy really didn't like that proxy that came to my apartment, so that's a possibility,

  7. I'm keeping a puppy that I found on the street. ~Rose