Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank Goodness.

Vieve here.

You have no idea how utterly relieved I am. I don't know who participated in the Solstice for definite, but most of the people who I knew for sure were helping out seem alive and kicking, which is soimmenselyrelievingyouhavenoidea. Seriously, the Solstice may have been freaking scary for you people, but at least you knew more about what was going on than Chester and I. And not knowing things that are important, such as whether your friends are still alive, is scarier than the scariest thing you can name. Nothing is Scarier.

I was working in the morning again today so I could have the afternoon to breathe, and around twelve when I'm just thinking about going come, Chester comes in the back door, grinning ear to ear, goes "I'll be kidnapping Vivi now, we're going on a date."

You can kind of predict how that went down. Max dropped the empty bowl he was carrying on his foot, Leah slopped water all down herself, and Mariko walked in to see what was going on and started laughing.

They were quite freaked out. Is it really so abnormal for me to, I don't know, fancy someone? I am a girl. I may have been a Bifauxnen with an allergy to Y chromosomes in my youth and I may have never dated anyone, but I am indeed female. Meh.

Over to Chester.


You forgot to mention the betting pool on when we *ahem*.

(WHAT? I didn't know about that! --Vieve)

It's pretty apparent you're a girl if you don't mind my saying, Vivi. Either way, lunch was pretty damn fantastic (note to self: Max knows all the good eateries in Auckland.) and Vieve is a lot easier to be around now she knows most of her friends are safe. She's still distracted, but she doesn't need reminding to eat and sleep now. Also, she's a lot more fun to hug if she's not always tense.

Turns out I am invited to Christmas dinner with Vieve's family, too. That's another group of people who have seen this coming a while back. I've called Mum to ask if my family are doing anything on Christmas night (they  usually don't, we're normally more lunch-gettogethers) but I got her answerphone,  so I've told her I'm living with Vivi until the people renting my house find somewhere else to stay and to call her home phone as opposed to mine.

Sigh. Vieve and I have rented a Studio Ghibli film because those films make me happy. We're going to eat dinner, and we are going to watch it, and we are going to thank whatever deity is up there, if any, that things are being relatively normal.



  1. I put down twenty dollars that you guys *ahem* next week.

    Hell, Cheska (Fallen) and I already did something. Had to admit it was a relief after our current state of affairs.

    Wait, what is the currency system in New Zealand?

    But yes, among other things, nice to see that Vivi is back to relative normalcy. And Chester, you dog, which Studio Ghibli film was it?

    Howl's Moving Castle?

    Totally fits the mood.

    Stay safe you two.
    I'm routing for you guys!


    It's nice to see that you and Chester are happy, Vivi.
    By the way, can I ask if Jeff and I head across the pond on our journey can we stop by to see you and Chester?

    I think we might be staying in Poland for a little while. So, New Zealand is on our way.

    PS: <3

  2. The currency in New Zealand is dollars and cents. $20 US is roughly $26 New Zealand dollars. I'll take note of that particular bet. Please note however that one person had already had to cough up $50 on the spot because she bet that we'd already done it.

    It was, indeed, Howls Moving Castle. I only just found out that they made a movie out of that book so when I found it at the video rental I was pleasantly surprised.

    Of course you can! Only problem is when you plan on coming because both Chester and I will be out of town from the 4th to the 15th. Otherwise that's a great idea.


  3. I hope you and Chester have that moment soon, Vivi.

    It is wonderful feeling to know you have shared a moment with the man you love.

    In fact, I feel like another one of those moments right now.

    Best of luck to you and Chester.
    PS:Jeff and I are going to see Fizz and Jean first, so we'll be there by mid January or so.

  4. Okay, Mid-January would be around the time we get back, so that's all good. :3

    We're both -very- new to this, so we're not diving in headfirst. It'll happen when it's going to happen and not before.
    Also the idea makes us both a bit twitchy as, um, neither of us has been with anyone else.