Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hectic day.

Guess who woke up at 1pm, misplaced his glasses, burnt his pancakes, accidentally brushed his teeth with liquid soap, trod on Vivi's foot several times in the space of a few minutes, got into a fistfight with a girl a foot shorter than me, breaking his wrist in the process, and has an unconscious proxy on his floor?

That would be me.

Question: Can ALL proxies pick locks, or is it just the ones in New Zealand?

Just got back form the hospital getting my wrist in a cast. Ow. I wish I could say the only other thing wounded was my pride, but Kaylee had a glass shard fixed by means unknown to a stick. It took us about four hours to incapitate her, first because she had a long range weapon and she took us by surprise (i.e. Vieve had to distract her while I got the cricket bats) and second because once we were armed, she barricaded herself in the bathroom for an hour and a half. Turns out, glass shards on sticks are really easy weapons to destroy if you don't mind getting wounded in the process.

I'd get Vivi to finish off this post, but she's curled up on the couch waiting for the painkillers to start working (she got beat up worse than I did although nothing is broken) and really doesn't want to move

So yeah. When Kaylee comes to she'll find herself tied to the leg of the couch, which is bolted to the floor. I'm not sure where Vieve learned to tie knots, if that THING could be called a knot. I don't think you could untie that unless you had some serious eldritch-knot-untying-skillz.

Now we have to force feed her this vial of...stuff...Jeff sent us. Not looking forward to that. Really not.

Uh...Happy New Year?


(EDIT: Any suggestions as to what to do with Kaylee? --Vivi)


  1. It's all proxies.

    Yea. I had a similar problem.

    A few minutes ago. No worries, I've stopped the bleeding and I'm okay.

    I need to sleep, but stay safe.

    Happy New Years.


  2. Happy New Year to you as well. Hope the proxy didn't bang you up as much as it did us.

  3. I got stabbed, but he died. You can check out the posts for more details.

    I'm doing okay though, told the doctor I was washing dishes when it happened, it was so absurd he didn't ask questions.

    Gotta find the silver lining, guys.

    Stay safe.