Friday, December 24, 2010

Giftwrap and Genki Girls

Leaving Vieve unattended with wrapping paper is a spectacularly bad idea. Her giftwrapping is hilariously haphazard. (Insert short pause in which Vivi hits Chester) It's rather endearing really. I've had to help her with all the things that aren't square otherwise the results are an epic waste of paper. Which her cat then lies on.

I went out this morning and got her a present. Just something small since I'm currently unemployed although I do have some money because I'm renting out my house until the end of January, although Mr Irving is rather kindly giving me my job back after Christmas since he couldn't find someone to replace me. He's also fine with Vieve and I being away over part of January, which is awfully kind of him, but the two others who work here sometimes in the mornings are apparently buying a house and need the extra work. Everybody wins.

Today, I met Viv's sister Elaine. Elaine is a Perky Goth, emphasis on the perky. Elaine is what happens if you put a litre of Red Bull, five cups of sugar, and glitter in a blender, take the top off, turn it on the fastest speed possible and then run for cover. She has so much energy it isn't even funny. She literally flung the door open, raced in grinning, accosted me and asked why I was sitting on the couch in my pyjamas and did I stay the night last night oooooooooh did we do anything she should be worried about last night (No, we didn't) and Vieve's cat has gotten sooooo much bigger since she last saw her, maybe she's getting fed to much, oh my god did you see The Social Network it was such a good movie I went to see it with my boyfriend last week and it was amazing and instead of popcorn we smuggled in a tin of those chocolate-filled wafer sticks, which are soooooooooooo delicious AND OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING BYE SIS BYE CHESTER I HAVE TO GO!

And then she left. Which makes me wonder what the rest of her family is like because I've only ever met her mother, who's also energetic- her brother lived in Finland or somewhere until early this year, her father is in Singapore 9 months out of twelve and Elaine just wasn't around very often. I always thought that since families tend to have similar temperaments, the rest of Vivi's family would be pretty quiet except when you irritate them. Maybe Vieve is the odd one out. Maybe her entire family are Genki.


God, if you're up there, please help me.

Christmas dinner with the Sullivans. I'll inform you of the death toll on Boxing Day.


  1. You two are in for a great Christmas. Such an energetic family.

    It's pretty cute.

    Merry Christmas, Vivi and Chester.

    -Jeff and Cheska

  2. Haha, I'm actually the normal one. My Mother and sister are Genki Girls, my father is pretty much perpetually a Large Ham, and my a bit of a Bunny Ears Lawyer. And that's just my immediate family. When you count my extended family...Chester, get out from under the table, they aren't going to hurt you.

    Have a happy Christmas Eve, Jeff, Cheska. Enjoy the festive season.


  3. ...Amusing.

    Guess what?


  4. That wasn't a guess, but whatever. I'll be home later today/tomorrow, however it works. Timezones are iffy.

    So, don't forget to get me a gift. ;)


  5. GODDAMNIT FEN, it's nighttime of Christmas Eve, all the shops will be closed. Tell ya what, we'll be home from lunch with my family around 2.00, come around then and we'll make you some Anzac cookies and we can yarn about what's been going on since sixth form/year 12/junior year/whatever else they call it. Or for you it would have been- how old are you again?


  6. 18. So um that would've been 3-4 years ago, right? So um Junior year, my Freshman year. Well, U.S standards anyways, not entirely sure how it goes in NZ.

    - Ference

  7. Whatever. Something like that. I should go to bed, I'm getting a bit bleary-eyed. Night.

  8. I'm quite fond of them, which is just as well because they're my family, I'm stuck with them.