Saturday, December 4, 2010

Animals and Slendy

First, the serious bit of this post, so those of you here for the drama and not for my yattering about my cat and vegemite on toast (BEST THING EVER) can read it without having to sift through all the other stuff.

First, I've been researching and in the only tale that I remember people owning animals such as cats and dogs (Marble Hornets), said animal has reacted with fear or aggression whenever Slendy's around. Cassy, my cat, was quite hostile towards the proxy, but they may have been because he was a stranger. I don't know, Cassy is an attention whore and loves people so it's quite strange that she reacted that way.

Okay. My stomach troubles are over- I ate a huge bowl of museli and milk this morning and I haven't brought it up. Huzzah! 48 hours of living on crackers/vegemite on toast is not fun and I will hopefully not have to do it again anytime soon.  Being hungry all the time but not being able to eat very much is pretty awful. Even though vegemite on toast is pretty much the best thing ever, especially if you like that kind of sharp, salty taste. I'm a Kiwi, I love the stuff, but Kaylee tried it when she was here and hated it. People are weird sometimes.

Turns out the reason my brother wanted to talk to me last entry is that Mum has a beachhouse in the Coromandel and wants to know if I can come down for a week or so in January. I didn't know what to tell him. What with all this going on, I'm not sure if it's safe for me to spend too much time around my family in case a proxy comes after me. And I'm also not sure what's gonna happen on the Solstice. It's possible that most of us won't make it past Christmas...

Keep calm and carry on, I guess. You can't think like that. Now is the time to invest in some pluck or some determination or both and see where things go.



  1. Have some faith, Vivi.
    My little Kiwi.

    Yes, that's my nickname for you now.

    We'll make it.

    I have a plan.


  2. Aw great, another nickname! I'm up to my ears in them now. It's almost funny.

    Depends if you mean "faith" or faith in people. I can do the latter but not the former.

    I hope this is a good plan. Preferably not TOO insane.

  3. Faith in people is always a good sign.

    I got myself Hallowed.

    Define insane.

    Because I'm sure I don't know what it means.


    New Zealand= Kiwi Birds
    Kiwi= New Zealander

    And besides, don't you trust a guy that Jean trusts?

  4. I like 'Viv' as a nickname. It's pretty close to meaning life.

    Faith... I don't think you just have to have faith in God or something. Just faith in the universe being a little bit more than what we can see. Actually, faith that the universe has a little bit more good than what we can see is probably a better thing at this point.

    "Insane"= "More crazy than Maduin". He's the line I'm drawing in the sand.

    As to the beach house, maybe getting away will be a good thing. If you can ensure you aren't followed, it might end up being safer.

  5. I know that Kiwi is a slang term for a New Zealander. xD It gets used over here as well.

    Faith in people is useful, beause it means as long as there are people there si hope for you.

    Insane as in suicidal is probably a bad idea. You might want to stop a few rungs short of there on the ladder of Crazy.

    I do trust you, I just have a few reasons to be wary. Jean has her head on straight, yes, but this "Fallen" fellow appears to still be hanging around, which is slightly perturbing.

  6. Drawing the line at Maduin seems like a pretty good idea. He seems crazy, but not "shut him up in a padded room in a straightjacket" crazy.

    I like Viv as well. That's why I call myself that, because it's very close to the latin for "Life".

  7. At least Maduin was smart enough to not get purposely Hallowed.

    And Viv. You are the embodiment of life.

    And Jean is the embodiment of all things that are awesomely British.
    And amazingly human.

    Ladies, I bid you adieu.

    This is probably the last time you see me as me.

    Fallen as gotten desperate.
    I'm about to come face to face with our Stick friend.

    I shall become a true Hallowed or perish.

    Wish me luck, you two.


  8. Thank you, I guess. Vale, Jeff. Good luck.

  9. I hate to say it, but probably. he did say he was either going to become completely hallowed or die, so we can safely assume he's gone.

    And I've run out of tissues.