Monday, December 20, 2010


Chester's coming back for the Solstice. Just in case something happens, so, I quote "neither of us has to put up with the impending dread as the other doesn't answer the seventeenth phonecall."

I know what he's talking about. He's in Rotorua, my hometown, which is a three hour car journey, and he'll be here tomorrow afternoon since he'll be catching the bus up as far as he can before he needs to sleep, getting off and checking in at the first motel he can find, getting up in the morning, catching the bus back up to Auckland, taking the bus some more into the city, and I'll pick him up from there. He will probably then proceed to play with the shitty stereo in my car, use up most of the hot water in the shower, eat half the contents of the cupboard and then complain about sleeping on the couch. Then if I offer to sleep on the couch myself and give him the bed he'll suddenly decide that the couch is good enough.

I'm onto you, Chester.

No sign of Slendy or proxies. Probably gathering themselves up for the Solstice. Smart, since we appear to be doing the same. Chester managed to get ahold of a crowbar while he was running, so he's been using that. Around the same time I saw the proxy in the comedy mask he saw a proxy in a tragedy mask. What is it with proxies and masks? So people can't dob them in to the police? Or just the creepy factor?

Auckland weather sucks. Standing in the rain is fun. It all works out in the end.



  1. You might as well just share the bed Vivi.

    But yeah, this is great. Chester is coming back.

    Now you can kiss him and kick his ass!

    *smiles in glee*

    And I have to repost that old comment now.

    PS: Vivi, stay safe.
    If you can't make it.
    I'll kick twice as much ass for the both of us.

  2. Asskicking, maybe not. I'm not mean enough to make him spend two days on a bus and then use him as a punching bag. Only if he deserves it, and nothing severe.


  3. Oh, romance.
    Hope he invites you dinner. :)

    And I see you didn't deny him the kiss part.

    Yay for you two.

    Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to training.

    Fallen and Rose v. Me.

    I'm not sure this is fair.


  4. Only if he behaves himself. Kisses are rewards for good behaviour.

    All's fair in love and war, Jeff. :)


  5. It isn't when some hussy kisses my man, Vivi.


  6. Of course not. Kissing other peoples boyfriends is extremely bad form. But Chester is my boyfriend, so it's all good. :)

  7. Oh ho.
    Chester will be dancing up his way to Auckland soon.

    Yay for another proper pairing!

    Oh, yeah, what Fallen is talking about.

    Rose kissed me while we were sparring earlier.

    She REALLY didn't like that.


  8. Chester can't dance.

    Yes, I just saw the post. That's awkward. Super duper awkward.