Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well. Fuck.

We're losing people fast. I left for four hours to visit my brother and do some grocery shopping, and it all goes to hell. We've almost definitely lost Jeff now. Melody, B (What Now?)'s girl-friend, is dead as well.

I wonder if they'll do to Jeff and Melody what they've done to Nessa. Use them against the people they care about most. Do whatever sick, twisted necromancy they do to get to people even more.

I heard from Chester. I passed on M's advice about running, how he can stay in a town for a few weeks, a month maybe, as long as he keeps moving. He's okay. He had a run-in with a couple of proxies, but he's okay. There's a substantial physical difference between a 163cm girl with a cricketbat and a 185cm ex-rugby player with a crowbar, so he did quite well against them.

I miss him. It was easier when he was around, when I could keep an eye on him. I've known him for four years, bickering and bantering the whole way, and the things that have happened recently make the probability of one of us getting hallowed and used to torment and break the other is very high. Too high, considering he's been a very good friend to me over the years and I depend on him more than I'd like to admit.

Enough on that. There's a part of a song I want to show you all. All of you who're still sane, anywho. I have since moved on, musically, from this artist but a few years back she was my favourite. This song is my favourite of hers, and this is my favourite part.

"It's love, it's love that shows us
We will be alright
It's truth, it's truth that holds us
As we walk in it's light."
--"Deciphering Me", Brooke Fraser.

It's also an excuse to plug local artists.

Everyone, please be careful. Don't let them get you like they've got so many of us.

Love (because I really do love you all, I'm terribly sentimental really),

P.S. You agents or whatever you think you are? Go die in a hole.


  1. weeks like this make me wonder how many more victims there are out there that we don't know about...

  2. Oh, so many. You can't imagine.


  3. Probably quite a few. Not all of them will have made blogs or vlogs. It's possible that us bloggers are in the minority.

  4. Dare we say it's almost certain you're in the minority, bloggers.

  5. Hello Nessa.
    Jeff now belongs to us.
    But we will let him have his friends with him.
    He is such a sensitive little boy.

    -The Fallen

  6. Do not assign a name to the Collective. Strike two.

    Having friends is to be discouraged. We will keep a close watch on your pet project, F.

  7. He is to become something new, Nessa.
    A mother must know her child.

    And, now that he is with us.
    He shall not share information with them.

    I shall make sure of that.

    -The Fallen

  8. Collective? So you ARE a hivemind.

    I don't have anything to say to you anymore. I can't find harsh enough words for you.

  9. Oh please, having friends is not to be discouraged. Anyone who has read the blog Drew started will know he and I lost many. It only strengthens my resolve to outlive this ordeal. You will never claim me.

  10. Irony is delicious until it happens to you.