Friday, December 17, 2010

And now for something completely different

Today was meant to be my day off, but Mariko has conscripted me to help her show her relatives around because I know a miniscule amount of Japanese picked up from reading my best friend's japanese textbooks and one year taking the subject at school. My grammar's pretty awful and I don't remember most of what I learnt but it's better than nothing.

Solstice is coming up. I plan to take my mind off my possible impending doom this weekend with liberal application of the most recent season of Doctor Who. And when i run out of Doctor Who, musicals. When I run out of musicals...


With a squeaky mallet.

Okay, okay, enough shout-outs and other silly business. No sign of Slendy since I last mentioned him showing up. No proxies since the chick in the drama mask. I still have the number of the phone that called me last weekish, which I THINK was some proxy trying to fuck with my brain. I may try calling it back at some point, although that's possibly not such a good idea.

I've finished all my christmas shopping now. I've stuck all the stuff to my family under the communal tree at my Mum's place and I'll be giving my co-workers their presents next week. Before the Solstice, in case something happens to me.

That's not a very cheerful thought to end an entry on. Oh dear.

Lamp Santa!




  1. Ph34r the Lamp Santa!


    I wonder who'll get that reference.

    Nice to see you so cheerful, Vivi.

    By the way, the Solstice.

    Don't worry about it.

    It's been handled.


  2. Probably no-one apart from us.

    Haha, it's Christmas. All my rellies from all over the country are coming up to Auckland, so i get to see members of my family I only get to see maybe once a year otherwise, so of course I'm cheerful.

    The Solstice has been...handled? What?

  3. Let's just say this much.

    It'll be fun.

    And somewhere, that thing is going to scream.

    And we'll all be there to hear it.


  4. I won't, unless It spontaneously shifts me to the U.S.. In which case I will be incredibly displeased.